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PowWow Streamlines Enterprise Apps for the iPhone
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published July 21, 2014
Sorry, there's no an app for that. Connecting iPhone users to their enterprise desktop or Web applications, PowWow picks up where Apple's App Store leaves off.
Tags: mobile apps, enterprise apps, iphone apps
Jaspersoft Touts Mobile Business Intelligence
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published October 03, 2011
Not that long ago, enterprise software such as business intelligence apps resided exclusively on hard drives within the corporate perimeter. Jaspersoft is one of many vendors riding the trend toward mobile BU platforms.
Tags: business intelligence software, open source, iPad app, iphone apps, Business Intelligence Platform, BI, Jaspersoft
iPhone, iPad Apps for Monitoring Computing Systems
By Eric Geier | Article Published August 03, 2011
iPhone and iPad apps for IT managers and others who oversee networks and computer systems.
Tags: Server Administrator, iphone apps, iPad app
Microsoft Romances iPhone App Developers with iPhone/iOS Mapping Tool
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published May 05, 2011
Realizing that Windows Phone 7 needs more apps, Microsoft reaches out to developers.
Tags: iphone apps, developers, Windows Phone 7, mobile apps, iPhone
Game Over: iPad Wins, Android Loses
By Mike Elgan | Article Published April 27, 2011
As the Android suffers market fragmentation, the Apple iPad is the Windows of our generation -- the dominant platform that simply can't be killed.
Tags: android apps, iphone apps, iPhone, Android, mobile
50 iPad Apps for Free News, Information, Entertainment
By Troy Dreier | Article Published April 26, 2011
These iPad apps offer a cornucopia of free content: news and information, weather, TV, movies and more.
Tags: mobile apps, iPad apps, iPhone, iPad app, iphone apps
What Happened to Real Open Source Phones?
By Serdar Yegulalp | Article Published April 20, 2011
Before Android, the truly open source OpenMoko proved that “open” can be a synonym for “awkward.”
Tags: iphone apps, android apps, open source hardware, open source, mobile
Tech Comics: "Your Smartphone and You"
By Oliver Widder | Article Published April 08, 2011
Who's really in charge of your life?
Tags: android apps, smartphone, iphone apps
Will Microsoft's Windows Phone Succeed?
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published March 31, 2011
Clearly Windows Phone is currently the dark horse. But what are its prospects over time against the iPhone and Android.
Tags: Microsoft, iphone apps, android apps, mobile apps, Windows 7
Are Google and Apple the New Bad Guys?
By Serdar Yegulalp | Article Published March 10, 2011
With the tech giants’ products now playing a major role in many peoples’ lives, the two companies could stand some extra scrutiny.
Tags: iphone apps, Google Docs, iPad apps, Apple, Google
Why a Linux Aficionado Uses an iPhone
By Matt Hartley | Article Published February 28, 2011
A Linux expert realizes that blind loyalty to a platform has its limitations.
Tags: open source, iphone apps, Linux downloads, Linux desktop, iPhone
How Apple's iOS Will Dominate Computing
By Scott Alan Miller | Article Published February 17, 2011
IOS’s app delivery system, ease of use, low power consumption and other factors will enable Apple to dominate computing – including business computing.
Tags: iphone apps, IOS, Apple, Apple TV, iPad apps
Will iPhone 5 Have a 4-Inch Screen?
By Michelle Megna | Article Published February 15, 2011
iPhone 5 may have a larger screen: though exact size remains speculation, savvy observers speculate that the iPhone screen is getting larger.
Tags: iPhone, iphone apps, iPad apps, Apple, iPhone 5
The iPhone's Lackluster 'Security'
By Chris Null | Article Published February 11, 2011
The iPhone was the victim of three password hacks in 2010 alone. What's next?
Tags: security, password protection, iphone apps, mobile, iPhone
Dell's Windows 7 Tablet: The Only Chance Against iPad?
By Rob Enderle | Article Published February 09, 2011
The only way to compete against Apple is to flank the iPad maker with a product they have to chase.
