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An highly opinionated look at why Google's browser is preferable to Microsoft's.
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8. History Matters

When deciding between Internet Explorer and Chrome, a glance at history must play a role. Microsoft’s browser has been a security nightmare for both companies and consumers, and it has lacked many of the features those folks are after. Chrome, on the other hand, has been consistent at delivering security, speed, and a solid featureset. That should count for something.


Google Chrome, Internet Explorer


9. Platform Agnosticism

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is available only on Windows, making it an immediate loser for those running Mac OS X or Linux. Chrome, on the other hand, is complete platform agnostic, and is just as capable on Windows as Mac OS X. For multi-platform environments, that’s an important consideration to keep in mind.


Google Chrome, Internet Explorer


10. Where’s the Unique Value Proposition?

When it’s all said and done, consumers choose one product over another because of a unique value proposition. So, what makes Microsoft so special that it’s a must-use? It helps customers surf the Web, save bookmarks, and can only run on Windows. That doesn’t sound all that unique, does it?


Google Chrome, Internet Explorer


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