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Ubuntu: What They're Doing Right and Wrong
By Matt Hartley | Article Published February 04, 2013
The Linux distribution does a great job with peripheral detection, community, easy backup, the Software Center and more.
Tags: open source, Linux, software, Ubuntu, malware, Wi-Fi, backup, USB, peripherals, community
After Arbitration Win, Nokia Seeks to Ban BlackBerry Sales
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 28, 2012
The proposed sales ban would impact the U.S., the U.K. and Canada
Tags: lawsuit, Nokia, Wi-Fi, patent infringement, RIM, BlackBerry OS, ban
Google Buys Wi-Fi Vendor ICOA for $400 Million--Updated
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 26, 2012
ICOA provides Wi-Fi hotspots in airports, hotels and other public places.
Tags: Google, Wi-Fi, merger and acquistion activity
Cisco Buys Wi-Fi Networking Firm Meraki for $1.2 Billion
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 19, 2012
Cisco says the purchase will help it expand its customer base with more mid-market firms.
Tags: Cloud, networking, Cisco, Wi-Fi, WiFi, merger and acquistion activity
Judge Throws Out Apple v. Motorola Patent Case
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 06, 2012
The decision is a setback for Apple.
Tags: Google, wireless, Apple, Wi-Fi, patent lawsuit, standards, Motorola Mobility
Editorial: Google's 'Rogue Engineer' Policy and Why It Isn't Enterprise Class
By Rob Enderle | Article Published May 02, 2012
News accounts of an alleged privacy breach by Google suggest that the company's governance structure is not well defined.
Tags: Google, privacy, Wi-Fi
Apple Investigating New iPad WiFi Issues
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published April 05, 2012
AppleCare is replacing the tablets for some users who have been experiencing problems.
Tags: Apple, Wi-Fi, new iPad
US-CERT Issues Warning About Current Wi-Fi Protected Setup Standard
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published December 29, 2011
Thousands of routers and Wi-Fi access points could be affected by a security vulnerability.
Tags: security vulnerability, Wi-Fi
Number of Wi-Fi Hotspots to Quadruple by 2015
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published November 09, 2011
A market research firm predicts the world will have 5.8 million Wi-Fi hotspots in four years.
Tags: Wi-Fi
Android Apps: Free Wi-Fi Apps
By Eric Geier | Article Published August 01, 2011
Free Android apps to find wi-fi hotspots, analyze networks and monitor all your Wi-Fi connections.
Tags: android apps, Wi-Fi
How to Safely Use Wi-Fi on Smartphones and Tablets
By Eric Geier | Article Published March 31, 2011
Most public Wi-Fi hotspots are not encrypted, creating a host of potential security problems for smartphone and tablet users.
Tags: Android, iPhone, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi security, hotspot
HP Unveils 900 Mbps Enterprise Wi-Fi
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published March 02, 2011
Demand for faster access keeps prompting vendors to up the ante in the wi-fi sector.
Tags: HP, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi network, enterprise wireless
Tech Leaders: Google, Apple, and...Starbucks?
By Mike Elgan | Article Published January 19, 2011
As its new mobile commerce initiative transforms business, Starbucks continues to be a shape shifter in consumer tech behavior.
Tags: Apple, networks, Wi-Fi, Starbucks, mobile commerce
Qualcomm Acquires Atheros for $3.1 billion
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published January 05, 2011
Qualcomm acquires Wi-Fi vendor, making a major play for enterprise and consumer Wi-Fi as convergence between cellular and Wi-Fi access continues.
Tags: mobile, Wi-Fi, acquisitions, Qualcomm, Wi-Fi Network Management
Improving The Linux Desktop: 20 Needed Fixes
By Matt Hartley | Article Published November 01, 2010
The Linux desktop needs to focus on new users, improve wi-fi tools, work better with commercial software, among other necessary changes.
Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, Linux desktop, Linux downloads, Wi-Fi
Amazon Debuts Cheaper Kindle With Wi-Fi
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published July 29, 2010
Facing a slick competitor, Amazon cuts the price of its new generation of e-book readers.
Tags: Amazon, Wi-Fi, Kindle, Amazon Kindle, e-books
iPad Launch: All Systems, Mostly, Go
By David Needle | Article Published April 05, 2010
With over 300,000 units sold in its first day, the iPad is off to a great start. But can the early momentum be sustained?
Tags: iPad, iPad apps, Apple, Wi-Fi, Apple tablet
Ten Leading Wi-Fi Security Challenges
By Lisa Phifer | Article Published March 08, 2010
Wireless security in the enterprise has come a long way, yet IT security professionals still lose sleep over these security challenges.
Tags: Wi-Fi, DOS, Wi-Fi security, WLAN management, data interception
Laptop Security at Public Wi-Fi: Key Tips
By Eric Geier | Article Published January 19, 2010
Google and Yahoo do not use HTTPS/SSL encryption for e-mail access by default (although Google recently announced plans to do so). So Wi-Fi eavesdroppers could capture your log in details.
Tags: security, security best practices, laptops, Wi-Fi
Is In-Flight Wi-Fi Cleared for Take Off?
