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Tattoos May Someday Replace Passwords
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 31, 2013
Motorola is testing electronic tattoos and pills as authentication alternatives.
Tags: authentication, Google, Motorola, password
Amazon Web Services Launches Sign-On Service
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 29, 2013
The service aims to make it easier to login to apps and websites.
Tags: Amazon Web Services, authentication, Cloud, development, apps
Google+ Adds Sign-In Features
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 26, 2013
Soon, users may be able to sign into websites and apps with their Google+ credentials.
Tags: Facebook, authentication, Google, Twitter, social networking, Google+ API
Will Your Next Password Be a Ring?
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 21, 2013
Google is a testing out hardware replacements for passwords.
Tags: authentication, Google, research, privacy, hardware, password
7 Cloud Computing Security Emerging Vendors
By Jeff Vance | Article Published April 25, 2011
With the cloud computing security market growing rapidly, these cloud security vendors are firms to watch.
Tags: cloud computing, authentication, security, ecommerce, cloud security
Cyber Threats Threaten Feds Daily
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published November 11, 2009
Security professionals at civilian agencies said that independent foreign hackers and poorly coded software gave them the most headaches.
Tags: authentication, security, metrics, review, policy
Social Security Numbers Easy to Hack
By Alex Goldman | Article Published July 08, 2009
Researchers suggest that social security numbers are far too predictable to be of use as a national ID.
Tags: authentication, services, privacy, policy, e-Mail
Hatachi Boosts Mid Market Storage Options
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published June 30, 2009
Hitachi's Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 comes in three models, aimed at the mid-range market as well as the enterprise.
Tags: authentication, security, management, marketing, Storage
Net Domain Biz Up Despite Downturn
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published May 10, 2009
Plenty of tech vendors are complaining, but not Internet domain registrars.
Tags: authentication, Firefox, marketing, Mozilla, ICANN
LDAP and Kerberos, So Happy Together
By Juliet Kemp | Article Published January 14, 2009
Tip of the Trade: LDAP organizes information and provides access to it. Kerberos is designed to handle authentication. Separate they are useful; together they offer a powerful and secure solution.
Tags: Linux, authentication, security, IT
Security Nightmare in the iPhone App Gold Rush
By Kenneth van Wyk | Article Published January 07, 2009
Just how safe is it to download and use, say, an application that can access an Amazon account and make purchases with “one click”? (Gulp!)
Tags: Facebook, authentication, server, iPhone, iTunes
Five Reasons Why Authentication Still Matters -- and Still Isn't Fixed
By Jeff Vance | Article Published January 05, 2009
The conventional wisdom says that authentication has been dealt with, and today's big security risks come from mobile devices and data leaks. But authentication issues still pose major challenges.
Tags: authentication, security, malware, economy
Mastering SSH: Connecting, Executing Remote Commands and Using Authorized Keys -
By Jeremy M. Jones | Article Published January 05, 2009
Learn how to securely connect to remote servers and widen your systems administration skill set with these SSH tips.
Tags: Linux, authentication, security, server, IT
Collaboration Apps Mean New Security Concerns
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published December 22, 2008
Sure, it's cool to aim at joining the Enterprise 2.0 crowd, but it opens up your business to security problems.
Tags: authentication, Microsoft, IBM, datacenter, Lotus Notes
PC Data Breaches: Criminals Helping Criminals
By Charlotte Dunlap | Article Published October 02, 2008
Hackers go so far as to offer fraud-as-a-service for a few hundred dollars a month to help criminals gain access to computers to harvest personal data.
Tags: authentication, Cisco, data security, policy, Storage
First Palin, Now Bill O'Reilly Gets Hacked
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published September 23, 2008
As the FBI focuses in on a Tennessee suspect in the hack on Gov. Sarah Palin's e-mail account, Fox News commentator gets hacked out of spite.
Tags: authentication, search, Yahoo, e-Mail
Let's Solve Our National Identity Crisis
By Mike Elgan | Article Published July 02, 2008
Because we don't move forward with a comprehensive, protected ID system, we've instead ended up with a third-rate, insecure system based on social security cards and government agencies collecting data without our knowledge or permission.
Tags: authentication, security, Google, data, IT
Ubuntu Hardy Heron: Beyond the Hype and into the Dilemma
By Bruce Byfield | Article Published May 02, 2008
Hardy Heron moves the Linux desktop forward incrementally yet still doesn’t resolve the debate about how to make free and proprietary elements co-exist.
Tags: Linux, authentication, Ubuntu, Linux desktop, hardy heron
Likewise Open Spring '08 Blooms
By Amy Newman | Article Published March 27, 2008
Operating system choices and support options grow in the latest version of Likewise Open.
Tags: open source, Linux, authentication, security, Microsoft, software, management, support, IT, Mac, HP, media, policy, OS X
Organizing IT Chaos through Email Authentication
By Ray Everett-Church | Article Published March 21, 2008
Undertaking the sometimes daunting task of deploying authentication provides a great excuse for IT managers to begin tackling the sprawling beast that is today's modern corporate email infrastructure.
Tags: authentication, services, consumer, support, marketing

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