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Is Desktop Linux Secure?
By Matt Hartley | Article Published May 13, 2014
In the wake of Heartbleed, is the Linux desktop truly safe?
Tags: desktop linux, Linux security, firewall, malware
Symantec Spots 1,200 Scam Apps on Google Play
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 29, 2013
These apps are similar to "one-click fraud" apps, but often require more than one click.
Tags: Android, Symantec, Google Play, fraud, Security Vendors, malware
Feds Destroy $170,000 Worth of IT Hardware to Address Malware Concerns
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 10, 2013
The incident cost taxpayers $2.7 million.
Tags: hardware, security threats, government, malware
Microsoft, FBI Take Down Botnets That Stole $500 Million
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 06, 2013
The two organizations have disrupted around 1,400 Citadel botnets.
Tags: malware, Zeus Trojan, Microsoft, botnet, FBI
McAfee Says Spam Rates Have Increased Dramatically
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 03, 2013
Mobile attacks and social networking worms also rose.
Tags: trojan, worm, McAfee, malware, social networking, Citadel, spam, mobile malware, koobface
Microsoft Azure to Help Fight Botnets
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 30, 2013
Moving Microsoft's cyberthreat intelligence program to the cloud will speed up the response to those threats.
Tags: cloud computing, malware, botnets, Microsoft Azure
Report: Stuxnet May Have Strengthened Iran's Nuclear Capabilities
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 16, 2013
A researcher argues that the malware, designed to damage the country's enrichment facilities, actually improved Iran's capability to enrich uranium.
Tags: Iran, government, Stuxnet, cyberattack, malware
Stealthy Malware Is Attacking Web Servers
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 08, 2013
The infection has crossed over from Apache servers to Lighttpd and Nginx boxes—and researchers have no idea how it is spreading.
Tags: malware, Nginx, apache web server
Cyberattacks Erase Hard Drives at S. Korean Firms
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published March 21, 2013
The widespread attacks knocked some banking services offline and crashed IT networks at media outlets.
Tags: China, malware, cyberattack, hack attacks, hard drive, South Korea, North Korea, hacker
Stuxnet Malware Older Than Most Believed
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 27, 2013
A new report says Stuxnet was first released in 2007, not 2009.
Tags: malware, virus, Stuxnet, Iran, cyberattack
European Police Shut Down Ransomware Scam
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 14, 2013
Eleven people from Russia, Georgia and Ukraine have been arrested.
Tags: cybercrime, ransomware, malware, Europe
Mobile Malware Driven by Porn
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published February 11, 2013
Mobile users are using their smartphones and tablets for more than 'legitimate' work purposes. Who knew?
Tags: security, malware, mobile
Ubuntu: What They're Doing Right and Wrong
By Matt Hartley | Article Published February 04, 2013
The Linux distribution does a great job with peripheral detection, community, easy backup, the Software Center and more.
Tags: peripherals, Wi-Fi, malware, USB, open source, community, Ubuntu, software, Linux, backup
Chinese Hackers Attack NY Times
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 31, 2013
The paper didn't detect the ongoing attack for four months.
Tags: malware, hack attacks, Advanced Persistent Threat, cyberattack, APT, Symantec, hackers, China
Poland Takes Down 'Virut' Botnet
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 21, 2013
A Polish domain registrar has seized domains that were used to help spread malware.
Tags: malware, security researcher, Domain, botnet
Researchers Warn About Fake Java Patch and Shylock Skype Malware
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 18, 2013
Two new types of attacks are threatening many computer users.
Tags: ransomware, attacks, trojan, malware, Java, Skype
Report: U.S. Power Utilities Infected by Malware from USB Drives
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 16, 2013
ICS-CERT is recommending that utilities take stronger precautions related to thumb drives.
Tags: cyberattack, malware, energy, USB drive, infrastructure, banks
Researchers Uncover Massive Cyber-Spying Campaign
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 14, 2013
Kaspersky Lab says "Operation Red October" has been going on since 2007.
Tags: malware, cyber attack, Iran, United States, espionage, security, cyberspying, Russia
Newly Discovered Malware Targets Iran, Modifies Microsoft SQL Databases
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 26, 2012
The Narilam worm looks for certain Persian words in databases and changes them.
