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More Details on NSA Data Collection Controversy
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 28, 2013
The program collected mass amounts of email data for a decade.
Tags: email, metadata, NSA, data collection
AAA: Hands-Free Is Still Dangerous
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 12, 2013
Siri and other voice-activated technology don't make it safer to use a mobile device while driving.
Tags: Facebook, email, phone, Siri, mobile devices, text, hands-free, AAA
Gmail Gets a New Tabbed Interface
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 29, 2013
The new inbox should make it easier to sort through incoming messages.
Tags: email, Google, Web, Gmail, interface
RIP Hotmail
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 03, 2013
Microsoft has officially completed the transition to Outlook.com.
Tags: email, Microsoft, Hotmail, Outlook.com
Hotmail, Outlook.com, SkyDrive Experience Service Disruptions
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published March 13, 2013
For 17 hours, users' messages were "lost in the mail."
Tags: cloud computing, email, Microsoft, outage, Hotmail, SkyDrive, Outlook.com
Get Ready to Transition from Hotmail to Outlook.com
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 19, 2013
Microsoft has taken the 'preview' label off Outlook.com and announced the service has 60 million users.
Tags: email, Microsoft, Hotmail, Outlook.com
Google Explains Its Responses to Government Requests for Data
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 28, 2013
The company calls for changes to U.S. laws in order to limit government access to cloud data.
Tags: email, Google, Cloud, government, U.S., transparency
Incriminating Emails Surface in Poaching Lawsuit
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 23, 2013
Steve Jobs threatened Palm with patent lawsuits if they recruited Apple employees.
Tags: email, Google, Apple, steve jobs, lawsuit, patent, Palm, Eric Schmidt
Yahoo Mail Gets a Facelift
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published December 11, 2012
The new interface is designed to be cleaner, faster and easier to use.
Tags: email, Web, mobile, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo Mail
Skype Disables Password Resets to Fix Security Vulnerability
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 14, 2012
Russian hackers discovered the exploit several months ago.
Tags: email, Microsoft, hackers, security vulnerability, Skype, exploit
Report: Yahoo to Redesign Mail, As Well As Home Page
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 13, 2012
New CEO Marissa Mayer is changing things up at Yahoo.
Tags: email, Yahoo, home page, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo Mail
Tech's Role in the Voting Process
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 06, 2012
Some citizens will use a Microsoft Surface and some will use e-mail to cast their ballots.
Tags: email, Microsoft Azure, technology, voting, microsoft surface
Rackspace Buys Mailgun to Add Email Services
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 28, 2012
The acquisition will allow customers to integrate cloud-based mail services into applications and websites hosted by Rackspace.
Tags: cloud computing, email, Rackspace, APIs, mail, merger and acquistion activity
Dropbox Admits Hack, Adds More Security Features
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 01, 2012
An employee re-used a corporate password on other Web services, ultimately allowing a hacker to gain access to customer email addresses.
Tags: security, email, spam, password, DropBox, hack, hack attacks
Microsoft launches Outlook.com
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 01, 2012
The new competitor for Gmail signed up 1 million users in its first six hours.
Tags: email, Microsoft, Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook.com
Google Acquires Email Client Sparrow
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published July 23, 2012
The Sparrow team will go to work on Gmail.
Tags: email, Google, Mac, Gmail, IOS, merger and acquistion activity, sparrow
How Google+ Makes You an Email Ninja
By Mike Elgan | Article Published July 05, 2012
Little-known features in Google’s social network give you mysterious powers of stealthy communication.
Tags: email, google+
Facebook Changes Email Addresses on User Profiles
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published June 26, 2012
Users express outrage that the change was made without their knowledge.
Tags: Facebook, social network, email
Twitter Will Email You Top Stories From Your Feed
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published May 15, 2012
The micro-blogging service is adding a new e-mail digest feature.
Tags: email, Twitter
Gmail Experiences Brief Outage
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published April 18, 2012
Google says that less than 10 percent of the users of its email service experienced downtime on Tuesday.
Tags: email, Google, outage, Gmail
Ten Percent of Email Will be Cloud-based by 2014
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published September 20, 2011
Leading analyst firm says adoption is a little slower than expected but relentless nonetheless.
Tags: cloud computing, email, SaaS, cloud-based
Survey: Small Businesses Adopting Cloud
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published March 29, 2011
Almost 40 percent of SMBs will adopt cloud services within three years.
Tags: cloud computing, email, cloud services, SMB, Enterprise IT
Facebook Messages: Non-Email Email
By David Needle | Article Published November 15, 2010
The social networking giant brings out Facebook Messages, a unified messaging system that streamlines communications between friends.
Tags: Facebook, email, social networking, Gmail, web mail
Email Scammers Aim at Military Families
By Larry Barrett | Article Published November 03, 2010
Phishers use unsolicited emails pretending to be from USAA, a financial services firm, to obtain sensitive data.
Tags: security, email, phishing, military, scam
50 Best iPad Apps for Keeping in Touch
By Troy Dreier | Article Published October 28, 2010
iPad apps for email, chat, texting, social networks and other communication tasks.
Tags: email, iPad, iPad apps, Apple iPad, apps
Yahoo Revamps Webmail With Social Tint
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published October 27, 2010
Web pioneer continues its overhaul efforts with a makeover of its popular Webmail service, targeting social features with a focus on security.
Tags: Facebook, cloud computing, email, Twitter, Yahoo
How Facebook Will Rule the World
By Mike Elgan | Article Published October 06, 2010
Facebook could achieve what Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others have been attempting for years: To create a platform so necessary that to cancel your account would be equivalent to withdrawing from society.
