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'Hacktivism' Tag Index

Hackers Launch Cyberattack Spree Nov. 5, Guy Fawkes Day
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 05, 2012
Anonymous and other groups attacked Symantec, PayPal, NBC, the Australian government and even Lady Gaga.
Tags: hackers, cyberattack, websites, hacktivism, hack attacks, Anonymous
Anonymous' Barrett Brown Raided by FBI During Online Chat
By Staff | Article Published September 14, 2012
The hacktivist leader had posted a video threatening FBI agent Robert Smith.
Tags: hacker, FBI, hacktivism, Anonymous
GoDaddy: Service Outage Was Our Fault, Not Hacking
By Staff | Article Published September 12, 2012
Although a hacker claimed responsibility, the hosting provider said the outage was actually due to networking problems.
Tags: outage, networking, GoDaddy, hacktivism, hack attacks, Anonymous
GoDaddy Says Service Restored After Web Outage
By Staff | Article Published September 11, 2012
Hackers associated with Anonymous have taken credit for the attack that knocked many small business websites offline.
Tags: website, outage, GoDaddy, small business, Web hosting, hacktivism, hack attacks, Anonymous
FBI Denies It Was Source of Leaked Apple Device ID Data
By Staff | Article Published September 05, 2012
Experts think the data AntiSec posted may have come from an app developer.
Tags: security, hackers, FBI, hacktivism, hack attacks
Hackers Leak 1 Million Apple Device IDs
By Staff | Article Published September 04, 2012
AntiSec claims they got the personal data from an FBI agent's laptop.
Tags: security, Apple, hackers, FBI, hacktivism, hack attacks
Second Accused LulzSec Hacker Arrested in Sony Pictures Breach
By Staff | Article Published August 29, 2012
Raynaldo Rivera faces up to 15 years in prison.
Tags: hacker, Sony, FBI, hacktivism, hack attacks, LulzSec
Saudi Oil Producer's Computers Restored After Virus Attack
By Staff | Article Published August 27, 2012
The state-owned venture says it has cleaned up 30,000 PCs affected by the cyberattack.
Tags: virus, cyberattack, hacktivism, hack attacks
Anonymous Drives Security Fears, But Not Spending
By Staff | Article Published April 23, 2012
A survey finds 61 percent of IT personnel believe hacktivists are likely to target their networks in the next six months.
Tags: security, advanced persistent threats, hacktivism, Anonymous
Hacktivism Was the Leading Cause for Compromised Data in 2011, Says Verizon
By Staff | Article Published March 22, 2012
Report finds external threats caused 98 percent of data breaches.
Tags: security, data breaches, hacktivism
Anonymous Group Aids Time Warner's Bottom Line
By Staff | Article Published August 29, 2011
Every time a protestor buys one of the Guy Fawkes masks favored by the Anonymous hacktivist group, Time Warner gets a licensing fee.
Tags: hacktivism
Anonymous and LulzSec Spew Out Largest Ever Police Data Dump
By Staff | Article Published August 08, 2011
In retaliation for the arrest of some of their members, the hacktivist groups release personal information for police officers, as well as information about informants.
Tags: hacktivism