Tags: Symantec, malware, Microsoft SQL, Stuxnet, Iran
Symantec: Ransomware Is on the Rise
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 09, 2012
Cyber-crooks are making $5 million a year from ransomware scams.
Tags: Symantec, malware, Security Vendors, ransomware, report
FBI Warns Android Users About Malware
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 16, 2012
The agency offers steps users can take to keep themselves safe.
Tags: Android, smartphone, malware, Security Advisory, FBI
New In-the-Wild Malware Linked to State-Sponsored Flame Targeting Iran
By Staff | Article Published September 17, 2012
Security researchers discover more details about the Flame malware, including the names of some of its creators.
Tags: malware, Flame, research, security
A Laptop Infected With a Virus Before You've Even Turned It On
By Staff | Article Published September 13, 2012
Microsoft sounds the warning about the Nitol malware, which has infected its supply chain.
Tags: lawsuit, botnet, malware, virus, Microsoft
Malware Increases 23%: Report
By Staff | Article Published September 04, 2012
McAfee says that hackers are increasingly targeting Macs and Android smartphones in addition to PCs.
Tags: text messaging, botnets, security, spam, McAfee, smartphones, Mac, malware, mobile
Virus Knocks Out Computers at Qatari Gas Firm RasGas
By Staff | Article Published August 31, 2012
Yet another piece of malware is targeting the Middle East.
Tags: virus, malware, cyber attack, Middle East, hack attacks
Unpatched Java flaw Hit in Targeted Attacks, Researchers Say
By Staff | Article Published August 28, 2012
The zero-day vulnerability affects the most recent version of Java.
Tags: security, malware, trojan, Java, Zero-Day exploit, vulnerability
Crisis Financial Malware Spreads Via Virtual Machines
By Staff | Article Published August 21, 2012
Security experts say this is the first known malware that attempts to propagate by virtual machines.
Tags: virtual machine, malware, security, Java
Mystery Malware Wreaks Havoc on Energy Sector Computers
By Staff | Article Published August 17, 2012
Shamoon worm destroys data on energy firms' PCS.
Tags: security, malware, worm, Shamoon, cyberattack
Researchers Discover More Malware Related to Flame, Stuxnet
By Staff | Article Published August 10, 2012
The Gauss malware is spying on Lebanese banking data.
Tags: Stuxnet, security, Kaspersky Labs, virus, Flame, malware, Gauss
Mobile Malware Cases Nearly Triple in First Half of 2012, Says NetQin
By Staff | Article Published July 31, 2012
A Chinese security vendor says 13 million phones were infected in the first six months of the year.
Tags: malware, China, mobile, Symbian, Android, security
Spam, Malware, Virus Outbreaks Rise in 2012: Report
By Staff | Article Published July 26, 2012
E-mail is more dangerous than ever.
Tags: security, spam, phishing, virus, malware, e-Mail
Report Suggests Malware Hits Iran Atomic Organization, Blasts AC/DC at Night
By Staff | Article Published July 24, 2012
An F-Secure researcher received an e-mail from Iran which claims the country's atomic organization was the victim of malware that plays heavy metal.
Tags: malware, Iran, Stuxnet, security
Researchers Say They Took Down World's Third-Largest Botnet
By Staff | Article Published July 19, 2012
The Grum botnet was responsible for 18 percent of the world's spam.
Tags: security, botnet, malware, spam
Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Hit by Cross-Platform Malware Attack
By Staff | Article Published July 12, 2012
The Trojan first checks to see which OS a machine is running, then downloads the appropriate file.
Tags: Trojans, security, cross-platform, Linux, Windows, malware, OS X
FBI Net Shut Off Has 'Limited' Impact on Victims
By Staff | Article Published July 09, 2012
The DNS Changer malware is affecting 69,517 systems in the U.S., many of them not heavily used.
Tags: security, malware, DNS Changer, virus, FBI
Security Researchers Backtrack on Android Malware Claim
By Staff | Article Published July 06, 2012
A Microsoft researcher admits he might not have found an Android botnet after all.
