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What We Do

Datamation focuses on emerging technology for the enterprise IT sector. We cover the leading edge trends and technologies that today’s IT managers need to understand in-depth: Cloud, Big Data, open source, mobile, the evolving data center, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence.

As these rapidly shifting trends disrupt IT, Datamation’s expert coverage offers assistance in managing infrastructure like private cloud deployments, advanced data analytics solutions, and AI applications aimed at automating workflow.

Datamation’s product reviews, deep-dive features and white papers help IT managers answer a crucial question: which product or solution will best serve my business, now and in the future? When faced with a buying decision, which choice in the constantly evolving tech marketplace provides the best ROI?

Founded in 1957, the name Datamation is a combination of “data” and “automation,” which its first publisher knew was the wave of the future. Ironically, the combined power of data and automation continues to fuel IT in today’s highly automated, data-driven tech landscape. We appreciate the prescience of these founding editors, and we looking forward to covering the emerging edge of technology in the years ahead. We welcome your comments and feedback.

Who We Are 

James Maguire is Datamation's Senior Managing Editor and has been reporting on technology topics for more than 10 years. He has covered the gamut of enterprise and consumer technology, and regularly communicates with leading IT newsmakers, vendors and analysts. 

Datamation was founded by futurist Donald Prell. In the publication's early days in the late 1950s, Prell held a weekly meeting with the staff to explain details of the nascent computer and information processing industry.

Datamation is part of the QuinStreet Enterprise network, a leading provider of enterprise technology news, analysis, and in-depth research and developer insights.

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