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Data Protection Trends 2015
By Christine Taylor | Article Published January 14, 2015
An effective data protection plan encompasses data loss prevention (DLP), storage system recovery, and data security.
Tags: data protection, data security, storage backup
Why is Cloud Data Security Still Lackluster?
By David Linthicum | Article Published May 01, 2014
Until best practices are applied far more broadly, data security remains an issue as we migrate to cloud-based platforms.
Tags: cloud computing, Security Software, cloud security, data security
Better Data Security: Five Guidelines
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published April 21, 2011
Based on an Ernst & Young’s 2010 Global Information Security Survey.
Tags: data protection, data security, Data Protection Service Management, Ernst & Young
Insider's Guide to Adding Enterprise Storage
By Drew Robb | Article Published January 15, 2010
Firms add new storage for four key reasons: capacity, a technology update, performance and availability. No matter what the reason, non-optimal installation can lead to myriad problems.
Tags: data storage, IT management, data security, Storage
Most UK Companies Suffer Cyber Breach
By Alex Goldman | Article Published July 12, 2009
The number is as high as 70 percent, based on one report.
Tags: security, management, support, privacy, data security
IT Salaries: Security Staff
By James Maguire | Article Published June 17, 2009
The need for IT security staff never seems to lessen, creating healthy salary levels for these sought after professionals.
Tags: security, IT Jobs/Salary, data security
Defense Industry Secrets Not Well Defended
By Alex Goldman | Article Published May 03, 2009
Proving better safeguards are needed, a recent press release inadvertently revealed a major data security program that is vital to national security.
Tags: security, server, data security, international
Wiping Disks With DBAN
By Juliet Kemp | Article Published December 24, 2008
Tip of the Trade: Deleting old data isn't enough, you need to make it irretrievable. DBAN is a downloadable and self-contained boot disk that wipes disks -- fully and securely.
Tags: security, data, IT, data security
PC Data Breaches: Criminals Helping Criminals
By Charlotte Dunlap | Article Published October 02, 2008
Hackers go so far as to offer fraud-as-a-service for a few hundred dollars a month to help criminals gain access to computers to harvest personal data.
Tags: authentication, Cisco, data security, policy, Storage
Insider Data Thieves Are the Worst
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published August 03, 2008
When good employees go bad and steal other employees' data, they usually try to buy cell phones.
Tags: security, consumer, wireless, malware, data security
Is PCI-SSC Securing the Enterprise or Lining Pockets?
By Sonny Discini | Article Published April 28, 2008
Devised as a way to extend security and lend confidence to the payment card services industry, PCI standards are hardly deterring crafty crooks and merchants are paying the price.
Tags: security, software, malware, Yahoo, data security
Storage: The New Frontier in Data Protection
By Judy Mottl | Article Published April 08, 2008
It's no longer all about the perimeter, says NetApp's Tim Russell at Storage Network World: Instead, IT needs to focus on storage as costs and regulations mount.
Tags: security, networking, privacy, data security, Storage

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