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Best Smartphones for Microsoft Exchange
By David Strom | Article Published August 09, 2010
The best smartphone for Exchange comes as no surprise, yet each platform has its pros and cons. Plus: smartphone data plans.
Tags: Android, iphone apps, smartphones, best smartphone, Windows Mobile apps
(Please) Don't Hack the Droid X
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published July 21, 2010
A degree of confusion exists around Motorola's new Droid X, and to what degree users have full control of its software.
Tags: best smartphone, Droid, Droid X, mobile phone, hack
Apple's App Store Rivals Seen Gaining
By David Needle | Article Published July 12, 2010
A new report forecasts that mobile app store competitors like Android and BlackBerry will make big gains in coming years, with Android even poised to steal the top spot.
Tags: Android, iPhone, iphone apps, smartphones, best smartphone
Why iPhone 4 is the Best Business Smartphone Ever
By Mike Elgan | Article Published June 23, 2010
The iPhone 4 has an impressive array of features that will allow it to complete its move into the enterprise market.
Tags: iphone apps, best smartphone, iPhone 4, iPhone OS 4, best smartphones
Smartphone Security Best Practices: Five Tips
By Jeff Vance | Article Published May 10, 2010
Smartphone security best practices involves evaluating third party software, gaining network and individual smartphone visibility, and considering cloud storage.
Tags: security best practices, best smartphone, smartphone, smartphone security, smart phones
Smartphone Sales Soar
By - Reuters | Article Published April 30, 2010
Apple and Nokia grab market share in a sector that seems to have limitless horizons.
Tags: mobile, iPhone, iphone apps, best smartphone, smarpthone
Best Smartphone for the Enterprise: Evaluating the Contenders
By Jeff Vance | Article Published April 26, 2010
The best smartphone for the enterprise, a category long dominated by Blackberry, now faces challenges by Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android.
Tags: Android, Blackberry, iphone apps, best smartphone, smarpthone
Smartphones and Security Don't Mix
By Sonny Discini | Article Published April 22, 2010
Smartphone security is plagued by a profusion of free apps and vulnerabilities caused by GPS, among other concerns.
Tags: security, best smartphone, smartphone, tcp, security vulnerability
Best Smartphone: iPhone, Android?
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published February 10, 2010
The best smartphone is either the Apple iPhone or the Google Android handset, according to a recent user survey.
Tags: Android, iPhone, best smartphone, smartphone, Windows Mobile

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