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State of VoIP in Linux
By Matt Hartley | Article Published March 16, 2015
A handful of Linux VoIP tools are vying to be the leader in the field.
Tags: Linux, VoIP, Skype
Oracle to Purchase Acme Packet
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 04, 2013
The company makes technology that helps transmit communications over the Internet.
Tags: video, Oracle, Internet, VoIP, communications, merger and acquistion activity
Facebook Rolls Out Free WiFi Calling for iPhones
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 17, 2013
The latest update to the iOS Facebook Messenger app adds VoIP features.
Tags: Facebook, iPhone, messenger, voice, VoIP, WiFi, IOS, chat, Calling
Revisiting Skype For Linux
By Matt Hartley | Article Published June 18, 2012
Is Skype still the best VoIP client for Linux now that it’s owned by Microsoft?
Tags: Linux, Microsoft, VoIP, Skype
U.S. Okays Skype Deal While Skype Cuts Execs
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published June 20, 2011
Microsoft gains preliminary approval of its plan to buy Skype as the phone service provider cuts executives before the merger settles.
Tags: Microsoft, VoIP, Skype
Skype Updates for Outage Flaw
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published May 27, 2011
Skype fixes flaw that prevents users from signing into the VoIP service.
Tags: Linux, Microsoft, outage, VoIP, Skype Manager
Skype, Avaya, Form Enterprise VoIP Alliance
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published October 01, 2010
Enterprise UC vendors Avaya and Skype will partner to bring Skype support to Avaya equipment.
Tags: networks, unified communications, VoIP, Skype, UC
Skype Files for $100 Million IPO
By Larry Barrett | Article Published August 09, 2010
The VoIP service provider is going public after it filed an S-1 report with the SEC Commission declaring its intention to offer shares worth as much as $100 million.
Tags: video, mobile, VoIP, Skype, video conference
The 2010 IT Salary Guide
By James Maguire | Article Published November 17, 2009
The 2010 IT Salary Guide lists salaries for many tech professionals, and also details IT salary levels for various U.S. regions. Plus: salary incentives for specialty IT skill sets.
Tags: Oracle, virtualization, network, New York, VoIP
Bringing Your Wireless Network Up to Speed
By Eric Geier | Article Published August 31, 2009
Boost your wireless network's speed using a number easy and affordable strategies.
Tags: video, wireless, networking, VoIP, music
10 Free Online Tools to Improve Browsing
By Joseph Moran | Article Published July 10, 2009
These free online services will give you faster speed, more information and better security.
Tags: Windows, services, voice, VoIP
Skype 4.0 for Windows: Significant Overhaul
By Joseph Moran | Article Published June 26, 2009
Available for free download, the new Skype offers an array of improved features.
Tags: Windows, search, voice, VoIP, e-Mail
The Proprietary Software/Linux Conundrum
By Matt Hartley | Article Published June 23, 2009
Can proprietary software/driver modules find a home in an open source platform that was designed to be the complete opposite?
Tags: open source, Linux, video, DRM, VoIP
Wi-Fi Phone for Skype: Mobile Skype
By Ted Stevenson | Article Published March 30, 2009
Our reviewer finds that the IPEVO So-20 Wi-Fi Phone for Skype is reasonably priced and works well over Wi-FI. But the audio isn't great at high volumes and the device lacks non-voice functions.
Tags: video, Wi-Fi, VoIP, instant messaging, Skype
Turn Your iPod into a Cell Phone
By Ted Stevenson | Article Published March 11, 2009
A new technology provider has released software to enable an iPod to make calls and send text messages.
Tags: iPhone, iPod, cell phone, VoIP, text messaging
Cisco's EnergyWise Upsets Competitors
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published February 11, 2009
The networking giant's plan to manage power though network hardware is a strategy for vendor lock-in, rivals claim.
Tags: networking, Cisco, HP, policy, VoIP
Don't Ditch That Broadband Connection
By Joseph Moran | Article Published January 26, 2009
Switching to VoIP phone service can save money without suffering the returning to the sloth and hassle of dial-up Internet access.
Tags: services, Microsoft, wireless, voice, VoIP
Connecticut Town Lays Groundwork for Merged School, Municipal VoIP Network
By Adam Stone | Article Published January 16, 2009
Merged network will bring cost savings, enhanced service, improved town management—and boost the growth of commerce.
Tags: services, wireless, Cisco, unified communications, VoIP
Symantec's Five Resolutions for Network Security in 2009
By SmallBusinessComputing.com Staff | Article Published January 14, 2009
The security giant says small business owners will focus on five key areas to better manage IT information and infrastructure.
Tags: virtualization, marketing, VoIP, e-Mail, Storage
Looking Ahead to VoIP in 2009
By Ted Stevenson | Article Published January 07, 2009
Enterprise VoIPplanet consults its crystal ball and spots some trends for the coming year.
Tags: services, Microsoft, voice, VoIP, e-Mail
Case Study: Leveraging Next-Gen Wi-Fi to Transform Healthcare
By Lisa Phifer | Article Published January 06, 2009
Five-site rural medical center replaces legacy WLAN with new cooperative mesh to improve the quality of patient care with reduced cost and complexity.
Tags: Microsoft, wireless, voice, policy, VoIP
4G: Here It Comes, Ready or Not -- Part I
By Gerry Blackwell | Article Published December 03, 2008
The 4G era has begun. What will it mean for enterprise IT and telecom managers - beyond higher mobile wireless data speeds? It depends who you ask, and who you believe.
Tags: wireless, carriers, voice, VoIP, Wimax
Voting via VoIP�Coming soon to a polling place near you
By Adam Stone | Article Published November 03, 2008
The technology is in place and has been used elsewhere on the globe. Adoption in the U.S. will likely be gradual.
