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Panasonic Toughbook F9: Ultra-Light, Ultra-Pricey
By Eric Grevstad | Article Published September 08, 2010
Yes, the Panasonic Toughbook F9 laptop is remarkably expensive, yet it has a feature list the justifies the price tag.
Tags: netbooks, laptops, notebook PC, notebook review, netbook reviews
Sony Vaio P Notebook: Cool, But Worth Big Bucks?
By Eric Grevstad | Article Published August 02, 2010
Cost about $1500, Sony raises high -- really high -- expectations for this glamorous little unit.
Tags: Notebook, netbook, notebook review, netbook reviews, Sony
Acer Aspire One Netbook: Good Graphics, Modest Battery
By Housen Maratouk | Article Published July 29, 2010
This netbook's graphics rival a fully-equipped notebook, yet its computing power takes a toll on battery life.
Tags: graphics, netbooks, netbook, netbook reviews, Acer Aspire
Muscle for Netbooks: Nvidia's New Ion
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published March 03, 2010
Netbooks aren't known as performance machines, yet Nvidia second generation Ion claims to change that.
Tags: netbooks, netbook, nVidia, Ion, netbook reviews
Lenovo Unveils Non-Wintel Smartbook, 'Skylight'
By - Reuters | Article Published January 05, 2010
Lenovo's new Linux-based Skylight runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, which is also used in smartphones.
Tags: Linux, netbook, smartbook, Lenovo, netbook reviews

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