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Linux Backup: Software Roundup
By Matt Hartley | Article Published June 08, 2015
The choices for Linux backup are as varied as the Linux platform itself.
Tags: data storage, Linux, backup
Data Backup: Virtual vs. Conventional
By Christine Taylor | Article Published September 09, 2014
A comparison of virtual backup and conventional backup, including a survey of vendors and a list of key questions to ask.
Tags: virtualization, data backup, backup
75 Open Source Apps To Replace Popular Security Software
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published March 26, 2013
Protect your network with free, open source anti-malware, firewall, backup, IDS/IPS, data loss prevention and other security tools.
Tags: open source, firewall, backup, Security Essentials, anti-malware software
Ubuntu: What They're Doing Right and Wrong
By Matt Hartley | Article Published February 04, 2013
The Linux distribution does a great job with peripheral detection, community, easy backup, the Software Center and more.
Tags: open source, Linux, software, Ubuntu, malware, Wi-Fi, backup, USB, peripherals, community
Survey: Cloud App Backups Lag Behind a Booming SaaS Market
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published December 05, 2012
New research from Asigra and TechValidate shows that as businesses adopt cloud apps at blistering rates, backups are getting left behind.
Tags: cloud computing, SaaS, backup
IT Lessons from Superstorm Sandy
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 05, 2012
Will the East Coast devastation encourage IT and data center managers to take disaster recovery more seriously?
Tags: data center, disaster recovery, backup, Hurricane
Asigra Fuels Cloud Backup Platform for Telcos
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published February 21, 2012
The company's software powers NetApp–Asigra Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) for cloud backup providers.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, backup, telco
Best Linux Desktop Backup Utilities
By Matt Hartley | Article Published April 18, 2011
Linux desktop backup software to have in place before the Big Crash.
Tags: Linux, Linux downloads, backup, backup software, open source apps
Planning for Disaster Recovery for Big Archives
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published January 27, 2011
Disaster recovery gets a lot of attention, but disaster recovery for large archives is a separate topic that requires its own approach.
Tags: data management, backup, data archiving, archiving, Disaster Recovery Plan
50 Open Source Replacements for Storage Software
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 18, 2011
Open source downloads for databases, file managers, back-up, document management, encryption, storage utilities and more.
Tags: open source, Linux, backup, storage software, file management
Disaster Recovery Survey: Pessimism Reigns
By Dave Simpson | Article Published January 13, 2011
A survey of IT professionals about disaster recovery trends revealed some discomforting truths.
Tags: security, IT security, virus, disaster recovery, backup
Does IT Need Independent Backup for Google Apps?
By David Needle | Article Published July 15, 2010
New Backify service gives IT, particularly in small to midsize businesses, an option for making sure cloud-based data in Google Apps and social media services are not lost.
Tags: data storage, Google Apps, IT, IT manager, backup
Tips on Virtual Backup Speeds
By Drew Robb | Article Published February 10, 2010
Virtualization can greatly speed up backup throughput, but the efficiency gain is far from automatic.
Tags: virtualization, virtual, backup, backup software, Storage
The Agony and Ecstasy of RAID
By Scott Alan Miller | Article Published October 05, 2009
Datacenters that include RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) face considerable risks – but those risks can be managed.
Tags: data, backup, RAID, disk failure, Storage
Online Backup: How to Pick the Best
By Gerry Blackwell | Article Published March 25, 2009
Online back-up services are now plentiful and cheap. Here's a guide to selecting the best service.
Tags: Google, services, backup, online storage, Storage
A Recovery Plan for a Superbad Superblock
By Juliet Kemp | Article Published November 26, 2008
Tip of the Trade: Learn how to recover your filesystem after a "bad superblock" error.
Tags: Linux, data, IT, backup, fixes
Synch Up With Rsynch for Quick-Restore Backup
By Juliet Kemp | Article Published November 05, 2008
Offsite backup and historical backup have their place, and their limitations. When it comes to rapid access to backed-up data in the event of a major disk crash, an instant slot-in replacement is needed, and rsync is well set for the task.
Tags: PHP, data, server, IT, backup
rsnapshot: rsync-Based Filesystem Snapshot
By Juliet Kemp | Article Published August 27, 2008
Tip of the Trade: Snapshot filesystems may be great, but migrating to a new filesystem is a major deal. If you're not up for it, rsnapshot makes achieving snapshot-like functionality a snap.
Tags: data, IT, Unix, backup

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