Tags: botnet, security, Android, malware, Microsoft, spam
First Apple App Store Malware Found by Kaspersky
By Staff | Article Published July 06, 2012
The Find and Call app stole contact data and uploaded it to a remote server.
Tags: security, trojan, Apple, app store, malware
Thousands Could Lose Internet Access July 9 Due to Virus
By Staff | Article Published July 05, 2012
Systems infected with the DNSChanger malware won't be able to connect to the Internet until the virus is removed.
Tags: virus, Internet, malware, DNS Changer
Ubuntu Security: Is There a Threat?
By Matt Hartley | Article Published July 02, 2012
Tips on protecting Ubuntu and the Linux desktop.
Tags: security, malware, Ubuntu
Thousands of Office Printers Hit by 'Gibberish' Malware
By Staff | Article Published June 22, 2012
It's a “paper salesman’s dream come true.”
Tags: security, printers, trojan, malware
Researchers Connect Flame to U.S.-Israel Stuxnet Attack
By Staff | Article Published June 11, 2012
One Flame module is nearly identical to a Stuxnet module.
Tags: security, Stuxnet, Flame, cyberattack, malware
Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran
By Staff | Article Published June 01, 2012
A new book says the U.S. was responsible for Stuxnet.
Tags: cyberattack, U.S., Flame, malware, Iran, Cyberwarfare, Stuxnet
Meet 'Flame,' the Massive Spy Malware Infiltrating Iranian Computers
By Staff | Article Published May 29, 2012
Found throughout the Middle East and North Africa, the malware appears to be part of a state-run cyber-espionage campaign.
Tags: Flame, malware, espionage, Stuxnet, spyware, security, cyberwar, Duqu
McAfee Reports Big Spike in Malware
By Staff | Article Published May 24, 2012
The security vendor says it was the "busiest quarter in recent history" for malware.
Tags: security, malware, McAfee, report
Android Mobile Attack: Hacked Websites Target Android Users
By Staff | Article Published May 03, 2012
Security researchers are warning about NotCompatible malware, which is being used in the first ever drive-by attack aimed at Android.
Tags: malware, security, mobile, Android
Kaspersky Claims Apple is '10 Years Behind Microsoft' on Security
By Staff | Article Published April 26, 2012
Security firm predicts that Mac users will experience a lot more attacks like the Flashback Trojan.
Tags: Kaspersky Labs, Mac, security, malware, Apple
DNSChanger: FBI Warns Infected Computers Will Lose Web, Email Access in July
By Staff | Article Published April 23, 2012
PCs infected with a particular strain of malware need to be cleaned before this summer in order to maintain Web and e-mail connectivity.
Tags: FBI, malware, DNS
Apple Works on Malware Detection, Removal Tool
By Staff | Article Published April 11, 2012
The company hopes to help its users who have become victims of the Flashback malware.
Tags: malware, security, Apple, Flashback
Flashback Trojan Hits 550,000 Macs
By Staff | Article Published April 05, 2012
A Java flaw allowed the malware to infect Macs when users visited a malicious website.
Tags: malware, Trojans, Mac OS X
Microsoft Claims to Take Down Zeus
By Staff | Article Published March 26, 2012
The software giant helped law enforcement seize servers controlling the notorious botnet.
Tags: Zeus, malware, botnet, hacker, Microsoft, security
Do You Trust Your Linux Distro?
By Matt Hartley | Article Published March 19, 2012
The Linux distribution called "anonymous OS" raises questions about open source security.
Tags: Linux, malware
Digitally Signed Malware Is Increasingly Prevalent, Researchers Say
By Staff | Article Published March 16, 2012
Hackers are using stolen certificates, making it tougher to detect and prevent malware.
Tags: security, hackers, malware
Top Cyber Threat: Search Engine Poisoning
By Susan Kuchinskas | Article Published March 01, 2012
Search engine poisoning attempts to lead innocent searchers to malware or scam destinations.
Tags: malware, security
McAfee Reports 75 Million Unique Malware Samples in 2011
By Staff | Article Published February 21, 2012
Mobile malware quadrupled to hit 400 samples in the fourth quarter.
Tags: security, malware
For Hackers, Attacking Phones and Tablets Is the New Hotness
By Staff | Article Published February 15, 2012
Mobile malware more than doubled last year.
