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Windows 8.1: A New Age for Microsoft
By Rob Enderle | Article Published July 01, 2013
With the latest release of its operating system, Steve Ballmer is remaking Microsoft to be his kind of company.
Tags: bill gates, Windows 8.1, developers, Microsoft, operating system, steve ballmer
Mandriva Linux: Which Fork Is Right for You?
By Matt Hartley | Article Published June 24, 2013
Mageia and PCLinuxOS are good options, while mainline Mandriva and OpenMandriva are less impressive.
Tags: OpenMandriva, PCLinuxOS, Mageia, Mandriva, Linux, open source, operating system
Linux Mint 15: Solid, But Unsettled
By Bruce Byfield | Article Published June 11, 2013
Linux Mint is maturing, which means that the question of what's next is starting to loom.
Tags: open source, MATE, Cinnamon, desktop, Linux Mint, operating system
Microsoft Offers Sneak Peek of Windows 8.1
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 05, 2013
The company is touting the enterprise-friendliness of the OS update.
Tags: Enterprise, update, OS, Microsoft, Windows Blue, operating system, Windows 8.1
Report: Rate of Windows 8 Adoption Slows
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 04, 2013
There are still more people using Vista than using Windows 8.
Tags: Windows 7, Net Applications, Microsoft, operating system, Windows 8, Windows Vista
Microsoft Said to Be Cutting Windows RT Prices
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 03, 2013
Will lower prices make the tablet operating system more popular?
Tags: Microsoft, operating system, Windows RT, tablets
Ubuntu vs. Windows 8: Which Is Better Overall?
By Matt Hartley | Article Published May 20, 2013
It's much easier to find a system with Windows 8 pre-installed, but Ubuntu offers a better interface and better apps.
Tags: Office, interface, app store, Windows 8, apps, Ubuntu, Microsoft, operating system, Cloud, OS, open source
A New Name for Blue: Windows 8.1
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 14, 2013
The next version of Microsoft's operating system will be available as a free update for current Windows 8 users.
Tags: Windows Blue, Windows 8.1, operating system, Microsoft
Debian 7: The New Upstream
By Bruce Byfield | Article Published May 07, 2013
Just because the new Debian release isn't focused on the desktop doesn't mean it won't be influential.
Tags: open source, desktop, Debian, operating system, Linux
Ubuntu Virtual Machine: Guest and Host
By Matt Hartley | Article Published April 01, 2013
Thinking about running an Ubuntu virtual machine? Here are some things to consider.
Tags: open source, Linux, operating system, virtual box, Ubuntu, VMware, Wine, virtualization
Windows Blue Leaks to the Web
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published March 26, 2013
New desktop, tablet and server versions of Microsoft's flagship OS are in the works.
Tags: operating system, Microsoft, tablet, Windows Blue, desktop, leak, servers
How to Make Windows 8 a Winner
By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes | Article Published March 04, 2013
Dropping the price, attracting apps and addressing usability issues could help people fall in love with Windows again.
Tags: touchscreen, Windows 8, operating system, Microsoft
Google Chrome OS vs. Ubuntu
By Matt Hartley | Article Published March 04, 2013
See how the two operating systems compare for installation, look and feel, and peripheral support.
Tags: Google, Chrome, Linux, open source, operating system, Chromebook, Ubuntu
Windows 8 Struggles to Gain Market Share
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 01, 2013
Use of the new Microsoft operating system is growing very, very slowly.
Tags: operating system, Microsoft, market share, Windows 8, Windows 7
RIM CEO Says Company May License BB10 to Other Manufacturers
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 21, 2013
The company's new operating system is generating buzz ahead of its upcoming launch.
Tags: operating system, smartphone, RIM, BlackBerry 10
Head-to-Head Desktop Comparison: Ubuntu 12.10 vs. OS X Mountain Lion
By Matt Hartley | Article Published January 21, 2013
See how the two operating systems compare from a casual user's perspective with regards to installation, software and hardware.
Tags: Ubuntu, OS X Mountain Lion, open source, software, hardware, desktop, Linux, operating system
RIM to Launch Six Phones This Year
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 10, 2013
The lineup of BlackBerry 10 devices will include budget-friendly models.
Tags: RIM, mobile, smartphones, carriers, BlackBerry 10, operating system
The Case for Early Windows 8 Adoption
By Scott Alan Miller | Article Published December 06, 2012
Transitioning to the new OS sooner gives companies more time to take advantage of the benefits it offers.
Tags: Windows 8, operating system, Microsoft
NPD: Windows 8 Release Did Not Boost PC Sales
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 29, 2012
Researchers say the new OS is not having the anticipated impact on the PC market.
Tags: PC sales, Windows 8, Microsoft, operating system, Surface tablet, NPD
Forrester: Enterprise IT Isn't Interested in Windows 8, But Enterprise Workers Are
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 19, 2012
BYOD trends could drive enterprise adoption of Microsoft's newest operating system.
Tags: Enterprise IT, Windows 8, Windows 7, Microsoft, operating system
Early Windows 8 Adoption 5X Slower than Windows 7
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 02, 2012
Meanwhile, Windows 7 continues to grow at XP's expense.
