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35 Android Apps for Pure Fun
By Pam Baker | Article Published November 24, 2014
Android apps to bring a smile to your face as you go through your busy day. Many of the apps on this list are free.
Tags: Android, android apps, apps
35 Great Android Apps for Road Warriors
By Pam Baker | Article Published August 22, 2014
There Android apps for travel will boost your productivity while you're on the move.
Tags: Android, apps
35 Free Android Apps for Business
By Pam Baker | Article Published July 22, 2014
Free Android apps for time management, communication, accounting, and other key business functions.
Tags: Android, android apps, apps, app store, mobile apps, enterprise app
110 Fun Open Source Games and Apps
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 16, 2014
Find free arcade, casual, shooter, role-playing and strategy games for Linux, Windows, OS X and Android.
Tags: Linux, apps, games, Open Source App
14 Apps To Boost Ubuntu
By Matt Hartley | Article Published June 09, 2014
Apps to get the most from Ubuntu or any Linux desktop.
Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, apps, Open Source App
60 Open Source Apps You Can Use in the Cloud
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 23, 2014
Many open source applications are now available on a SaaS basis, and others can help enterprises set up IaaS or PaaS environments.
Tags: Linux, cloud computing, apps, Open Source App
Android Apps: 35 Free Must-Have Apps
By Pam Baker | Article Published March 04, 2014
Free Android apps go a long way toward making your mobile devices its very best.
Tags: Android, android apps, apps, free apps
35 Android Apps to Help You Stay Up to Date
By Pam Baker | Article Published February 20, 2014
Android apps to keep you in touch and well informed, from news and weather to sports and events and entertainment.
Tags: Android, android apps, apps
Linux Invasion: 101 Open Source Apps for Windows
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 20, 2014
These are some of the best applications for home, business or education users who are new to open source.
Tags: Linux, Windows, apps, Windows XP, download, Linux apps
100 Open Source Apps To Replace Everyday Software
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 21, 2014
For home users, small businesses or enterprises, these popular open source applications can help with day-to-day computing tasks.
Tags: open source, Linux, apps, free software
AirWatch Adds App Scanning to MDM Toolkit
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published December 04, 2013
The enterprise mobile management startup launches a new tool that sheds light on suspect apps.
Tags: apps, mobile device management, MDM, mobile secuirty
Apps the New Enterprise Mobile Priority: Survey
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published November 21, 2013
Move over BYOD, mobile apps are now top of mind for IT executives.
Tags: apps, enterprise mobile apps, enterprise mobile, BYOD
KDE vs GNOME: Settings, Apps, Widgets
By Matt Hartley | Article Published October 07, 2013
Video: While one desktop appears clearly superior to the other, its rival offers some better apps for key uses.
Tags: apps, Gnome, KDE, Linux Distro
Using Cloud-Based Appstores to Handle Consumerization of IT
By Jeff Kaplan | Article Published August 15, 2013
The appstore model is growing increasingly popular as enterprises look for a way to leverage BYOD.
Tags: cloud computing, apps, consumerization of IT, appstore
Why You'll Rule Meetings with Google Glass
By Mike Elgan | Article Published August 14, 2013
You might think it's inappropriate to talk to your eyewear during meetings. But that will change.
Tags: apps, Google Glass
25 Free Android Apps for Money on the Go
By Pam Baker | Article Published July 22, 2013
These Android apps can help you manage your finances, track your expenses, watch your budget, pay for purchases and more.
Tags: Android, apps, finances, free apps, money
Facebook Feature Phone App Tops 100 Million Users
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 22, 2013
The app is particularly popular in developing countries.
Tags: Facebook, social networking, apps, developing markets, feature phones
101 Most Fun Open Source Games and Apps
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 16, 2013
Popular open source downloads for arcade, strategy, adventure, and more.
Tags: open source, Linux, apps, games
Are Most iOS Apps 'Zombies'?
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 10, 2013
A new survey claims that two-thirds of the apps in the App Store get almost no downloads.
Tags: apps, app store, IOS
Windows Store Tops 100,000 Apps
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 02, 2013
It took just 8 months to reach the milestone.
Tags: Microsoft, apps, Windows 8, windows store
French Antitrust Authority Raids Apple's Offices
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 01, 2013
The regulators are concerned about product shipments, pricing practices and app compatibility with other platforms.
