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Data Storage Woes: Data is Getting Older (and Older)
By Jeffrey Layton | Article Published January 24, 2011
Data storage management is a key -- and growing -- challenge, yet plenty of admins are failing to plan.
Tags: data storage management, database administration, database virtualization, IT asset management, data services
Managing Unstructured Data: Perils and Pitfalls
By Paul Rubens | Article Published November 24, 2010
Unstructured data represents a regulatory hazard, among other headaches.
Tags: database, data center, database administration, Unstructured Data, Data Center Management Software
Cutting Data Storage Costs: 10 Tips
By Drew Robb | Article Published October 22, 2010
The good news is that storage is less expensive then it once was. And with the right strategies, it can be cheaper still.
Tags: data storage, data storage management, database administration, disk drives, tape storage
Solaris: Should You Stay Loyal?
By Charlie Schluting | Article Published June 21, 2010
Oracle wants Solaris to remain viable, particularly as a database platform, but will the OS continue to develop new tools?
Tags: data storage, database, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, database administration

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