Tags: Windows XP, operating system, Microsoft, Windows 7, Windows 8
Microsoft Faces Patent Lawsuit over Live Tiles
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 31, 2012
A small company called SurfCast says it has a patent on tiled interfaces.
Tags: Windows 8, Windows Phone, lawsuit, Microsoft, Live Tiles, operating system, patent infringement
Will XP Users Shun Windows 8 in Favor of Ubuntu?
By Matt Hartley | Article Published October 30, 2012
While Ubuntu use is growing, a flood of new users is unlikely unless the open source community does a better job of getting the word out.
Tags: Ubuntu, operating system, open source, desktop, Windows XP, Windows 8, Linux
What's New in Windows Phone 8
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 30, 2012
Microsoft launched its updated smartphone platform on Monday.
Tags: smartphones, Microsoft, operating system, mobile, Windows Phone 8
Microsoft Releases Windows 8
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 25, 2012
CEO Steve Ballmer hailed the OS as "simply the best."
Tags: operating system, OS, Windows 8, Microsoft
Critics Take Aim at the Windows 8 Interface
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 22, 2012
Usability expert says traditional Windows users are "being thrown under the bus."
Tags: Windows 8, Microsoft, operating system, interface
Paul Allen Calls Windows 8 Puzzling and Confusing
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 03, 2012
The Microsoft co-founder posted a mostly positive review of the new operating system.
Tags: Windows 8, OS, Microsoft, operating system, Paul Allen
Gartner Predicts Enterprises Won't Embrace Windows 8
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published September 27, 2012
The research firm calls Microsoft's new operating system a "big gamble."
Tags: Windows 8, Enterprise, Microsoft, operating system, Gartner
Samsung Says Not Considering Buying RIM or BlackBerry License
By Staff | Article Published August 09, 2012
The South Korean firm wants to quash rumors of a deal with RIM.
Tags: Samsung, RIM, merger and acquistion activity, smartphone, operating system, mobile, BlackBerry 10
Microsoft Calls Windows 8 Complete, But Concerns Remain, Say Analysts
By Staff | Article Published August 02, 2012
The new operating system needs plenty of apps if its going to attract users.
Tags: Windows 8, Release to Manufacturing, apps, Microsoft, developers, operating system
Customers Grab 3 Million Copies of OS X Mountain Lion, Says Apple
By Staff | Article Published July 30, 2012
The company says it was the most successful OS X release ever.
Tags: operating system, Apple, Mountain Lion, OS X
Apple Ships OS X Mountain Lion
By Staff | Article Published July 25, 2012
Mac users can now download the update from the Mac App Store.
Tags: Apple, Mountain Lion, operating system, OS X
Windows 8's Delivery Date: October 26
By Staff | Article Published July 19, 2012
Consumers will be able to buy PCs with Microsoft's latest operating system pre-installed on the last Friday in October.
Tags: Microsoft, Windows 8, operating system
2 out of 3 U.S. Mobile Phone Buyers Purchase Smartphones
By Staff | Article Published July 13, 2012
Android continues to lead among platforms; Apple continues to lead among manufacturers.
Tags: Motorola, HTC, mobile phone, IOS, Apple, operating system, smartphone, Android, RIM, Samsung
Windows 8 PCs, Tablets to Arrive in October
By Staff | Article Published July 09, 2012
Enterprises will be able to download the new operating system before the end of the summer.
Tags: Windows 8, PC, Microsoft, operating system, tablet
Microsoft Offers Cheap Upgrades for Windows 8 Pro
By Staff | Article Published July 03, 2012
Most current Windows users will pay just $39.99 to upgrade to the next version.
Tags: operating system, Microsoft, Windows 8
Firefox OS Smartphones Due 2013
By Staff | Article Published July 02, 2012
Mozilla will partner with Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Telenor, ZTE and Alcatel One Touch.
Tags: Firefox, operating system, smartphone, Mozilla, OS
Google Chrome OS, Take Two: New Software and Chromebooks
By Staff | Article Published May 30, 2012
Two new Samsung devices run the revamped OS: the Chromebook Series 5 550 and the Chromebox 3.
Tags: Chrome, Samsung, operating system, Chromebook, Google, OS
Windows 8 Coming In 4 Editions
By Staff | Article Published April 17, 2012
Microsoft will issue three versions of the new operating system for traditional desktops and one for ARM-based tablets.
Tags: Microsoft, operating system, ARM, Windows 8
Anonymous Operating System Prompts Security Warnings
By Staff | Article Published March 15, 2012
The hacktivist group has released its own OS, based on Ubuntu and packed full of hacker tools.
Tags: Anonymous, Ubuntu, hackers, operating system, open source, Linux
The Myth of the Secure Apple OS
By Paul Rubens | Article Published July 28, 2010
A research report pokes holes in the much-vaunted sense that Apple's OS is highly secure.
Tags: operating system, security, secure, Mac, Apple
Google to Sell its Own Phone to Consumers
By - Reuters | Article Published December 14, 2009
Called the Nexus One and made by smartphone maker HTC, Google's phone will run on Android operating system, according to sources.