Tags: Apple, apps, antitrust, anticompetitive, France
25 Android Apps for Accounting and Tax Prep
By Pam Baker | Article Published June 24, 2013
With these mobile apps, you can learn about accounting, track finances, manage investments, create expense reports and more.
Tags: Android, software, apps, smartphone, accounting, mobile application
Amazon Web Services Launches Sign-On Service
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 29, 2013
The service aims to make it easier to login to apps and websites.
Tags: Amazon Web Services, authentication, Cloud, development, apps
Citrix Expands Mobile Apps Push at Synergy
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published May 22, 2013
New XenDesktop, XenMobile and ShareFile service debut to enable the modern IT workforce.
Tags: Mobile tools, apps, Citrix
Ubuntu vs. Windows 8: Which Is Better Overall?
By Matt Hartley | Article Published May 20, 2013
It's much easier to find a system with Windows 8 pre-installed, but Ubuntu offers a better interface and better apps.
Tags: open source, operating system, Cloud, Microsoft, Ubuntu, apps, Windows 8, Office, app store, OS, interface
SAP Launches User-Friendly Fiori Apps
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 15, 2013
The new ERP apps take design cues from Apple and Google.
Tags: enterprise software, apps, SAP, ERP, mobile apps, HTML 5, Fiori
Facebook Home Nears 1 Million Downloads
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 10, 2013
The social network is tweaking the Android app with new features.
Tags: social network, Android, apps, smartphone, Facebook Home, HTC First
Report: Facebook in Talks to Buy Waze for $1 Billion
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 09, 2013
Israeli-based Waze makes social mapping and traffic software.
Tags: Facebook, navigation, social networking, apps, merger and acquistion activity, Waze
MobileIron MDM and Veracode Sniff Out Risky Apps
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published May 08, 2013
Mobile management company and a security specialist team up to help enterprises steer clear of malicious and data-leaking apps.
Tags: apps, mobile device management, MDM
B&N Opens Google Play(ground) to Nook HD Tablets
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published May 03, 2013
A walled garden no more, Barnes & Noble's Nook HD can now load apps from Google's app marketplace.
Tags: Google Apps, apps, tablets, Barnes & Noble, Nook
Travel Apps: 50 Android Apps to Ease Your Journey
By Pam Baker | Article Published April 03, 2013
These apps help you plan your travel, book reservations and navigate unfamiliar territory using your Android smartphone or tablet.
Tags: Android, apps, smartphone, tablet
Evernote Hack Affects 50 Million Users
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published March 04, 2013
Those who use the popular note-tacking app must change their passwords.
Tags: cloud computing, cyber attacks, apps, hack attacks, Evernote
51 Must-Have Android Apps
By Brian T. Horowitz | Article Published February 12, 2013
Google Play features plenty of apps to keep you connected, from finance tools to apps for medical use.
Tags: Android, mobile, apps, Google Play
Why Facebook Wants to Track Your Every Move
By Mike Elgan | Article Published February 05, 2013
A new report says Facebook will unveil an app that tracks your location 24/7. Resistance is futile.
Tags: Facebook, social networking, mobile, apps, tracking
Top Trends at CES 2013
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 10, 2013
In addition to the new gadgets on display, this year's show demonstrated the growing importance of apps, crowdfunding and the consumerization of IT.
Tags: software, apps, CES, tablets, consumerization of IT, CrowdFunding, Consumer Electronics Show
Instagram Responds to User Backlash over Policy Changes
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published December 19, 2012
The company co-founder vows not to sell users' photos.
Tags: Facebook, apps, policy, photos, terms of service, Instagram
The Apple TV Rumors Are Wrong
By Mike Elgan | Article Published December 12, 2012
You've heard the rumor and speculation. Here's why they're way off.
Tags: iPhone, iPad, Apple, apps, Apple TV
Google+ Adds Communities, SnapSeed
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published December 06, 2012
Google claims its social network now has more than 135 million active users.
Tags: social network, Google, Android, apps, google+
20 Ubuntu Apps For Daily Life
By Matt Hartley | Article Published November 27, 2012
These are the applications I use every day on my Ubuntu system.
