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Will the Facebook Bubble Burst In 2014?
By Mike Elgan | Article Published December 26, 2013
Everybody uses Facebook because everybody uses Facebook. But what happens when they don’t?
Tags: Facebook, social media, google+
Google's 'Social Layer' Now on 2 Million Sites
By Mike Elgan | Article Published December 11, 2013
Google has been talking about a "social layer" for years. Now we know what it looks like.
Tags: social media, advertising, google+
Why You'll Get Google Glass
By Mike Elgan | Article Published November 20, 2013
Next-gen apps show why Google’s augmented reality headset won't just be for niche markets.
Tags: social media, google+, Google Glass
Why YouTube Will Love Google+ Comments
By Mike Elgan | Article Published November 13, 2013
When Google+ was integrated into YouTube, an epic culture clash erupted. Yet the move reveals much about Google's larger strategy.
Tags: YouTube, social media, google+, video consumption
Should Twitter, Facebook and Google Launch Newspapers?
By Mike Elgan | Article Published October 16, 2013
People get their news from social media. Why don't Facebook, Twitter and Google just take over the news business?
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, social media, google+
Facebook and Google: "We're Going to Need a Bigger Internet"
By Mike Elgan | Article Published August 21, 2013
Zuck, Larry and Sergey want to add 5 billion people to the Internet. Here’s how they’ll do it.
Tags: Facebook, Google, google+
How Google is Turning Maps Into Virtual Reality
By Mike Elgan | Article Published June 12, 2013
The Waze acquisition could bring more user-generated data to Google Maps.
Tags: Google, Android, maps, smartphone apps, google+, Waze
How to Use Google+ for Business
By James Maguire | Article Published June 03, 2013
Expert advice on how to use Google+ to promote your business: so is it even important to use G+ for business? Or is it still too new to be worth the effort? If a business can focus on only the top one or two techniques for building its G+ traffic, what would they be?
Tags: social media, google+
Why do Facebook Features Fizzle?
By Mike Elgan | Article Published May 29, 2013
Facebook users won't try new features--unless Facebook forces them to.
Tags: Facebook, social network, search, Skype, features, google+, Facebook Home
Google's Announcements at I/O
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 16, 2013
The company announced a streaming music service, new ways to send cash, improvements to Google+ and more.
Tags: Google, I/O, maps, Larry Page, google+, Google Wallet
How to Understand the Rise of Google
By Mike Elgan | Article Published May 15, 2013
Google I/O starts today. Here’s why Google’s developer conference is technology’s Main Event.
Tags: Google, Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple, Gmail, app store, Siri, google+, Google Play, products and services, Google Now
What's It Like to Use Google Products Only?
By Mike Elgan | Article Published May 01, 2013
An Apple fan starts a month-long experiment, limiting himself to Google hardware, software and services.
Tags: cloud computing, Google, Android, Google Docs, google+, Chromebook Pixel
Why is Big Brother Such a Moron?
By Mike Elgan | Article Published April 16, 2013
Despite the massive data collected about us online, the Web giants appear to know quite little about us. Is Big Data a myth?
Tags: Facebook, Google, big data, google+, internet advertising, big data analytics
Why 'Emotion' is the New Killer App
By Mike Elgan | Article Published April 10, 2013
Your social network, phone and even your TV will soon gain emotional intelligence. Don't worry. Be happy!
Tags: Facebook, social network, google+
Google+ Experiences Outage
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 18, 2013
No one seems to notice when the "other" social network goes down.
Tags: social network, outage, downtime, google+
Google+ Adds Communities, SnapSeed
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published December 06, 2012
Google claims its social network now has more than 135 million active users.
Tags: social network, Google, Android, apps, google+
Understanding Facebook's Monopoly
By Mike Elgan | Article Published November 28, 2012
Anti-trust regulators are living in the past. Here's why Facebook is technology's number-one monopoly.
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, social media, LinkedIn, google+
Google+ Hits Milestone -- 100M Active Monthly Users
By Staff | Article Published September 19, 2012
The young social network has purchased a photo app developer called Nik Software.
Tags: social network, Google, google+, merger and acquistion activity
Google Debuts Google+ For Businesses
By Staff | Article Published August 29, 2012
Organizations that use Google Apps can try the new social networking features for free through the end of 2013.
Tags: Google, social networking, Google Apps, Enterprise, businesses, google+
Why Blocking People Makes the World a Better Place
By Mike Elgan | Article Published August 29, 2012
Do you hesitate to block people on social networks? If so, you shouldn’t. Blocking is a virtue.
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, google+
Why I Love Ad-Supported Social Sites
By Mike Elgan | Article Published August 16, 2012
Everybody loves to hate advertising on social networks. But ads make the world a better place. I’ll prove it to you.
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, social business, google+
Google Talk Goes Down for Most Users
By Staff | Article Published July 26, 2012
After going down for several hours, the service is beginning to come back online.
Tags: Google, outage, Gmail, IM, downtime, google+, Google Talk
Google Revenue Grows by 35 Percent
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published July 20, 2012
Search giant absorbs Motorola, as YouTube and Google+ gain momentum.
Tags: YouTube, Google, google+
Facebook Users not as Satisfied as Google+ Users
By Staff | Article Published July 18, 2012
In a customer satisfaction survey, Facebook scored dead last in a ranking of top social media services.
