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Why the Apple iWatch Needs Curved Glass
By Mike Elgan | Article Published February 13, 2013
Here's what I believe the coming Apple iWatch will look like -- and how it will work.
Tags: mobile, iPhone, Apple, iPod, iwatch
Apple: Notebook and Tablet Markets Will Not Converge
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published April 25, 2012
Apple CEO takes aim at hybrid ultrabook concepts as the iPad maker continues to make record profits.
Tags: iPhone, iPad, Apple, tablet, Notebook, iPod
Tech Comics: "The Apple Family"
By Oliver Widder | Article Published April 20, 2012
A family of Apple users needs to take a basic step before buying yet more Apple gear.
Tags: iPhone, Apple, iPod
Apple Touts Refreshed iPods, iPhone iOS 4.1
By Larry Barrett | Article Published September 02, 2010
Apple's iOS 4.1 release for the iPhone will be available for free on iTunes and from its Web site beginning next week.
Tags: iPhone, iphone apps, iPad, iPad apps, iPod
Why We Need a Real iPad Killer. And Quick.
By Mike Elgan | Article Published May 12, 2010
If a competitor doesn't act quickly, the wildly successful iPad will become the new Microsoft Office -- the high-priced standard we'll never be able to get rid of.
Tags: iPad, iPad apps, Apple, iPod, ipod touch
Why the iPod Touch Has No Camera
By Mike Elgan | Article Published September 09, 2009
It’s all part of the plan to get Windows and Linux users loving pocket-size Apple gadgets – so they'll become "switchers" to more expensive items in the future.
Tags: Linux, Windows, iPhone, iPod, ipod touch
45 iPhone, iPod Security Patches Released
By - Reuters | Article Published June 18, 2009
Apple released scores of security patches in a nod to the forthcoming iPhone 3G S debut.
Tags: security, iPhone, iPod
Apple Rumor: Video Record for iPhone?
By David Needle | Article Published April 07, 2009
A mysterious job listing suggests that video recording may be in the works for the iPhone. Plus: better image for the iPod?
Tags: video, wireless, iPhone, iPod, policy
Turn Your iPod into a Cell Phone
By Ted Stevenson | Article Published March 11, 2009
A new technology provider has released software to enable an iPod to make calls and send text messages.
Tags: iPhone, iPod, cell phone, VoIP, text messaging
Apple Gear Devours U.S. Wi-Fi
By Judy Mottl | Article Published February 16, 2009
The ubiquitous iPhone and iPod consume the largest share of domestic W-Fi, but Nokia holds the top spot globally.
Tags: open source, iPhone, Apple, iPod, Nokia
National Semi Makes iPod Standard Issue
By David Needle | Article Published June 13, 2006
Only in Silicon Valley? The chip maker distributes video iPods to all 8,500 employees.
Tags: video, management, iPod, music, semiconductor

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