Tags: open source, Ubuntu, apps, applications, desktop
Top 50 iPhone 5 Apps
By Don Reisinger | Article Published November 03, 2012
Apple’s iPhone 5 might be new, but there are already a host of really great new apps for the smartphone.
Tags: Apple, apps, app store, iPhone 5
Security Researchers Say Many Popular Android Apps Are Vulnerable to Attack
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 22, 2012
The report found that free apps do not adequately protect sensitive data.
Tags: Android, security vulnerabilities, apps, report, Google Play
Microsoft Kicks the Tires on Windows 8 App Updates
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published October 08, 2012
In a test of the Windows Store update functionality, Microsoft overhauls several Windows 8 native apps before the operating system launches.
Tags: Microsoft, apps, Windows 8, Windows 8 app
Be Your Own Cloud Marketplace
By Jeff Kaplan | Article Published October 04, 2012
The emergence of proprietary enterprise Cloud app marketplaces may help prevent the risks of unapproved third party apps.
Tags: cloud computing, apps
Apple's Tim Cook Apologizes for Maps
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published September 28, 2012
In a rare move, the CEO encourages iOS users to try competitors' mapping apps.
Tags: Google, Apple, apps, maps, tim cook, IOS 6
When Search Takes Fewer Than Zero Seconds
By Mike Elgan | Article Published September 12, 2012
The future of search will give you the answer before you even ask.
Tags: Google, search, apps
Microsoft Halts New Windows Phone Apps
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 15, 2012
Developers won't be able to publish new apps for the platform until Microsoft solves a security problem.
Tags: Microsoft, apps, Windows Phone, marketplace
Google Apps for Teams, Google Listen Are Now History
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 06, 2012
Google continues to purge unprofitable products and services.
Tags: video, Google, apps, blogs, Larry Page, Google Play
Microsoft Calls Windows 8 Complete, But Concerns Remain, Say Analysts
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 02, 2012
The new operating system needs plenty of apps if its going to attract users.
Tags: operating system, Microsoft, developers, apps, Windows 8, Release to Manufacturing
100 "Funnest" Open Source Games and Apps
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 17, 2012
Some of the best arcade games, strategy games, first-person shooters, MMORPGs and other fun apps developed by the Linux and open source community.
Tags: open source, Linux, apps, games
Nokia Windows Phones Receiving Tango Update
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published June 28, 2012
Some new apps will be available only on Nokia devices.
Tags: apps, smartphone, Nokia, Windows Phone 7, lumia
Facebook Buys Lightbox
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published May 16, 2012
Lightbox makes a mobile app that is similar to the one made by Instagram, which Facebook also recently purchased.
Tags: Facebook, apps, photos, Lightbox, merger and acquistion activity
Selling You on Facebook
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published April 09, 2012
Companies you've never even heard of may know all about you if your Facebook friends use their apps.
Tags: Facebook, apps, privacy
As Tablets Soar, SMBs Like Their Biz Apps on the Cloud
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published March 28, 2012
When it comes to business-critical apps, SMB owners don’t mind having their heads in the clouds, according to a new survey from RingCentral.
Tags: cloud computing, SMB, apps, tablets
Beware: Ads in Mobile Apps Fraught With Security Risk
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published March 20, 2012
Nearly half of all ad-supported Android apps tracked users' locations, and a few downloaded and ran code from the Internet.
Tags: security, Android, mobile, apps, Ads, Google Play
Apple Debuts New iPad with Retina Display, 4G LTE
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published March 07, 2012
To maintain its market supremacy in the tablet wars, Apple updates the iPad with a higher resolution screen and 4G LTE support.
Tags: mobile, iPad, Apple, apps
60 Fantastic Free Android Apps
By Thor Olavsrud | Article Published February 06, 2012
The Android Market has the best selection of free apps of any mobile platform. Here are 60 of the very best free Android apps.
Tags: Android, android apps, apps
More Sharing Comes to Facebook With New Apps
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published January 19, 2012
The social network unveiled 60 new apps that will post content to users' timelines.
Tags: Facebook, apps
Android Users Gravitate Towards Top Apps
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 18, 2011
Android owners spend 61 percent of their time with the top 50 apps.
Tags: Android, apps
Free Windows Phone 7 Apps: Essential Apps
By Joe Moran | Article Published July 06, 2011
Want some free apps for your Windows Phone 7? Take a look at this list of great apps -- and let the downloading begin.
