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Streaming Analytics: Business Value From Real-Time Data
By Jaikumar Vijayan | Article Published February 23, 2015
Streaming analytics is a step forward from traditional data analytics – and a much needed one as business moves ever faster.
Tags: analytics, big data, streaming analytics, streaming analytics platform
IoT Challenges for IT: Big Data Skills and Real-time Processors
By Larry Marion | Article Published February 17, 2015
The Internet of Things will drive IT to extend real-time processing to more functions and applications. Yet another reason to add Big Data analytics to your resume.
Tags: IT, analytics, big data, IoT challenges
Microsoft Beefs Up Azure Websites Management
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published December 02, 2014
The company releases new analytics and self-service capabilities to help customers optimize their Websites and Web-based apps.
Tags: PHP, Microsoft, Azure, analytics, platform as a service, PaaS, HTTP, self service, Websites management, Web based apps
How IBM's Watson Could Do For Analytics What Search Did for Google
By Rob Enderle | Article Published September 18, 2014
IBM’s freemium move with Watson is an aggressive push to enlarge the Big Data analytics market.
Tags: Google, IBM, analytics, big data
Six Hadoop Myths Exposed
By Jeff Vance | Article Published July 30, 2013
Hadoop is a great Big Data tool, but it might not be what you expect.
Tags: Hadoop, open source, analytics, big data
9 Big Data Lessons Learned
By Larry Marion | Article Published July 30, 2013
Early adopters offer insight on data management, visualization, and colocating data and apps in the cloud.
Tags: Hadoop, cloud computing, business intelligence, analytics, data integration, data warehouse, big data
Big Data Analytics Overview
By Jeff Vance | Article Published June 25, 2013
These are the challenges, vendors and trends shaping the Big Data analytics market.
Tags: business intelligence, applications, analytics, big data
Business Intelligence, Analytics Are Top Enterprise IT Priorities, Says Gartner
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 20, 2013
The research firm says BI could improve 79 percent of business processes.
Tags: enterprise software, business intelligence, BI, analytics, CFO, Gartner
IBM’s PureSystems—an Impressive First Year
By Rob Enderle | Article Published May 16, 2013
The one-year-old solution has already achieved quite a bit of success.
Tags: IBM, servers, analytics, appliance, big data, PureSystems
Intel Launches Its Own Hadoop Distribution
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 26, 2013
The chip maker wants to get into the big data game.
Tags: Hadoop, open source, software, Intel, analytics, big data
Defense Contractor Software Uses Social Media to Track People's Movements
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 11, 2013
A video from Raytheon shows how governments could use its "RIOT" software for intelligence gathering.
Tags: software, social media, analytics, government, defense
Twitter Acquires Social Analytics Firm Bluefin Labs
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 06, 2013
Bluefin helps analyze what people are saying about TV shows in social media.
Tags: Twitter, social media, analytics, merger and acquistion activity
Real Time BI is Right Time BI
By Larry Marion | Article Published January 17, 2013
End users will no longer accept excuses for batch-based delivery of business intelligence and analytics information.
Tags: business intelligence, BI, business analytics, analytics
Oracle Buys Big Data Analytics Firm DataRaker
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published December 13, 2012
DataRaker primarily provides software to utilities.
Tags: Oracle, analytics, utilities, big data, merger and acquistion activity, internet of things
IBM Expands PureSystems Line, Announces Cloud Partnership
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 09, 2012
The company will challenge Oracle's Exadata with its new PureData products.
Tags: Oracle, cloud computing, IBM, private cloud, analytics, Exadata, big data, AT&T, PureSystems
IBM Launches New zEnterprise EC12 Secure Cloud-Focused Mainframe System
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 28, 2012
Big Blue says this is its most powerful mainframe ever.
Tags: security, IBM, analytics, mainframe, Memory, solid state
IBM to Buy Social-Business Company Kenexa for $1.3 Billion
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 27, 2012
Kenexa makes enterprise HR software.
Tags: software, IBM, social networking, analytics, HR, merger and acquistion activity, recruiting
BI Goes Wild: Business Intelligence Becoming Ubiquitous
By Larry Marion | Article Published June 19, 2012
BI and analytics use now extends way beyond finance and marketing to include HR, R&D and other functions.