Tags: Dell, iPad apps, Windows 7, iphone apps, Apple
Dell's Windows 7 Tablet: Top iPad Competitor?
By Rob Enderle | Article Published February 09, 2011
The only way to compete against Apple is to flank the iPad maker with a product it has to chase.
Tags: Apple, Dell, iphone apps, iPad apps, Windows 7
iPhone Users Switching to Verizon in Droves
By Larry Barrett | Article Published February 08, 2011
iPhone owners, hoping for better coverage, are enthusiastically migrating from AT&T to Verizon.
Tags: iPad apps, iPhone 3G S, iphone apps, AT&T, Verizon
Apple Planning Graphics Pen, New Input Devices?
By David Needle | Article Published February 07, 2011
Patent filings by Apple point to interest in input devices. Which markets are they likely to go after?
Tags: iPad apps, iphone apps, MacBook Air, Apple, patents
World Mobile Data Usage Sees Historic Spike
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published February 02, 2011
Network vendor Cisco reports a dramatic upturn in global mobile usage in the last year.
Tags: handheld computer, android apps, networking service, iphone apps, mobile data
Android Smartphone Sales Top iPhone, Blackberry
By David Needle | Article Published February 01, 2011
No longer overshadowing by the iPhone, Android sales push it into the top spot globally.
Tags: iPhone in the enterprise, android apps, Blackberry, Android, iphone apps
iPad Apps to Manage a Data Center
By Kenneth Hess | Article Published January 26, 2011
iPad apps for the IT manager, from remote connectivity to taking notes.
Tags: iphone apps, mobile, data center management, IT manager, iPad apps
Smartphones, Tablets to Outstrip PC Sales in 2011
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published January 21, 2011
Professional services giant Deloitte has been gazing into its crystal ball and sees mobile devices beating out PC sales in 2011.
Tags: tablets, iPad apps, iphone apps, smartphones, PC
Apple Reveals All Time Most Popular Downloads
By David Needle | Article Published January 19, 2011
There's plenty of fun among the most downloaded apps for the iPhone and iPad and also some surprises.
Tags: iphone apps, Apple, app store, downloads, iPad apps
Apple Reports Blockbuster Q1 Results
By David Needle | Article Published January 18, 2011
The robust earnings report followed news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will take an indefinite leave of absence. Meanwhile, COO Tim Cook hints at a major investment.
Tags: iPad apps, steve jobs, Apple iPad, earnings, iphone apps
Where Does Steve Jobs' Absence Leave Apple?
By David Needle | Article Published January 18, 2011
Apple's CEO says he'll take an indefinite leave to deal with health issues.
Tags: steve jobs, mobile apps, iphone apps, iPad apps, Apple
iOS 'Beta Mining' Reveals Future iPhone, iPad Features
By Mike Elgan | Article Published January 13, 2011
We know (or think we know) what features the next-gen iPhone and iPad will have.
Tags: iPad, iPad apps, Apple, iphone apps, iPhone
Android Surging Among Smartphone Buyers
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published January 06, 2011
Forget the iPhone -- the Android OS has been a clear winner over the last few months.
Tags: iphone apps, Android, smartphone, mobile, android apps
50 iPad Security Apps
By Troy Dreier | Article Published December 30, 2010
iPad security apps for handling passwords, setting alarms, monitoring cameras, theft prevention and more. Many free iPad security apps.
Tags: security, iPad apps, camera, iphone apps, privacy
Why Privacy Lawsuits against Apple Matter to Google
By Mike Elgan | Article Published December 29, 2010
The difference in the two companies' business models will determine to what extent they will be affected by looming court decisions.
Tags: Apple, iphone apps, Google, privacy, lawsuits
Cool iPad Apps: Best 104 iPad Apps
By James Maguire | Article Published December 20, 2010
The best iPads apps for work, communicating, lifestyle and more. Includes many free iPad apps.
Tags: iphone apps, iPhone, iPad apps, Apple, iPad
Apple Details Mac App Store Release - It's Soon!
