Datamation focuses on emerging technology for the enterprise IT sector. We analyze and compare top enterprise IT products to give you the information you need to make informed buying decisions. Our product coverage can help you find the tools you need to fit your business, situation and budget. To do this, the site relies on the journalism expertise of its editorial staff and the knowledge of the industry experts, including independent analysts and consultants and storage industry associations who provide lab reviews, opinions and new product coverage.

Datamation focuses on emerging technology for the enterprise IT sector. We cover the leading edge trends and technologies that today’s IT managers need to understand in-depth: Cloud, Big Data, open source, mobile, the evolving data center, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence. As these rapidly shifting trends disrupt IT, Datamation’s expert coverage offers assistance in managing infrastructure like private cloud deployments, advanced data analytics solutions, and AI applications aimed at automating workflow.
We provide comprehensive product research aimed at IT decision makers
We source valuable research gathered from industry thought leaders and experts
Expert IT writers provide highly technical guidance in all aspects of IT

We select our picks for top IT products through a rigorous process that includes expert input, independent test data and user experience, among other criteria. Our editorial team then checks and re-checks our ratings in key areas like infrastructure, performance, implementation and management, technical support and customer satisfaction, so IT buyers can have confidence in our rankings.

James Maguire
Senior Managing Editor
James Maguire is Datamation's Senior Managing Editor and has been reporting on technology topics for more than 10 years. He has covered the gamut of enterprise and consumer technology, and regularly communicates with leading IT newsmakers, vendors and analysts.
David Zugnoni
Site Manager
David Zugnoni is a product management, search engine optimization, data analytics, and editorial professional with more than eight years of experience in online media. Before working with eSecurity Planet, he held management positions with CarInsurance.com and Education.com. He has a journalism degree from San Jose State University.
Lisa Morgan
Lisa Morgan is a journalist, industry analyst, content strategist and AI ethics thought leader who writes and speaks about emerging technology and its impact on IT, organizations and society. When not working with clients or producing content for industry, she's collaborating with professors, investors, visionaries and global policymakers to redefine "innovation" in today's era of self-learning systems.
Samuel Greengard
Business and Technology Writer
Samuel Greengard is a business and technology writer based in West Linn, Oregon. He is author of The Internet of Things (MIT Press, 2015) and the forthcoming book Virtual Reality (MIT Press, 2019). He also has written for Discover, Wired, CMO.com, IndustryWeek, CIO Insight and many other publications.
Our content strategy maps across the entire customer journey and combines with 1st party, install, and IT spend data, along with segmentation and ABM services, to find prospects in market for your solutions. Our propriety tools and platforms develop and scale a results-focused approach to target marketing tactics that include leads, display ads, and more.
We survey our readership of IT pros and buyers to give you inside knowledge of critical IT trends.

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