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Desktop Virtualization, Virtual PCs: Apps and Trends
By Serdar Yegulalp | Article Published November 16, 2010
Virtual PC software, or desktop virtualization, is an end-user implementation of virtual computing in which a desktop application (rather than a server) is used to emulate a PC.
Tags: virtualization, Virtual Cloud Management, virtual PC, Virtual Computing Environment, desktop virtualization
Microsoft Talks Desktop Virtualization Strategy
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published November 15, 2010
Microsoft blogger recommends which virtualization solutions to use to smooth the corporate migration of IE6 custom apps to Windows 7.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization cloud, Windows 7, desktop virtualization, IE6
Microsoft Tool to Aid Windows 7 Migrations Enters Beta 2
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published October 14, 2010
Version 2 of Microsoft's tool for managing virtual desktops enters beta test -- pitched as a way to get legacy apps transferred over to run on Windows 7 machines.
Tags: Microsoft, PC, Windows 7, enterprise apps, desktop virtualization
Desktop Virtualization: Overview and Software
By Serdar Yegulalp | Article Published July 20, 2010
Desktop virtualization enables your PC to have far greater flexibility. Which desktop virtualization solution is best for you?
Tags: software, virtualization, virtualization cloud, desktop virtualization, Desktop Virtualization Technologies
Virtualization Companies See Gold in Them Hills
By James Maguire | Article Published February 11, 2010
Virtualization Companies See Gold in Them Hills
Tags: security, virtualization, VMware, desktop virtualization, angel investors
HP Offers Feast of Thin Computing
By Christopher Saunders | Article Published November 18, 2009
The computer maker unveiled a full offering of thin-client solutions aimed at the emerging trend toward cloud computing and virtualization.
Tags: virtualization, Enterprise, desktop virtualization, Compaq, New York
Sandboxie: Keeping Malware Off Your PC
By Michael Horowitz | Article Published October 09, 2009
Malware can infect your PC from anywhere on the Web, but the free Sandboxie application effectively blocks it.
Tags: Windows, virtualization, Internet Explorer, malware, desktop virtualization

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