Tags: apps, Windows Phone 7, windows phone apps
50 Best Free Apps for BlackBerry Smartphones
By Eric Geier | Article Published May 24, 2011
The very best free BlackBerry smartphone apps for information, entertainment, social media and more.
Tags: Facebook, Blackberry, apps, mobile apps, BlackBerry Apps
How HP Can Save Its Doomed TouchPad Tablet
By Mike Elgan | Article Published February 09, 2011
The TouchPad’s lack of apps means the tablet is no iPad killer -- unless HP makes one essential strategic move.
Tags: android apps, iPad apps, apps, HP, tablet computers
50 Free iPad Apps for Business Users
By Troy Dreier | Article Published January 31, 2011
Free iPad apps for productivity, remote access, information management and more.
Tags: iPad, iPad apps, apps, free software, business software
50 Android Apps to Inform, Monitor and Manage
By Thor Olavsrud | Article Published January 31, 2011
Android apps are incredibly versatile tools that can help you manage and monitor your life from work to play.
Tags: Android, mobile, Android Marketplace, android apps, apps
Google's Apps Marketplace Now Has Education Breakout
By David Needle | Article Published January 25, 2011
The new education category is designed to make it easier for administrators, educators and students to find new, relevant applications and courseware.
Tags: Google Apps, apps, education, Google Apps Marketplace, business applications
5 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2011
By Jeff Vance | Article Published January 04, 2011
Cloud computing will be impacted by the explosive growth in smartphones and stresses in network infrastructure, among other factors.
Tags: cloud computing, apps, networks, Enterprise IT, smartphone apps
Google Brings New Services to Renamed Google Apps for Business
By David Needle | Article Published November 18, 2010
Web services like Google Voice, Picasa, AdWords and Blogger can now be accessed as part of the Google Apps suite.
Tags: cloud computing, Google, Google Apps, apps, business software
50 Best iPad Apps for Keeping in Touch
By Troy Dreier | Article Published October 28, 2010
iPad apps for email, chat, texting, social networks and other communication tasks.
Tags: email, iPad, iPad apps, Apple iPad, apps
35 Inspired Android Apps to Boost Your Productivity
By Thor Olavsrud | Article Published October 27, 2010
Android apps put power in the hands of knowledge workers no matter where that worker happens to be. Plus: some Android apps are free.
Tags: Android, Android Marketplace, android apps, apps, Apps Marketplace
Amazon To Offer a Year of Free EC2 Apps Use
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published October 22, 2010
Amazon offers a year of free cloud computing services for a low, low price ... well, free, actually.
Tags: cloud computing, Amazon Web Services, apps, EC2, Amazon cloud
5 Reasons Your Business Needs Augmented Reality...Today
By Jeff Vance | Article Published August 30, 2010
From smartphone apps for augmented reality to major enterprise applications, this emerging technology is quickly gaining adoption.
Tags: mobile, apps, smartphone, augmented reality, AR
Mobile Browsing to Move Beyond Smartphones
By David Needle | Article Published August 04, 2010
By 2015, more than 60 percent of mobile handsets worldwide will include mobile browsers -- regardless of whether they are smartphones.
Tags: mobile, apps, smartphone, mobile apps, mobile applications
Evernote Launches Platform, 100 'Apps'
By Mike Elgan | Article Published July 14, 2010
Evernote enables you to dump content into a personal and secure space, and easily recall it with search.
Tags: software, data storage management, apps, applications, Apps Marketplace
White House Rolls Out Apps for Government
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published July 06, 2010
Administration technophiles debut a revamped USA.gov site, offering a down payment on third-party mobile apps as they continue work modernizing federal information and communications operations.
Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, government IT, government market, apps
How to Re-create 'Mad Men' Business Technology
By Mike Elgan | Article Published June 30, 2010
With a collection of the right apps and online services you can re-create the benefits of some 1960s Mad Men business technology.
Tags: social networking, apps, business communication, office phone system, Office Web Apps
Microsoft Moving Live Workspace Users to SkyDrive
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published May 17, 2010
As Microsoft's free Office Web Apps begin to roll out to Windows Live users, the company said it will consolidate two similar online file storage and sharing solutions into just one.
Tags: Microsoft, apps, Windows Live, SkyDrive, Live Workspace

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