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65 Open Source Replacements for Security Software
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published March 13, 2012
Open source apps for anti-virus, anti-spam, firewalls, encryption, security gateways and more.
Tags: open source, Linux, security , open source apps
HP Expands Enterprise Security Portfolio
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published September 14, 2011
HP's new offering integrates and expands its enterprise security offering. Will it provide HP with a higher profile in the security market?
Tags: enterprise security, HP, security
Mozilla Demands Security Checks from CAs
By Staff | Article Published September 09, 2011
In the wake of the DigiNotar hack, Firefox may stop accepting security certificates from certificate authorities that can't prove they are secure.
Tags: Mozilla, security
60 Open Source Tools for Protecting Your Privacy
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published August 22, 2011
Open source software for anonymous browsing and email, anti-spyware, data destruction, password management and more.
Tags: Linux downloads, privacy, security , open source apps
In Defense of Internet Anonymity -- Again
By Bruce Byfield | Article Published August 02, 2011
In contrast with the Linux community's emphasis on user's rights, Facebook, Google+ and many companies work to limit the protection of user anonymity. Who’s right?
Tags: Facebook, privacy, security , google+
Anonymous Hacker Group Hits Apple, Publishes Data
By Staff | Article Published July 05, 2011
The hacker group posted 27 usernames and passwords for an Apple server that is used for surveys.
Tags: Apple, security