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Is Enterprise Tape a 'Second Class' Citizen?
By Henry Newman | Article Published June 18, 2010
The data storage networking industry has been moving strongly toward disk tiers, but has anyone given any thought to doing the same for tape?
Tags: disk drives, storage networking, tape storage, enterprise storage, storage network
Trends in the Storage Networking Market
By Drew Robb | Article Published May 28, 2010
Looking back at EMC World, a series of overriding themes emerge, particularly regarding cloud computing and the future of SSDs.
Tags: SAN services, storage networking, SAN, Storage area network, Storage
Spotting Storage Vendor Problems Ahead of Time
By Henry Newman | Article Published April 16, 2010
Sometimes the announced product roadmap of a storage product vendor may not match the actual deliverables – leaving your enterprise out on a limb.
Tags: SAN services, storage networking, SAN, SAN storage, Storage
Implementing SAN Services
By Chris Evans | Article Published March 17, 2010
Deploying SAN services requires balancing costs and storage demands. Here's a guide to choosing the right SAN services vendor and technology to suit your needs.
Tags: SAN services, storage networking, SAN, Storage area network, storage management
EMC Talks Storage Network Future
By Paul Shread | Article Published March 16, 2010
The storage network will grow ever more sophisticated, if EMC's new plans comes to fruition. Global Marketing CTO Chuck Hollis provides the details.
Tags: EMC, SAN services, storage networking, SAN, storage management
The SAN Management Dilemma
By Tom Clark | Article Published May 27, 2003
Since the advent of SANs, customers have complained that storage area networks are difficult to manage. While SANs are unlikely to ever become self-configuring and self-administrating, industry-sponsored efforts like SNIA's Storage Management Initiative (SMI) and the integration of SAN-aware functionality into OSes should make it much easier for customers to deploy and support SANs in the near future.
Tags: storage networking

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