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HP Cloudifies the Help Desk
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published October 22, 2012
HP unveils cloud-based ITSM solution that brings social to the service desk.
Tags: cloud computing, HP, help desk
HP Service Anywhere Takes the IT Help Desk to the Cloud
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 22, 2012
The new offering makes IT service management software available on an SaaS basis.
Tags: cloud computing, SaaS, IT, HP, Enterprise, ITSM software, help desk
Customer Support Apps: Six Top Choices
By Jennifer Schiff | Article Published September 15, 2011
A heaping handful of help desk and customer support apps to improve handling of customer queries and support tickets.
Tags: enterprise software, help desk, customer relations management
Fear and Loathing: Software Developers Do Customer Support
By Eric Spiegel | Article Published July 18, 2011
Software developers are often called upon to provide end-user support. Is this a good idea?
Tags: support, developers, developer salary, help desk
Zendesk Brings Help Desk to the iPad
By David Needle | Article Published February 14, 2011
The iPad is tapped for the first tablet version of Zendesk's popular help desk application.
Tags: iPad, iPad apps, Tech Support, Zendesk, help desk
Five Key Data Center Staffers
By Kenneth Hess | Article Published January 11, 2011
The central players in the daily drama of keeping your data center functional.
Tags: security, IT managers, data center jobs, help desk, data center facilities management
Top 8 Funny IT Helpdesk Requests
By SysAid Technologies | Article Published August 03, 2010
It appears that not everyone with a PC understands how to turn their machine on and off.
Tags: IT, IT Jobs/Salary, IT salary, IT certification, help desk
Do Workers Shun The Help Desk?
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published March 08, 2008
Industry insiders consider what tasks employees can solve on their own.
Tags: tech advice, IT staff, help desk, tech help, help personell

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