Tags: Google, wireless, carriers, operating system, Europe
Virtualization Adoption Slips: More Gloom for IT?
By Jeff Vance | Article Published December 14, 2009
Finding the truth about adoption of virtualization in the enterprise and among SMBs requires looking beyond the numbers.
Tags: virtualization, Enterprise, virtual, operating system, workloads
Is Your Data Center Just Plain Ugly?
By Kenneth Hess | Article Published December 09, 2009
Oh, maybe the cables are all neat and the fans are blowing, but your beloved data center may still be far from pretty.
Tags: server, Windows, data center management, data center, operating system
Samsung Launches Smartphone Platform
By - Reuters | Article Published December 08, 2009
Mobile industry observers note that unless a company has an application and operating system strategy, it risks marginalizing itself as a hardware provider only.
Tags: wireless, smartphones, Samsung, operating system, Google
Nokia Scaling Back Smartphone Offering
By - Reuters | Article Published December 04, 2009
The leading cell phone maker will drastically cut back on the number of different smartphone models unveils as it faces challenges from RIM and Apple.
Tags: partners, RIM, Nokia, smartphones, operating system
Nokia: Linux on Only One New Smartphone
By - Reuters | Article Published November 30, 2009
The Finnish cell phone maker will not give its product line a major shake-up.
Tags: operating system, iPhone, network, services, N900
Microsoft Squashes Windows 7 'Back Door' Rumors
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published November 23, 2009
Microsoft has denied rumors that it had put hidden "back doors" into Windows 7 at the federal government's request.
Tags: operating system, privacy, review, Microsoft
13 PC Security Threats for 2010
By Larry Barrett | Article Published November 20, 2009
Security firm Symantec predicts the leading threats for next year, covering areas like Mac, Windows, and social networking.
Tags: Enterprise, FOCUS 09, Web site, operating system, ransom
Google Claims Chrome Boots PC in 7 Seconds
By - Reuters | Article Published November 20, 2009
Sending a shot across the bow of Apple and Microsoft, Google says its new Chrome OS will turn on a PC as fast as a TV.
Tags: search, Microsoft, operating system, chips, Google
U.S. Gov Can Stop Only 80% of Cyber-Attacks
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published November 18, 2009
A senior government official concedes that hackers tend to be one step ahead.
Tags: partner, network, Internet security, operating system, framework
Fedora 12 Touts Virtualization Tools
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published November 16, 2009
Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Linux 12 release will expand the scope of Fedora's virtualization capabilities.
Tags: operating system, virtual, network, Enterprise, virtualization
Survey: Netbooks and Windows 7 'Starter'?
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published November 12, 2009
Netbook buyers say they prefer a more feature-rich version of Windows 7.
Tags: netbook, DVD, Microsoft, operating system, Enterprise
Apple's iPhone Profit Tops Nokia, Samsung
By - Reuters | Article Published November 11, 2009
Probably surprising no one, Apple in the recent quarter was the cellphone maker generating the highest total operating profit in the industry.
Tags: economic recovery, Linux, operating system, iPhone
Fewer Holes Fixed by Patch Tuesday
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published November 11, 2009
November's patch drop, smaller than in recent months, did not need to release any fixes for Windows 7.
Tags: Microsoft, bug, operating system, Microsoft Office, Windows 2000
Smartphone Battle: Samsung vs. Nokia
By - Reuters | Article Published November 10, 2009
Cell phone titans Samsung and Nokia are maneuvering to win the battle with smartphone rivals like iPhone and Blackberry.
Tags: iPhone, Blackberry, Linux, RIM, operating system
Tech Rebound: Chip Sales Up Sharply in Q3
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published November 10, 2009
PC microprocessor zoomed to all-time record levels in Q3, suggesting rosier times for the tech sector.
Tags: Intel, AMD, Microsoft, operating system, desktops
Sony Ericsson Announces Android Phone
By - Reuters | Article Published November 03, 2009
Google's Android has gained this year as mobile phone vendors look for ways to compete with Apple's iPhone.
Tags: Google, Qualcomm, Android, operating system, iPhone
RIM's Debuts its Crown Jewel: BlackBerry Storm2
By Michelle Megna | Article Published October 29, 2009
The Storm2 Blackberry smartphone offers improved e-mail management and remote file access.
Tags: Droid, carriers, wireless, operating system, Storm2
Windows 7 Upgrade: Pro and Con
By Joseph Moran | Article Published October 28, 2009
The leading reasons to migrate to Windows 7 – along with some reasons to delay it.
Tags: virtualization, Enterprise, virtual, utilities, operating system
49 Hot New Open Source Applications
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 26, 2009
Open source apps released (or made open source) over the last couple of years: mobile devices, multimedia, enterprise, and much more.
Tags: Enterprise, downloads, operating system, Google, open source
Microsoft Moves To Boost Windows 7 Debut
By Chris Nerney | Article Published July 13, 2009
Microsoft Moves To Boost Windows 7 Debut
Tags: OS, Microsoft, Windows 7, operating system, resellers, Vista