Tags: Facebook, social media, Customer satisfaction, google+
Is Facebook Toast?
By Mike Elgan | Article Published July 18, 2012
The social networking giant needs radical change if it wants to avoid a Digg-like slide into irrelevancy. Here’s the problem.
Tags: Facebook, google+
How Google+ Makes You an Email Ninja
By Mike Elgan | Article Published July 05, 2012
Little-known features in Google’s social network give you mysterious powers of stealthy communication.
Tags: email, google+
Stupid Google+ Hangout Tricks
By Mike Elgan | Article Published June 20, 2012
Google+ Hangouts is the best communication tool since email. But it can also be abused. Here’s how.
Tags: Google, videoconferencing, google+
Google+ Enterprise Version and Flipboard Integration on the Way
By Staff | Article Published June 19, 2012
A Google exec promotes Google+ as a "virtual watercooler."
Tags: Google, API, Enterprise, google+
Google to Purchase Meebo for $100 Million
By Staff | Article Published June 05, 2012
Staffers from the social toolbar creator will go to work on Google+.
Tags: Google, social networking, Meebo, google+, merger and acquistion activity
Why Facebook Must Fix Its Broken Mobile Apps
By Mike Elgan | Article Published May 16, 2012
Prior to its IPO, Facebook finds itself in scramble mode to do something about its flawed mobile experience.
Tags: Facebook, social networking, mobile, IPO, google+
How Google Makes the Web Worldwide
By Mike Elgan | Article Published February 22, 2012
Google Translate is changing the nature of personal and business interactions on an international basis.
Tags: Google, social media, google+
Google Grows G+ As Earnings Miss
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published January 20, 2012
Larry Page has big dreams for Google Plus -- and the search giant is working to make them come true.
Tags: Google, earnings, google+
Why Critics of Google's New Social Search are Wrong
By Mike Elgan | Article Published January 19, 2012
Claims that Google's new 'Search, plus Your World' is unfairly boosting Google's own service, and that the new service lessens search results, are decidedly wrong-headed.
Tags: social media, google+, Search plus Your World
Don't Believe Hype (or Backlash) about Apple, Google, Amazon
By Mike Elgan | Article Published December 07, 2011
When it comes to making decisions about your own tech purchases, there's no better qualified expert than you.
Tags: Amazon, Google, Apple, Kindle, Siri, google+
Why Your Company Needs Google+ ASAP
By Mike Elgan | Article Published November 10, 2011
The first mover advantage in a major social networ represents precious brand building power.  
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, social networking, google+
Google Sales and Earnings Break New Records
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published October 14, 2011
Google's revenues and profits just keep growing hand over fist -- the latest quarter was helped by the company's new social networking play.
Tags: Google, online advertising, google+
Google Engineer: "Google+ is a Prime Example of Our Complete Failure to Understand Platforms"
By Staff | Article Published October 12, 2011
A Google engineer mistakenly makes public a blog highlighting the company's problems.
Tags: google+
Google+ Loses 60% of Active Users
By Staff | Article Published October 11, 2011
New users who flocked to Google's social network aren't sticking around.
Tags: google+
When Facebook and Google+ Go to War
By Mike Elgan | Article Published September 21, 2011
Nothing less than the future of the Internet is at stake.
Tags: Facebook, social networking, google+
Why Facebook is the New Yahoo
By Mike Elgan | Article Published September 15, 2011
Facebook's awkward attempts to copy Google+ smack of a quiet desperation.
Tags: Facebook, social networking, Yahoo, google+
How to Publish a Newsletter From Google+
By Mike Elgan | Article Published August 09, 2011
A tech pundit had achieved a longstanding dream: One service that replaces all forms of online communication -- even e-mail newsletter publishing.
Tags: social networking, newsletters, google+
In Defense of Internet Anonymity -- Again
By Bruce Byfield | Article Published August 02, 2011
In contrast with the Linux community's emphasis on user's rights, Facebook, Google+ and many companies work to limit the protection of user anonymity. Who’s right?
Tags: Facebook, security, privacy, google+
Google+ Traffic Falls as Users Spend Less Time on Site
By Staff | Article Published July 28, 2011
Visits to the fledgling social network declined 3 percent next week.
Tags: google+
Can the Google+ Utopia Last?
By Mike Elgan | Article Published July 20, 2011
Watch out, Facebook: Google+ has a number of superior features, and they’re like to continue even as the new platform grows more popular. 
Tags: Facebook, social networking, google+
How to Switch from Facebook to Google+ Without Losing Touch
By Mike Elgan | Article Published July 13, 2011
Google+ is better, but Facebook is more popular. These three tips enable you to be on Google+ without disconnecting from friends on Facebook.
Tags: Facebook, social networking, google+
Google+ Runs Out of Disk Space, Sends Spam
By Staff | Article Published July 11, 2011
The service's more than 4.5 million users were flooded with error messages over the weekend.
Tags: google+
Google+ For Businesses Coming Later This Year
By Staff | Article Published July 08, 2011
A very small group of companies will be able to try the service ahead of time.
Tags: google+
Why Google+ Is Better For Business
By Mike Elgan | Article Published July 06, 2011
The newly launched Google+ offers some major advantages over Facebook.  
Tags: Facebook, social networking, Skype, google+