By David Needle | Article Published December 16, 2010
Will the success of the mobile app store model carryover to the desktop?
Tags: Mac, steve jobs, iphone apps, iPad apps, app store
Will the iPhone be Virtualized?
By Amy Newman | Article Published December 16, 2010
Could virtualization vendor VMware, having inked a virtualization deal for Android smartphones, be setting its sights on the iPhone?
Tags: iPhone, VMware, iPhone in the enterprise, iphone apps, virtualization
iPhone Apps for Travel
By James Alan Miller | Article Published December 10, 2010
iPhone apps for getting there faster, safer, and easier. Includes free and paid iPhone apps.
Tags: iphone apps, iPhone, iPad apps, iPad, GPS navigation
9 Tech Companies That Achieved Excellence in 2010
By Rob Enderle | Article Published December 01, 2010
A technology analyst discusses trends and products that lead the way this past year.
Tags: Enterprise IT, technology, mobile, enterprise software, iphone apps
iPhone Gets Google Voice
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published November 18, 2010
After long delay, the iPhone finally has a Google Voice app, a native version of the omnibus telephony tool.
Tags: iPhone, Google Voice, mobile, iphone apps, Google
RIM in the Enterprise: Mobile Market Tightening
By Larry Barrett | Article Published November 12, 2010
Longtime top dog in enterprise smartphone market, Research In Motion faces a tougher market in the next several years.
Tags: RIM, iphone apps, iPad app, enterprise mobile apps, Blackberry
Android Smartphone Sales Soar
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published November 11, 2010
The open source Android smartphone OS saw its share of the smartphone market soar from 3.5 percent in the third quarter of 2009 to 25.5 percent this year.
Tags: Android, iPhone, smartphone, iphone apps, android apps
Will Apple Abandon the Traditional PC?
By Paul Rubens | Article Published November 10, 2010
With its phenomenal success with the iPhone and iPad, will Apple continue to invest in the traditional PC?
Tags: hardware, Apple, laptop, iphone apps, iPad apps
iPhone, Android Get Google Instant
By David Needle | Article Published November 08, 2010
The advanced search functionality of Google Instant is now available for the iPhone and Android.
Tags: android apps, Android, Google, iphone apps, iPhone
Why 'Mobile' Is Dead
By Mike Elgan | Article Published November 04, 2010
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently claimed that the “iPad isn’t mobile.” Welcome to the new world of “everything is mobile.”
Tags: iPad apps, iphone apps, mobile, iPad, iPhone
Tech Heavyweights in Battle to Control the Internet Economy?
By David Needle | Article Published October 28, 2010
Internet watchers Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle detail what they say is a battle for points of control over the Internet economy.
Tags: Web 2.0, iphone apps, Internet, security, iPhone
IBM Targets Forgotten Mobile Workers
By David Needle | Article Published October 25, 2010
Maximo Everyplace for Android and iPhone devices helps maintenance and facilities managers ditch traditional clipboards and stacks of paper.
Tags: iphone apps, mobile, iPhone, android apps, IBM
Windows Phone 7: What's the Target Market?
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published October 12, 2010
While clearly an enterprise smartphone competitor, Windows Phone 7 also touts features for the consumer sector.
Tags: iphone apps, android apps, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone, Microsoft
Americans Love Social Nets; Europeans Text Happy: Survey
By Larry Barrett | Article Published October 11, 2010
New mobile usage survey finds that Europeans love to text, Americans can't get enough of Facebook and Japanese access the most apps with their smartphones.
Tags: mobile apps, iPhone, Twitter, Facebook, iphone apps
Windows Phone 7 Due Oct. 7
By Scott Mitchell | Article Published October 04, 2010
Sources say the much-talked about mobile units are due to hit shelves soon.
Tags: android apps, Windows Phone, Windows Phone 7, mobile, iphone apps
50 iPad Apps for a Lifetime of Learning
By Troy Dreier | Article Published September 28, 2010
iPad apps for learning about business, languages, music, hobbies, math and science, and more.
