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Facebook Unveils New Home Page
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published March 08, 2013
CEO Mark Zuckerberg compares the site to a "personalized newspaper."
Tags: Facebook, social network, news, home page
Yahoo.com Gets a Facelift
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 20, 2013
The heavily trafficked site now features infinite scrolling for newsfeeds.
Tags: Facebook, Web, Yahoo, news, Marissa Mayer
Google Battles European Newspapers
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 05, 2012
Several countries are considering legislation that would prevent Google News from aggregating content.
Tags: Google, government, Europe, news, legislation, Brazil
Study: Viewers Turning to YouTube as News Source
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published July 16, 2012
More than a third of the most popular videos were created by eyewitnesses to events.
Tags: YouTube, survey, news, videos, Pew
Tech H1-B Staffing vs. 'Employ America Act'
By David Needle | Article Published November 23, 2009
Proposed legislation aims to prohibit major firms that lay off American workers from replacing them with cheap foreign labor using temporary guest worker programs.
Tags: applications, Senate, news, jobs
Why Are Knowledge Machines Banned In Schools?
By Mike Elgan | Article Published January 21, 2009
The lowly cell phone could be seen as a source of enrichment instead of being banned as a disruption.
Tags: IT, Internet, Cell, media, news
Apple's Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave
By David Needle | Article Published January 15, 2009
COO Tim Cook in charge of day-to-day operations.
Tags: Apple, media, news, e-Mail, InternetNews.com
More Bang for Your Buck, Tips for Recession-Savvy IT Hiring
By Drew Robb | Article Published November 24, 2008
Career and Staffing: Good news for those with unfilled headcount -- it's an employer's market out there. Learn how to make the most of it.
Tags: IT, economy, technology, news, corporate
Datamation Has a New Look
By James Maguire | Article Published May 14, 2008
We’ve given the site a facelift and a greatly improved user interface. Please click around and let us know what you think.
Tags: IT, technology, news, Datamation, redesign
Memory Prices Heading Up
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published May 11, 2008
Memory makers have finally stopped adding capacity because they spent themselves broke.
Tags: consumer, IT, Samsung, news, InternetNews.com
Bringing You Last Week's News Today
By Heidi Cyre | Article Published April 28, 2008
Bringing You Last Week's News Today
Tags: Google, search, news, Google news

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