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Nine Myths That Shouldn't Stop You From Trying Debian
By Bruce Byfield | Article Published April 02, 2013
Debian's reputation is out of keeping with what it actually offers.
Tags: open source, Linux, Debian, distribution, desktop
Dispelling FUD About Ubuntu
By Matt Hartley | Article Published March 18, 2013
You don't have to love everything Ubuntu does, but don't forget its noteworthy achievements and contributions to the Linux community.
Tags: open source, Linux, Ubuntu, distribution, desktop, Canonical, community, Unity
Linux Distro Switching: Pro vs. Con
By Brian Proffitt | Article Published February 26, 2010
Linux users have a habit of changing distros faster than you can say Ubuntu. Does this practice hurt of help Linux's development?
Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, distribution, distro, Linux Mint

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