By Naomi Graychase | Article Published August 19, 2009
After years of false starts, it appears airplane travelers will have easier access to the Internet.
Tags: services, FCC, HP, Wi-Fi, spectrum
Netbook Wi-Fi: Which Netbooks Offers Better Wi-Fi?
By Joseph Moran | Article Published July 24, 2009
All netbooks have Wi-Fi, but some netbooks have better Wi-Fi than others.
Tags: wireless, Dell, netbooks, Wi-Fi, Wimax
Fixes for Wi-Fi Hotspot Annoyances
By Eric Geier | Article Published June 17, 2009
A guide to securing your connection, accessing remote files, sharing connections and more.
Tags: wireless, Vista, Wi-Fi, wireless security
What Wi-Fi Eavesdroppers See on Unsecured Networks
By Eric Geier | Article Published May 12, 2009
Understanding how Wi-Fi eavesdroppers work helps you protect your own wireless communications.
Tags: Windows, security, wireless, Vista, Wi-Fi
Wireless to Get Faster -- Much Faster
By David Needle | Article Published May 11, 2009
The recently proposed standard is expected to be as much as ten times faster than current Wi-Fi standards.
Tags: wireless, Dell, wireless data, Wi-Fi, Broadcom
Higher-Speed Wireless Can't Happen Fast Enough
By Chris Nerney | Article Published May 11, 2009
Higher-Speed Wireless Can't Happen Fast Enough
Tags: wireless, Internet, Wi-Fi, InternetNews.com, Wi-Fi Alliance, wigig, WiGig Alliance
New Bluetooth Taps Wi-Fi
By Michelle Megna | Article Published April 22, 2009
The new Bluetooth will use Wi-Fi to speed up wireless transfer.
Tags: wireless, iPhone, smartphones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Wi-Fi Phone for Skype: Mobile Skype
By Ted Stevenson | Article Published March 30, 2009
Our reviewer finds that the IPEVO So-20 Wi-Fi Phone for Skype is reasonably priced and works well over Wi-FI. But the audio isn't great at high volumes and the device lacks non-voice functions.
Tags: video, Wi-Fi, VoIP, instant messaging, Skype
Free Wi-Fi: Ten Ways to Get It
By Joseph Moran | Article Published March 04, 2009
You're still paying for wi-fi? C'mon, here are ten ways to score it for free.
Tags: search, services, wireless, iPhone, Wi-Fi
How to Prevent Wi-Fi Hotspot Attacks
By Eric Geier | Article Published December 18, 2008
When traveling or in your favorite coffee shop, use these tips to protect your passwords and other data.
Tags: browsers, security, server, wireless, Wi-Fi
How To Improve Microsoft's Seinfeld Campaign
By Chris Nerney | Article Published September 09, 2008
How To Improve Microsoft's Seinfeld Campaign
Tags: Microsoft, Wi-Fi, Gates, commercial, seinfeld
Welcome To The NSA's Wireless Network
By Chris Nerney | Article Published August 06, 2008
Welcome To The NSA's Wireless Network
Tags: security, Wi-Fi, airlines, NSA, Surveillance, spying
How to Prevent a Coffee Shop Wi-Fi Attack
By Kenneth van Wyk | Article Published August 04, 2008
Logging on using your mobile device allows hackers to steal your password unless you take basic precautions.
Tags: services, server, wireless, iPhone, Wi-Fi
Well, At Least That Free Wi-Fi Rollout Should Go A Little Faster
By Chris Nerney | Article Published July 01, 2008
Well, At Least That Free Wi-Fi Rollout Should Go A Little Faster
Tags: layoffs, Wi-Fi, Starbucks, Wall Street, Nasdaq
Tuning In to RFID and Wi-Fi
By Gerry Blackwell | Article Published June 24, 2008
Worldwide market leader AeroScout believes Wi-Fi can push RFID into the mainstream.
Tags: wireless, Cisco, Wi-Fi, voice, RFID
Finally, Starbucks Smells The (Free Wi-Fi) Coffee
By Chris Nerney | Article Published June 09, 2008
Finally, Starbucks Smells The (Free Wi-Fi) Coffee
Tags: wireless, Wi-Fi, AT&T, T-Mobile, Starbucks
Insensitive To The Electro-Sensitive?
By Chris Nerney | Article Published May 27, 2008
Insensitive To The Electro-Sensitive?
Tags: Wi-Fi, hotspots, Supreme Court, ADA, disabilities, electro-sensitive
Tip: Windows Mobile - Advanced Battery Conservation
By James Alan Miller | Article Published April 10, 2008
Some tips to take you beyond keeping the power devoted to your smartphone's screen in check to reduce battery consumption.
Tags: Windows, wireless, IT, smartphone, Wi-Fi
Turn Your Smartphone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot
By Naomi Graychase | Article Published April 02, 2008
Perhaps you can take it with you: TapRoot Systems has announced its WalkingHotSpot software, which turns 3G/Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones into secure, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.
Tags: wireless, mobile, smartphone, Wi-Fi, Gadgets

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