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10 Apps to Optimize Your Smartphone
By Jeff Vance | Article Published August 16, 2010
Apps for the Android, iPhone and Blackberry that improve your efficiency and speed.
Tags: android apps, iPhone, iphone apps, smarpthone, BlackBerry Apps
Smartphone Sales Soar
By - Reuters | Article Published April 30, 2010
Apple and Nokia grab market share in a sector that seems to have limitless horizons.
Tags: mobile, iPhone, iphone apps, best smartphone, smarpthone
Best Smartphone for the Enterprise: Evaluating the Contenders
By Jeff Vance | Article Published April 26, 2010
The best smartphone for the enterprise, a category long dominated by Blackberry, now faces challenges by Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android.
Tags: Android, Blackberry, iphone apps, best smartphone, smarpthone

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