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Kerry, Snowe Introduce Spectrum Overhaul Bill
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published March 03, 2011
Comprehensive reform legislation would authorize inventory of wireless spectrum, pave the way for auctions to transition from TV broadcasters to mobile broadband.
Tags: FCC, broadcasters, mobile broadband, wireless broadband, Spectrum Reform
Tech Execs, Government Officials Stump for Spectrum Reform
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published February 23, 2011
Administration officials press for policy reform to free up more spectrum for mobile broadband, a push backed by some of the Web's biggest players, including Google and Microsoft.
Tags: wireless, networking, broadcasters, mobile broadband, Spectrum Reform
Why Linux Isn't Used in Broadcast Media
By Matt Hartley | Article Published December 27, 2010
Broadcast media reflects the same attitudes toward Linux seen within much of the enterprise world, yet these attitudes will change as media creation moves online.
Tags: open source, Linux, user-generated content, broadcasters
The Winding Road to Spectrum Reform
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published April 05, 2010
Broadcasters gear up for a fight against the FCC's proposal to reclaim spectrum from television service for wireless broadband, while open Internet advocates warn against a rigid auction model.
Tags: wireless, FCC, broadband, spectrum, broadcasters

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