Tags: Facebook, email, spam, barcode, Facebook marketing
Social Networks Trounce Email in Study
By David Needle | Article Published August 03, 2010
American's are spending far more time on social networks like Facebook than email. In fact, email came in third place in the Nielsen survey, behind another popular online activity.
Tags: Facebook, social network, email, Twitter, social media
Is Twitter Less Secure Than E-mail?
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published July 30, 2010
New research takes a look at the Twitter crime rate, which is on the rise, but might not be as bad as one would think.
Tags: security, email, Twitter, social media, email security
Microsoft Cuts Cloud Email Deal with New York City Schools
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published July 19, 2010
The software giant is partnering with ePals to offer free e-mail and storage via cloud computing to New York City public schools.
Tags: email, Microsoft, education, email archiving, Email management
How to Guard Your Email from Hackers
By Michael Horowitz | Article Published May 06, 2010
Protecting your email, both personal and professional, against prying eyes requires some basic caution and few specific techniques.
Tags: email, Yahoo, Gmail, email security, email backup
Use the Cloud to Host Your Enterprise Email
By Charlie Schluting | Article Published March 04, 2010
Hosting enterprise email in the cloud faces resistance due to a number of challenges, particularly security. Yet actual implementation offers a few headaches of its own.
Tags: cloud computing, security, email, Cloud, enterprise email
E-Mail Addiction Drives Risky Behavior: Report
By David Needle | Article Published February 18, 2010
Study shows employees' habit of checking e-mail outside of normal work hours has the benefit of keeping them updated, but it also has risks.
Tags: email, CIO, texting, texting while driving, mobile email
Cloud vs. In-House: Choosing an Email Solution
By Scott Alan Miller | Article Published January 20, 2010
In making this crucial decision, IT managers must weigh issues like reliability, cost, flexibility and security. Plus: key issues in enterprise email infrastructures.
Tags: cloud computing, email, cloud services, email security, hosted
KDE vs. GNOME: Email Readers
By Bruce Byfield | Article Published January 19, 2010
A feature-by-feature comparison between the KDE and GNOME email readers, concluding with an opinion about which is best.
Tags: email, Gnome, KDE, evolution, kmail
Tech Comics: "Automatic Email Completion (and Love)"
By Oliver Widder | Article Published November 13, 2009
Email clients automatically fill in an address after you type in a few letters, which can lead to problems.
Tags: Facebook, email, Microsoft, acquisition, Enterprise
Is Email Dying?
By David Strom | Article Published October 20, 2009
In the age of IM, Friendfeed, Facebook, Twitter, podcasting, and webcasting, is email falling from favor?
Tags: video, Facebook, email, social networking, instant messaging
Using Open Source to Protect Email
By Paul Rubens | Article Published June 26, 2009
Open source applications like Thunderbird and GnuPG are useful -- and free -- ways to secure your email.
Tags: Linux, email, Firefox, privacy
Undo Send? How About An 'Undo Said' Feature?
By Chris Nerney | Article Published March 20, 2009
Undo Send? How About An 'Undo Said' Feature?
Tags: email, Google, applications, Gmail, Mail Goggles
Using Gmail Offline: Email Without the Web
By Eric Geier | Article Published February 23, 2009
Google's new Offline Gmail feature lets you read or compose messages without being online. Handle email in-flight, on the road, or near a flaky Internet connection.
Tags: email, Google, browser, servers, Gmail
Time for an Email Tune Up
By David Strom | Article Published January 28, 2009
Email is far from the best information transportation vehicle. Like our struggling auto industry, we need to look for alternative methods to move our bits around.
Tags: Facebook, security, email, services, smartphones
How to Really Eliminate SPAM
By Eric Geier | Article Published January 20, 2009
Spam filters will catch some junk e-mail but to truly take control of your in-box requires a verification service.
Tags: email, services, spam, server, IT
Tip: BlackBerry - Removing an E-Mail Account
By Amy Mayer | Article Published January 12, 2009
How to remove or manage an e-mail account on a RIM smartphone.
Tags: email, server, Blackberry, IT, e-Mail
If I Use 'gov.palin' No One Will Know It's Me!
By Chris Nerney | Article Published September 22, 2008
If I Use 'gov.palin' No One Will Know It's Me!
Tags: security, email, hacker, EFF, Palin, McCain, Republicans, election
Scripting Best Practices
By Juliet Kemp | Article Published September 04, 2008
Juliet Kemp uses Perl examples to demonstrate techniques for keeping all of your scripts, regardless of what language they are written in, understandable and useful.
Tags: email, job, IT, VAR
iPhone 3G Review: Top Apps, Gripes, and Gadget Love
By Joe Kissell | Article Published July 18, 2008
It's far from technically perfect, but it’s pretty darn cool. Plus: some must-have Apps from the iPhone App Store.
Tags: email, iPhone, smartphones, app store, iphone 3G
Reasons To Hate IM (Both Philosophical And Practical)
By Heidi Cyre | Article Published May 14, 2008
Reasons To Hate IM (Both Philosophical And Practical)
Tags: email, instant messaging, IM
Saving Email's As Hard As Fightin' Terrorists!
By Heidi Cyre | Article Published April 30, 2008
Saving Email's As Hard As Fightin' Terrorists!
Tags: email, White House, Bush, missing emails
Addicted To The Internet Addiction Debate
By Heidi Cyre | Article Published March 25, 2008
Addicted To The Internet Addiction Debate
Tags: email, text messaging, Internet addiction, psychiatry

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