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Check out these newer open source tools for development, database management, collaboration, science and more.


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16. Grunt

Used by companies like Twitter, jQuery, Adobe, Modernizr and others, Grunt is a task runner for JavaScript. It automates tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing and linting. Operating System: OS Independent

17. Gumbo

Released earlier this month by Google, Gumbo is a C implementation of the HTML5. It's meant to provide the foundation for a variety of other development tools. Operating System: Linux

18. Hammer.js

If you're writing Web applications for mobile devices, this JavaScript library will allow to you enable multi-touch gestures, like swipe, tap, pinch, etc. The website proclaims, "You can touch this." Operating System: OS Independent

19. Meteor

Want to write your entire Web app in JavaScript? Meteor makes it fast and easy. Note that it is still a preview release. Operating System: OS Independent

20. Mojito

One of the "Yahoo Cocktails," Mojito is an HTML5 applications development tool for creating client-server applications in JavaScript. It works with Node.js and helps create cross-platform apps. Operating System: Linux

21. Sidekiq

Sidekiq promises "simple, efficient background processing for Ruby." It speeds up Web applications and makes them more scalable. Operating System: OS Independent

22. SheetSee.js

This JavaScript library makes it possible to use a Google spreadsheet as the database that feeds your website content. It makes updates quick and easy. Operating System: OS Independent

23. Textmate

Exclusively for developers who work on makes, Textmate is a text editor that offers many more advanced features you would usually find in a full-fledged IDE. The project website states, "Created by a closet UNIX geek who was lured to the Mac platform by its ease of use and elegance, TextMate has been referred to as the culmination of Emacs and OS X." Operating System: OS X

24. TypeScript

Developed by Microsoft and released in 2012, TypeScript is a variant of JavaScript with static typing and class-based object oriented programming capabilities. It compiles to pure JavaScript, and as a result, works with any operating system and browser. Operating System: OS Independent

25. ZURB Foundation

One of the most popular projects on GitHub, Foundation humbly proclaims itself "The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world." With it, web developers can quickly create sites that automatically adjust for the size and type of device being used for access. Operating System: OS Independent

Disaster Preparedness

26. InaSAFE Foundation

Created in Indonesia and Australia, this app helps scientists and communities explore the potential impact of natural disasters in a region. To use it, you'll need Quantum GIS, an open source geographic information system. Operating System: OS Independent

Feed Reader

27. Stringer

Still looking for an alternative to Google Reader? If you're tech-savvy enough to deploy it on your own server, Stringer might be for you. It's a "self-hosted, anti-social RSS reader" with no social or sharing capabilities but plenty of keyboard shortcuts. Operating System: OS Independent

File Sharing

28. Sharefest

If you combined Dropbox and Bittorrent, the result would be something like Sharefest. It allows you to share files with anyone without storing them in the cloud. The link above takes you to the actual service, but you can find the source code on GitHub. Operating System: OS Independent


29. Font Awesome

Developed for Bootstrap, Font Awesome is a set of icons related to Web activities. They're vector graphics (meaning they're easy to scale) and they look good on high-resolution screens. Operating System: OS Independent

Forum Software

30. Discourse

Discourse calls itself a "discussion platform" and aims to modernize Web forums. Eventually, they plan to offer a hosted platform, but the open source code is available now. Operating System: OS Independent


31. Stunt Rally

Although it's less than two years old, this racing game is based on VDrift and OGRE, so it's very complete and mature. The graphics are fabulous, and it includes 127 different tracks and 19 cars, plus a track editor so you can create your own racecourses. Operating System: OS Independent

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