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Apple to Unveil Tablet in March 2010?
By - Reuters | Article Published December 10, 2009
Apple could sells 1 million to 1.5 million tablets each quarter at an average price of $1,000, a veteran Apple analyst speculates.
Tags: iPhone, Apple, tablet, advertising, partners
Nokia Scaling Back Smartphone Offering
By - Reuters | Article Published December 04, 2009
The leading cell phone maker will drastically cut back on the number of different smartphone models unveils as it faces challenges from RIM and Apple.
Tags: operating system, smartphones, Nokia, RIM, partners
Google Boosts BlackBerry Connection
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published November 25, 2009
Google has unveiled an update to its Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry, upping the number of users who can simultaneously access the Google services.
Tags: Google, Microsoft, apps, Enterprise, partners
Novell, Microsoft Partnership Proves Profitable
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published November 10, 2009
After partnering in 2006, Novell and Microsoft now have more than 400 joint customers and are expanding their efforts around improving Windows to Linux interoperability.
Tags: Linux, Microsoft, virtualization, Enterprise, partners
Microsoft to Open Cloud Center in Asia
By - Reuters | Article Published November 04, 2009
To open next year, the cloud computing facility in Taiwan will be the software company's first Asian foray into the emerging cloud computing industry.
Tags: cloud computing, services, Microsoft, Ballmer, partners
Cloud Storage Allies: EMC, Intel
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published November 03, 2009
The alliance between EMC and Intel will improve the energy efficiency of EMC's Atmos cloud storage system.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, workloads, partners, VMware

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