Tags: business intelligence, BI, analytics
50 Open Source Replacements for Proprietary Business Intelligence Software
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 18, 2012
From simple spreadsheet applications to complete BI suites, the open source community has created dozens of applications that help enterprises store and analyze business data.
Tags: open source, business intelligence, BI, analytics
Hadoop Software Market to Hit $812.8 Million in 2016, Says IDC
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published May 07, 2012
Software related to Hadoop and MapReduce topped $77 million in revenue last year.
Tags: Hadoop, open source, software, analytics, big data, mapreduce
Embedded Business Intelligence: Beware The Traps
By Larry Marion | Article Published April 24, 2012
Embedded BI gets plenty of breathless praise, yet two key problems lurk beneath the hype.
Tags: enterprise software, business intelligence, BI, analytics
The Consumerization of Cloud Analytics
By Jeff Kaplan | Article Published March 21, 2012
You've heard of the trend toward the consumerization of IT. Now users of cloud analytics are getting on board.
Tags: cloud computing, business intelligence, analytics
The Top 10 Tech Priorities of CIOs
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published January 18, 2012

Tags: business intelligence, analytics, Gartner, priorities
Sales Force Automation: No Longer "Most Loathed" Enterprise Software
By Larry Marion | Article Published January 17, 2012
Now that the cloud has made SFA palatable to more sales people, organizations are aggressively adding analytics.
Tags: enterprise software, analytics, sales force automation, SFA
Big Data Analytics Is Not a Niche Anymore
By Larry Marion | Article Published December 20, 2011
A mere buzzword a short time ago, Big Data Analytics is fast becoming a widely adopted enterprise strategy.
Tags: business intelligence, data mining, analytics, big data
Cloud Computing: Show Me the Analytics
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Article Published December 12, 2011
Recent acquisitions reveal that the need for data interpretation and integration are driving cloud adoption.
Tags: cloud computing, BI, analytics
HP Advances Data Center Performance Services
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published November 30, 2011
HP rolls out new products and services for understanding the oceans of data in today's enterprise.
Tags: HP, analytics, big data
IBM Unveils Analytics for the iPad and Cloud
By Vangie Beal | Article Published November 02, 2011
Leveraging its Watson technology, IBM is moving to expand its analytics presence in the cloud and the all-important mobile sector.
Tags: cloud computing, IBM, iPad apps, analytics
IBM Rolls Out 55 Infrastructure Products
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published October 19, 2011
In what the company calls its largest announcement of infrastructure products in years, IBM rolled out a slew of new and improved products.
Tags: cloud computing, IBM, business intelligence software, analytics, IaaS
SAP Touts Two HANA In-Memory Analytics Apps
By Paul Shread | Article Published September 14, 2011
SAP boosts its in-memory analytics offering with two additional HANA applications.
Tags: SAP, business intelligence, analytics, In-Memory
Is Intel's 'Connected Store' Concept the Future of Retail?
By David Needle | Article Published January 11, 2011
The chip giant teams with MIT Media Lab, Best Buy and others to show off some high tech retailing concepts.
Tags: video, Intel, analytics, retail, Best Buy
Michael Tejedor on Business Intelligence Software
By James Maguire | Article Published August 04, 2010
The Microsoft senior product manager talks about business intelligence software and how his company’s BI platform fits into the overall marketplace. Video interview.
Tags: Microsoft, business intelligence, BI software, business intelligence software, analytics
IBM's SPSS Update Blends Social, Business Data
By Larry Barrett | Article Published May 11, 2010
Big Blue's new data mining and text analytics software culls information from Facebook and blogs to give companies a faster and more detailed understanding of their customers' needs.
Tags: IBM, business intelligence, data mining, business intelligence software, analytics
IBM: Manage Data Like Cash
By Alex Goldman | Article Published December 10, 2009
IBM challenged business leaders, students, and professors to start thinking about data as an asset to be tracked and managed systematically.
Tags: data, services, IBM, analytics, medical

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