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Samsung Named Most Profitable Smartphone Company
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 26, 2013
Apple fell to number two.
Tags: Apple, smartphone, Samsung, handset, report, Strategy Analytics
Apple, Samsung Gobble Up Nearly All Handset Profits
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published April 02, 2012
A report claims that the two leaders in the smartphone manufacturing industry account for 90 percent of profits.
Tags: Apple, smartphone, Samsung, handset, profits
Universal Cell Phone Charger Being Developed
By - Reuters | Article Published October 22, 2009
A one-size-fits-all charger will lessen waste by reducing the number of chargers thrown away with the purchase of a new cell phones.
Tags: cell phones, Nokia, Europe, international, handset
Cell Phone Sales Hit Hard
By David Needle | Article Published June 14, 2009
The recession has produced a double-digit slump in sales of mobile handhelds -- with one notable exception.
Tags: video, iPhone, IT, handset
Nokia Unveils Online App Store
By - Reuters | Article Published May 26, 2009
Following the lead of Apple's popular iPhone App store, Nokia is now selling content online.
Tags: software, Nokia, handset
Nokia Launches Its Lowest Cost 3G Cell Phone
By - Reuters | Article Published May 18, 2009
The new cell phone is the least expensive so far from from Nokia.
Tags: Nokia, media, handset
Review: Redfly - A Laptop-Like Smartphone Companion
By Amy Mayer | Article Published November 03, 2008
Peripheral connects via USB or Bluetooth to your smartphone, giving you a fold-open keyboard and full-size monitor.
Tags: Windows, smartphones, handset, cable, Storage
Motorola Krave Has Eye on iPhones
By Judy Mottl | Article Published October 17, 2008
The 'Krave' handset is all about the touch.
Tags: services, Blackberry, iPhone, handset, Motorola
Move Over for My Smartphone, Honey
By Judy Mottl | Article Published September 20, 2008
Survey shows how mobile device use crosses work-life boundaries.
Tags: wireless, smartphones, carriers, handset
Security Sweep Finds Retailer's Wi-Fi Networks At Risk
By Sean Gallagher | Article Published November 16, 2007
A majority of the wireless network devices found at retailers are ripe for potential compromise, a recent survey by a wireless security firm has found.
Tags: security, services, consumer, wireless, handset

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