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Virtualization Adoption Slips: More Gloom for IT?
By Jeff Vance | Article Published December 14, 2009
Finding the truth about adoption of virtualization in the enterprise and among SMBs requires looking beyond the numbers.
Tags: operating system, virtualization, virtual, Enterprise, workloads
AMD' s 2010 Roadmap: Aggressive
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published November 12, 2009
Chipmaker AMD's ambitions include its Fusion products as well as myriad new processor technologies.
Tags: chips, AMD, workloads, desktops, integrated
Cloud Storage Allies: EMC, Intel
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published November 03, 2009
The alliance between EMC and Intel will improve the energy efficiency of EMC's Atmos cloud storage system.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, workloads, partners, VMware
Gartner: Virtualization Still in Infancy
By Larry Barrett | Article Published October 22, 2009
Contrary to the hoopla, a mere 16 percent of enterprise work loads run on virtual machines.
Tags: virtualization, virtual, Enterprise, workloads, VMware
IBM DB2 Upgrade Targets Oracle
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published October 12, 2009
Going into Oracle's Openworld, Big Blue's upgrade targets Exadata 2 servers, built on Sun hardware.
Tags: Oracle, IBM, Larry Ellison, workloads, OpenWorld
IBM Unveils Storage Cloud for Enterprises
By Larry Barrett | Article Published October 07, 2009
IBM launched a private cloud-based storage and archiving application for enterprise customers.
Tags: Google, IBM, Enterprise, workloads, Storage
Considering Virtualization for Small Business
By Scott Alan Miller | Article Published August 27, 2009
An in-depth overview of virtualization for SMBs, including cost factors, vendors, virtualization of the desktop vs. the server, and more.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, server management, workloads, VMware
Dell Touts New Virtualization Products
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published June 18, 2009
The computer maker pushes into mid-market virtualization.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, Dell, workloads, VMware
Microsoft: We Like Open Source on Windows
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published March 25, 2009
A Microsoft exec says that Windows-open source compatibility is key to the company's continued ability to weather the worst of the slowdown.
Tags: open source, Linux, Microsoft, virtualization, workloads
Does Linux Benefit from Hard Times?
By Paul Rubens | Article Published March 24, 2009
The recession is prompting businesses to take a hard look at the directions they take. Is open source a winner in this environment?
Tags: open source, Linux, Windows, Microsoft, workloads
SAP and IBM Partner for Virtualization
By Alex Goldman | Article Published March 10, 2009
Big Blue gets tapped by SAP to help it move forward in lowering datacenter costs.
Tags: IBM, virtualization, Intel, SAP, workloads
Virtualized Servers: Less Work or More?
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published March 08, 2009
A major research firm claims that virtualization may not in fact reduce the server maintenance workload.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, datacenter, workloads, VMware
Virtualization Vendors Take Shots at VMware
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published February 24, 2009
VMware is a big dog in the virtualization market, yet other vendors covet its customers.
Tags: search, Microsoft, virtualization, workloads, VMware
Cloud Computing Works Only for Some Firms
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published February 19, 2009
cloud computing can offer great cost savings but it simply will not work for certain companies.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, virtualization, workloads, VMware
10 Virtualization Predictions for 2009
By Jeff Vance | Article Published January 07, 2009
Winners, losers, acquisitions, the effect of the recession, and more insight into virtualization trends in the year ahead.
Tags: services, Microsoft, virtualization, workloads, VMware
Heading Toward HAL, Creating a Single Compute Fabric
By Drew Robb | Article Published January 05, 2009
With virtualization coming into the data center at warp speed, vendors are moving toward integrating all data center components into a single structure.
Tags: IBM, virtualization, HP, workloads, policy
IBM Lands Virtual Gem in Transitive
By Amy Newman | Article Published December 01, 2008
Virtually Speaking: Big Blue's planned acquisition of the cross-platform virtualization technology company gives it a competitive edge. Did VMware blow it by passing on Transitive?
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, Dell, workloads, VMware
CA's Debuts 'Mainframe 2.0' for Big Iron
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published November 20, 2008
Mainframe sales are up, but the number of skilled administrators and managers is down. CA thinks it has part of the solution.
Tags: services, IBM, virtualization, Intel, workloads
Linux's Next Victim
By Paul Rubens | Article Published October 24, 2008
OS Roundup: Video killed the radio star may be cliche these days, but Linux's penetration of the server room may ultimately undo Unix in a similar fashion.
Tags: Linux, Oracle, Red Hat, HP, workloads
Where are all the Virtual Linux Desktops?
By Jeff Vance | Article Published October 20, 2008
There’s been a lot of chatter about the wonderful new world of virtual Linux desktops, yet it hardly exists. Why?