Tags: mobile, malware, hackers
The Remarkable Rise of Android Malware
By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes | Article Published February 08, 2012
Black hatters are rushing to exploit a lucrative new market. Will Google succeed in defending against them?
Tags: Android, malware
Google's "Bouncer" Has Been Quietly Scanning Android Apps for Malware
By Staff | Article Published February 03, 2012
For several months, the technology has been kicking misbehaving apps out of the Android Market.
Tags: Bouncer, Google, Android, malware
Android Malware or Just 'Aggressive' Advertising?
By Staff | Article Published January 30, 2012
Symantec says that millions of smartphones are infected with malware, but Lookout Mobile Security says it's just an aggressive ad network.
Tags: Android, malware
Stuxnet, Duqu Date Back to 2007, Researcher Says
By Staff | Article Published January 02, 2012
Other pieces of malware may have been developed on the same platform.
Tags: malware, Duqu, Stuxnet, security
Google Boots Fraudware Apps from Android Market
By Staff | Article Published December 13, 2011
The malicious apps racked up toll-based text messages on users phones.
Tags: malware, Android, Google
The Sad Truth about Hiring Hackers
By Eric Geier | Article Published December 07, 2011
The thriving and easily accessible black market for nefarious security products and services means that protecting your business is that much harder.
Tags: hackers, security, malware
PC Security Suite Review: ESET, Avira, G Data
By Serdar Yegulalp | Article Published November 29, 2011
A review of the ESET, Avira and G Data Internet security suites. Is your PC secure when you surf the Web?
Tags: malware, G Data, ESET, Avira, security, PC security
Android Malware Surges, According to Separate Studies
By Staff | Article Published November 21, 2011
A McAfee report says Android was "the sole target of mobile malware writers" during the third quarter.
Tags: malware, Android
Android Leads the Way in Mobile Malware
By Staff | Article Published November 16, 2011
Malware on Google's mobile platform has soared 472 percent since July.
Tags: malware, Android
Hackers Hijack Millions of Computers in 'Massive' Fraud Case
By Staff | Article Published November 10, 2011
The feds have charged seven people for a click-jacking scheme that netted $14 million.
Tags: malware
Zeus Trojan Remains Problematic
By Robert McGarvey | Article Published November 03, 2011
First identified in 2007, the Zeus trojan continues to cause problems -- in fact your own machine may be infected with it. What gives this malware such staying power?
Tags: security, malware, trojan, cyber security
Linux Malware: Are We There Yet?
By Matt Hartley | Article Published October 25, 2011
Many Linux users believe their system is safer than it truly is.
Tags: Security Software, malware, Linux
World's Most Sophisticated Rootkit Is Being Overhauled
By Staff | Article Published October 21, 2011
Security researchers warn that a very dangerous piece of malware is getting better at avoiding antivirus detection.
Tags: malware
Open This Malware or I'll Sue You
By Staff | Article Published September 22, 2011
Hackers are trying new social engineering techniques to entice e-mail recipients to click on links.
Tags: malware
Mobile Malware up 273% in First Half of 2011
By Staff | Article Published September 12, 2011
Hackers release a new piece of mobile malware every 12 seconds.
Tags: security, mobile, malware
New Windows Worm Spreads by Attacking Weak Passwords
By Staff | Article Published August 30, 2011
"Morto" is using Windows Remote Desktop Connection software to spread across corporate networks.
Tags: malware
McAfee Says Android Plagued by the Most Malware
By Staff | Article Published August 23, 2011
Security threats targeting Android smartphones are up 76 percent.
Tags: malware
Report: More Cyberattacks Hitting Social Networks
By Staff | Article Published August 17, 2011
Eighteen percent of social networking users have been hit by malware this year.
Tags: malware, social network
Malware Infects 3 of 10 Smartphone Users
By Staff | Article Published August 03, 2011
Android users are two and a half times more likely to encounter malware now than they were six months ago.
Tags: smartphone, malware
Malware Volumes Grow 60% in First Half of 2011, Says Sophos
By Staff | Article Published August 02, 2011
The security firm says it finds 150,000 new pieces of malware every day, or roughly one every 30 seconds.
Tags: malware