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Cloud Provider's SLA: What to Look For
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published March 25, 2015
Look closely at your cloud provider's Service Level Agreement – it could make or break you and your company.
Tags: cloud computing, cloud provider, SLAs
5 Dangerous Cloud Computing Security Misconceptions
By Jeff Vance | Article Published February 14, 2011
Is a cloud-based provider really less secure than your overworked, understaffed in-house IT staff?
Tags: cloud computing, cloud provider, Cloud Security Alliance, cloud storage platform, Cloud Data protection
Are SaaS/Cloud Computing Vendors Offering Questionable Contracts?
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Article Published March 08, 2010
Although cloud computing enables vendors to offer far more attractive contract terms, many vendors' terms resemble those of legacy vendors.
Tags: cloud computing, SaaS, cloud computing contract, SaaS Contract, cloud provider

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