Tags: Linux, server, virtualization, Red Hat, workloads
Know Your Network: Switches, Bridges, and Routers
By Rafael Hernandez | Article Published October 16, 2008
It isn't magic. Your data ends up where it needs to be thanks to some key components of your network infrastructure. Understanding their capabilities and the differences between each is a solid first step in planning your network.
Tags: security, management, support, networking, workloads
Justifying New IT Hires
By Jennifer Perrier-Knox | Article Published October 13, 2008
Convincing senior management to make a permanent increase to the operational budget can be a challenge. Increase the chances of getting approval for hiring by following Info-Tech’s seven key steps.
Tags: management, support, IT, research, workloads
Managing Servers in the Cloud
By Amy Newman | Article Published October 09, 2008
Virtually Speaking: Load balancing is tricky stuff, but it gets even more complex when the workloads are a mix real and virtual.
Tags: Linux, Windows, virtualization, workloads, policy
Enterprises Looking to the Clouds, Dell Says
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published August 31, 2008
System provider Dell pushing hardware, infrastructure help to oil giants, Facebook, Goldman Sachs and others.
Tags: Facebook, Google, Dell, privacy, workloads
Cutting Deals With Redmond
By Paul Rubens | Article Published August 29, 2008
OS Roundup: Who stands to gain the most from the latest Microsoft-Novell arrangement?
Tags: Linux, Microsoft, virtualization, Vista, workloads
Virtually Speaking: IBM Goes High on Linux
By Amy Newman | Article Published August 07, 2008
IBM's research shows virtualization adoption is helping to bring Linux to the high-end.
Tags: Linux, Microsoft, virtualization, HP, workloads
For Starters: The Virtualization Performance Quandary
By Rafael Hernandez | Article Published August 01, 2008
Virtualization, despite its benefits, isn't without its drawbacks. Luckily, both software and hardware makers are addressing the performance penalty part of the equation.
Tags: virtualization, chips, Intel, AMD, workloads
Make or Break Time for Sun
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published July 19, 2008
Two years into his reign, Schwartz's turnaround strategy is being second-guessed by much of Wall Street. Will the Sun board be more patient than financial analysts?
Tags: Microsoft, Intel, Dell, HP, workloads
Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Stratus
By Drew Robb | Article Published June 30, 2008
The OEM may be best known for its fault-tolerant servers, but it's also putting much innovation into the software side of the business.
Tags: search, virtualization, Intel, AMD, workloads
Virtually Speaking: Quest Pursues the VDI Love
By Amy Newman | Article Published June 26, 2008
Quest Software and Parallels continue to court the virtual desktop market. Meanwhile, Embotics looks at the bigger picture with the latest release of V-Commader 2.0, its virtualization lifecycle management software.
Tags: services, virtualization, workloads, policy, VMware
Scalent Takes VM Management to New Level
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published June 12, 2008
Uses can manage their mixed environment on the fly.
Tags: Linux, Windows, Microsoft, virtualization, workloads
VMware Lays Virtual Storage Groundwork
By Drew Robb | Article Published June 11, 2008
Though complexities abound, VMware is working to simplify storage management for virtual environments.
Tags: virtualization, marketing, CA, workloads, VMware
ManageIQ Extends Enterprise VM Management
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published June 10, 2008
Adds more management capabilities to product
Tags: virtualization, HP, workloads, policy, VMware
Reflections on Open Source Commerce, Part 2
By John Terpstra | Article Published May 27, 2008
Linux on the desktop has yet to gain any real market presence, despite the unrest over Microsoft Windows Vista. Author John Terpstra continues his look at the challenges facing the desktop and server markets, with a close examination of current market dynamics.
Tags: open source, Linux, Microsoft, wireless, workloads
Virtually Speaking: Available Beyond the Physical
By Amy Newman | Article Published May 15, 2008
From hardware to hypervisor, high availability is getting a virtual boost.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, HP, workloads, VMware
More Cool Threads From Sun
By Amy Newman | Article Published April 14, 2008
Sun took the wraps off two dual-socket UltraSPARC T2 Plus processor based servers in its SPARC Enterprise server line.
Tags: server, Sun Microsystems, servers, Enterprise, workloads
Virtually Speaking: Unclogging the I/O Pipes
By Amy Newman | Article Published April 10, 2008
3Leaf Systems — the Roto Rooter of the virtualization set?
Tags: virtualization, Intel, marketing, AMD, workloads
VMware Unleashes Virtual Infrastructure 3
By Larry Barrett | Article Published December 11, 2007
The virtualization leader has updated its software to simplify the transfer of data between storage arrays.
Tags: virtualization, datacenter, marketing, workloads, VMware

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