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FCC Poised to Clear Comcast-NBC Merger
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published December 27, 2010
Agency officials indicate that an order of conditional approval of the blockbuster merger is making the rounds among the commissioners, calling for broadband, programming conditions to protect the public interest.
Tags: FCC, broadband, NBC, cable, mergers and acquisitions
Cisco's 'Smart Grid' Approach
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published May 18, 2009
Cisco strategy is about helping to build an IP infrastructure that connects the communication of the grid from end to end.
Tags: software, management, networking, Cisco, cable
America Broadband Runs Far Behind
By Alex Goldman | Article Published April 17, 2009
A new report indicates that the U.S. ranks 24th globally in per capita broadband penetration.
Tags: broadband, economy, Verizon, e-Mail, cable
Adventures In External Media With Kubuntu
By Rob Reilly | Article Published January 30, 2009
Uncertainty over hardware support is a perennial Linux bugaboo. Rob Reilly tested various external storage devices on his Asus Kubuntu laptop, including an antique Zip drive, and reports his findings.
Tags: Linux, HP, media, cable, Storage
BlackBerry Storm Tips, Part II: Using RIM's First Touch Smartphone
By Troy Dreier | Article Published January 17, 2009
Can't get enough info on your new BlackBerry Storm? Read our second installment of useful tips.
Tags: Blackberry, e-Mail, instant messaging, music, cable
Excel 101: Create Worksheets and Charts
By Helen Bradley | Article Published December 22, 2008
Helen Bradley introduces the basics of creating a worksheet and chart in Microsoft Excel.
Tags: data, Microsoft, vertical, IT, cable
McColo and the Difficulty of Fighting Spam
By Ray Everett-Church | Article Published November 20, 2008
In a world full of spamming, phishing and other fraudulent behavior, even the most battle-tested spam investigators are hard-pressed to assess who’s to blame and who’s been framed.
Tags: services, spam, IT, ISP, cable
Review: Redfly - A Laptop-Like Smartphone Companion
By Amy Mayer | Article Published November 03, 2008
Peripheral connects via USB or Bluetooth to your smartphone, giving you a fold-open keyboard and full-size monitor.
Tags: Windows, smartphones, handset, cable, Storage
Roundup: The Best iPhone Apps of the Week
By Troy Dreier | Article Published October 24, 2008
Our weekly roundup of the best free and paid applications available for the iPhone and iPod touch.
Tags: search, iPhone, IT, cable, AOL
Tele-Commuting Trend Taking Off for Small Biz
By Gerry Blackwell | Article Published September 24, 2008
Working from home isn't just a cushy perk. It makes good business sense, and studies show it's on the rise for small business. We look at the advantages and what it takes to implement an effective teleworking policy.
Tags: services, broadband, cable, technical support, Nortel
Tip: Troubleshooting a Frozen iPhone
By Philip Graitcer | Article Published April 28, 2008
What to do when your iPhone won't respond to finger taps, responds slowly, or just doesn't work like it did a few days ago.
Tags: data, iPhone, IT, media, cable

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