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White House Targets Patent Trolls
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 04, 2013
Obama has outlined a series of steps designed to curb the activities of patent-holding firms.
Tags: Google, Apple, Cisco, Obama, legislation, White House, patent trolls
Report: U.S. Power Companies Under Near-Constant Cyberattacks
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 22, 2013
One utility says it averages 10,000 attacks per month.
Tags: hackers, government, cyberattack, utilities, Congress, legislation
President Obama Signs Cybersecurity Order
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 13, 2013
The President is also calling on Congress to pass related legislation.
Tags: cybersecurity, Obama, government, cyberattack, legislation
Google Launches Public Fight Against German Ancillary Copyright Law
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 27, 2012
The search giant opposes legislation that would require search engines to pay newspapers for linking to their content.
Tags: Google, search, Copyright, legislation
Cybersecurity Bill Fails in Congress
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 15, 2012
Some observers now expect President Obama to issue an executive order related to cybersecurity.
Tags: cybersecurity, government, Senate, legislation, President Obama
Google Battles European Newspapers
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 05, 2012
Several countries are considering legislation that would prevent Google News from aggregating content.
Tags: Google, government, Europe, news, legislation, Brazil
House Bill Would Require Cellphone Owners Be Notified of Tracking Software
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published January 31, 2012
The proposed legislation is a response to last year's revelations about CarrierIQ software.
Tags: government, legislation, tracking
Lawmaker Proposes Ending Overtime for IT Workers
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published December 12, 2011
The CPU Act (no pun intended) would excuse employers from paying overtime for nearly all IT workers.
Tags: IT pay, legislation
While U.S. Politicians Argue Over Broadband, Europe Acts
By Chris Nerney | Article Published January 28, 2009
While U.S. Politicians Argue Over Broadband, Europe Acts
Tags: broadband, Obama, Senate, jobs, legislation, stimulus, House

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