Tags: iPad app, iPad apps, iPad, iPhone, iphone apps
Apple, Google Darlings of Tech Press: Pew Study
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published September 27, 2010
New report from Pew Research Center scours technology news coverage for prevailing trends, finds disproportionate coverage of a select few companies, while identifying a mixed message of exuberance for the promise of technology and worry over its unintended consequences.
Tags: iPhone, Google, technology, iphone apps, Apple
Apple Ramps iPad Distro With Target Deal
By David Needle | Article Published September 24, 2010
Memo to IT: The iPads are coming. The iPads are coming. And they are coming to a store near you.
Tags: iPad, iphone apps, iPad apps, Apple, iPhone
Smartphone Sales Will Surge 55 Percent: IDC
By Larry Barrett | Article Published September 09, 2010
IT research firm predicts vendors will ship almost 270 million smartphones this year, up 10 percent from its prior forecast, and Android-based device makers will be the biggest beneficiaries.
Tags: android apps, mobile apps, iphone apps, iPhone, smartphone
Microsoft: Android More Expensive
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published September 03, 2010
With Windows Phone 7 due out soon, Microsoft is voicing its opinion about competing mobile products.
Tags: iPhone, iphone apps, Windows Phone 7, Android, Microsoft
How to Succeed Like Apple
By Mike Elgan | Article Published September 02, 2010
Oddly, Apple and other tech companies have succeeded by ignoring their customers.
Tags: iphone apps, iPad apps, Apple, Apple TV, Apple iPad
Apple Touts Refreshed iPods, iPhone iOS 4.1
By Larry Barrett | Article Published September 02, 2010
Apple's iOS 4.1 release for the iPhone will be available for free on iTunes and from its Web site beginning next week.
Tags: iPad apps, iPad, iPod, iPhone, iphone apps
Microsoft Ships Bing App for Verizon Android Phone
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published September 01, 2010
The software giant has added another Android phone to the list of wireless handsets that its Bing search for mobile supports.
Tags: iphone apps, Android, Microsoft, Bing, Verizon
50 iPad Apps for Getting Stuff Done
By Troy Dreier | Article Published August 30, 2010
iPad apps for tasks like double sreening, using your iPad as a remote, editing documents and much more. Many of these iPad apps are free.
Tags: iPhone, iphone apps, iPad apps, iPad app, iPad
Managing iPhone in the Enterprise
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 20, 2010
Despite Apple's historic lack of presence in the enterprise, the iPhone can be effectively managed.
Tags: iphone apps, IT management, iPhone, iPhone 4, Enterprise
iPhone Security Apps: Top Options
By Jeff Goldman | Article Published August 19, 2010
iPhone apps for password management, spam prevention and data encryption.
Tags: iphone apps, iPhone security, password protection, iPhone, Apple
10 Apps to Optimize Your Smartphone
By Jeff Vance | Article Published August 16, 2010
Apps for the Android, iPhone and Blackberry that improve your efficiency and speed.
Tags: smarpthone, iPhone, android apps, iphone apps, BlackBerry Apps
Best Smartphones for Microsoft Exchange
By David Strom | Article Published August 09, 2010
The best smartphone for Exchange comes as no surprise, yet each platform has its pros and cons. Plus: smartphone data plans.
Tags: smartphones, best smartphone, Android, Windows Mobile apps, iphone apps
The Web is Dead? Gimme a Break!
By Mike Elgan | Article Published August 05, 2010
Tech pundits are always declaring leading technologies -- like the Web, iPhone, mouse, even the phone call itself –- as “dead.” What’s up with that?
Tags: Wired, iphone apps, Web, Twitter, iPhone
Android Sees Huge Sales Jump
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published August 03, 2010
Nokia continues to hold the top spot, but that status is far from assured long term.
Tags: iPhone, Android, mobile, iphone apps, Nokia
Apple's 'Summer of Discontent' Takes Toll
By Mike Elgan | Article Published July 28, 2010
Although Apple’s fortunes have risen dramatically in the past few years, this summer is particularly challenging. Will it bounce back?
