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Why HP's 'iPad Killer' Will Fail
By Mike Elgan | Article Published April 07, 2010
The iPad uses a cell phone operating system to power a touch smartbook. The HP Slate runs a desktop operating system -- Windows, no less -- plus a burdensome application interface layer.
Tags: iPhone, iPad, iPad apps, smartbook, HP Slate
Smartphone Confab Reflects Industry Battles
By - Reuters | Article Published February 12, 2010
The focus of the $169 billion industry is shifting to software and services, the "mindshare" that is lifting nimble competitors such as iPhone maker Apple and Google.
Tags: Google, smartphones, Apple, smartphone, smartbook
Qualcomm Eyes NextGen Mobile Internet Devices
By Larry Barrett | Article Published January 08, 2010
CEO Paul Jacobs says his Snapdragon chipsets will power the next generation of consumer electronics devices geared for the mobile Internet.
Tags: wireless, mobile, smartphones, smartbook, Qualcomm
Lenovo Unveils Non-Wintel Smartbook, 'Skylight'
By - Reuters | Article Published January 05, 2010
Lenovo's new Linux-based Skylight runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, which is also used in smartphones.
Tags: Linux, netbook, smartbook, Lenovo, netbook reviews

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