Tags: Apple iPad, iPhone, iphone apps, iPad apps, Apple
Top 50 iPad Apps for Work and Play
By Troy Dreier | Article Published July 27, 2010
iPad apps are great for productivity. They’re just as good at turning the iPad into a big toy.
Tags: iPad app, iPad apps, iPad, iPhone, iphone apps
Blackberry OS Preview Touts iPhone-Like Features
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published July 22, 2010
Bowing to pressure from the iPhone's surging success, the next Blackberry OS will offer more tools for music, photos, and other consumer activities.
Tags: iphone apps, iPhone, Apple, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry app
Firefox Comes 'Home' to the iPhone
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published July 16, 2010
A Firefox sync app gets Apple's OK, enabling users to continue their desktop browsing sessions on the iPhone or iPad. But it's not a new browser.
Tags: Firefox, iPhone, open source, iphone apps, firefox mobile
Apple iPhone 4 Recall Unlikely
By - Reuters | Article Published July 16, 2010
Despite considerable criticism of the iPhone, Apple is expected to issue a fix rather than recall the popular handheld.
Tags: iPad apps, iPad, iPhone, iPhone 4 antenna, iphone apps
Apple to Address iPhone 4 Complaints
By - Reuters | Article Published July 15, 2010
With the iPhone 4 facing continued questions, Apple has announced a Friday morning press conference.
Tags: iphone apps, Apple iPad, iPad apps, iPad, iPhone 4
Top Mobile Development Platform: iPhone, Windows, Android, Blackberry?
By Jeff Vance | Article Published July 14, 2010
The leading smartphone platforms each have an array of pluses and minuses. What’s the best smartphone platform for your company?
Tags: best smartphones, iPhone, iphone apps, Blackberry, iPad apps
Ballmer Touts Windows Handhelds vs. iPad
By - Reuters | Article Published July 12, 2010
Handheld devices running Windows 7 are due from Dell, Acer and others vendors, the Microsoft chief executive said.
Tags: iPad apps, iPad, iPhone, iphone apps, Windows
Enterprise iPhone Security: Essential Apps
By Jeff Goldman | Article Published July 12, 2010
No, the enterprise has not welcomed the iPhone, yet it has become a dominant workplace handheld nonetheless. How can you make it secure enough for the workplace?
Tags: security, iPhone, enterprise security, iphone apps, Mobile tools
Apple's App Store Rivals Seen Gaining
By David Needle | Article Published July 12, 2010
A new report forecasts that mobile app store competitors like Android and BlackBerry will make big gains in coming years, with Android even poised to steal the top spot.
Tags: smartphones, best smartphone, iPhone, Android, iphone apps
Apple Set to Beat Q2 Projections, Product Shortages Ending
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published July 08, 2010
Despite not being able to sell all the iPhones it wants, analysts believe Apple will still do very well. How will the iPad do relative to the Mac business?
Tags: Apple, iPhone, earnings, iPad, iphone apps
Messenger for iPhone Hits a Million in Five Days
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published June 30, 2010
Imagine that, a Microsoft product is a big hit on the iPhone. What is Microsoft's next step with its instant messenger client for the iPhone?
Tags: messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft, iphone apps, iPhone
Consumerization of IT Poorly Understood?
By David Needle | Article Published June 29, 2010
Unisys-sponsored study shows employers aren't tuned in to what and how many consumer technologies their employees are using in the workplace.
Tags: iphone apps, smartphone, Facebook, iPhone, IT culture
The 49 Best iPad Apps for News and Entertainment
By Troy Dreier | Article Published June 28, 2010
Your iPad can be a complete source of news and information, not to mention video, movies and TV.
Tags: iPad, iphone apps, iPad app, Apple iPad, iPad apps
iPhone vs. Droid X: Verizon, Motorola Challenge Apple
By - Reuters | Article Published June 25, 2010
Droid X boasts a 4.3 inch touch-screen and an 8 megapixel camera. Should Apple be worried?
Tags: Droid, Apple, iphone apps, iPhone 4, Droid X

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