Tags: security, IT, technology, voice, VoIP
Testing SIP Security on a Budget, Part 1
By Lisa Phifer | Article Published October 31, 2008
Along with its advantages, VoIP brings its own vulnerabilities. Fortunately there is a host of free/open-source tools to mitigate them.
Tags: Linux, security, services, voice, VoIP
Picking a Hosted PBX Provider
By Gerry Blackwell | Article Published October 29, 2008
There are many clear advantages to hosted VoIP services, but it may or may not be for your business.
Tags: services, Microsoft, voice, VoIP, e-Mail
VoIP and Cellular Mobile: Blurring the Lines
By Adam Stone | Article Published October 23, 2008
Joint venture between VoX, UTGI, and 'a tier one carrier' will bring low-cost, all-you-can-eat voice/data plans to the mobile telephony scene.
Tags: services, marketing, carriers, voice, VoIP
Introducing IEEE 802.11r
By Jeff Goldman | Article Published October 09, 2008
In July, without much fanfare, the IEEE published the final specification for IEEE 802.11r-2008, also known as Fast Basic Service Set Transition, an amendment to the 802.11 standard that supports fast handoff between access points--specifically in order to enable VoIP roaming on a Wi-Fi network with 802.1X authentication.
Tags: middleware, Specification, wireless, voice, VoIP
For Small-Business VoIP, Ease of Use Is Paramount
By Adam Stone | Article Published September 29, 2008
Toronto startup Jazinga offers a turnkey IP phone system anyone can install and maintain.
Tags: open source, Microsoft, wireless, voice, VoIP
Business Continuity: Always On, Always Working
By Lauren Simonds | Article Published September 16, 2008
What happens to your business if the network fails or the power goes out? If you don't know, you need a disaster recovery plan. An IT provider can help.
Tags: video, services, marketing, voice, VoIP
VoIP Enhancements Coming to iPhone
By Ted Stevenson | Article Published September 08, 2008
The iPhone version of Global IP Solutions's VoiceEngine Mobile will smooth the path for developers working on VoIP enhancements for iPhone 3G apps.
Tags: services, iPhone, unified communications, voice, VoIP
New Cisco Certs Aim At Networking Skills Shortage
By Lynn Haber | Article Published September 04, 2008
With three recently introduced Cisco Systems CCNA concentrations, the equipment vendor takes a first step toward bridging the networking skills gap.
Tags: services, wireless, IT certifications, Cisco, VoIP
The Hosted Advantage: Doing better for less
By Gerry Blackwell | Article Published August 11, 2008
Thrifty New England-based credit union solves several communications problems with a hosted phone system from VoIPnet Technologies.
Tags: wireless, Cisco, voice, VoIP, PBX
Hauling Wireless From the Warehouse
By Judy Mottl | Article Published July 16, 2008
Costco's deal with Sotto could give bigger carriers ideas on how to sell plans.
Tags: services, wireless, voice, VoIP, PBX
VoIPowering Your Office: VoIP Appliance Power-Shopping, part 3
By Carla Schroder | Article Published July 14, 2008
After backtracking to factor in some costs we neglected to consider in parts 1 and 2, we proceed to examine Fonality's PBXtra solution.
Tags: services, Dell, Cisco, VoIP, e-Mail
VoIPowering Your Office: VoIP Appliance Power-Shopping, part 2
By Carla Schroder | Article Published July 10, 2008
The second in our ongoing series. This week's stars: SIPxchange ECS and a trio of offerings from RockBochs.
Tags: server, software, management, Intel, VoIP
VoIPowering Your Office: VoIP Appliance Power-Shopping, part 1
By Carla Schroder | Article Published July 02, 2008
This is the first in a series of guides to all-in-one VoIP solutions. Today: Asterisk (the ancestor), Switchvox (the offspring).
Tags: Linux, Cisco, voice, VoIP, e-Mail
Cisco Wants to Virtualize Your Datacenter
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published June 25, 2008
Server virtualization is all fine and nice, but networking's giant wants you to take it a step further.
Tags: services, virtualization, Cisco, VMware, VoIP
Those Creeping Unified Communications
By Judy Mottl | Article Published June 16, 2008
New research indicates that while hurdles remain, deployments are taking root.
Tags: Microsoft, IBM, voice, VoIP, e-Mail
Re-imagine IT: Energy Costs, Security and the Road Ahead
By Sonny Discini | Article Published May 30, 2008
A global energy crisis is forcing many to readjust their business processes. But it's not necessarily a bad thing for adaptive enterprises that take security seriously.
Tags: video, Google, services, VoIP, Storage
VoSKY Exchange Adds Click-to-Call, F/MC to its Bag of Tricks
By Ted Stevenson | Article Published May 23, 2008
A rundown on what's new from the PBX-Skype gateway provider.
Tags: services, server, international, VoIP, PBX
VoIP Security: SIP�Versatile but Vulnerable
By Lisa Phifer | Article Published May 19, 2008
As SIP-based VoIP and related communications apps proliferate, IT managers need to know where the chinks in the armor lie.
Tags: open source, search, wireless, voice, VoIP
Healthy VoIP Nets�Network Management Architectures: RADCOM
By Mark A. Miller | Article Published May 01, 2008
RADCOM's tools continually monitor all network traffic, giving complete visibility into VoIP services running on the network
Tags: Oracle, services, Copyright, voice, VoIP
Unified Communications Complexity Baffles Buyers
By Judy Mottl | Article Published April 30, 2008
Cisco, Microsoft and other major vendors are pushing hard on converged communications platforms. But IT shops are stymied when it comes to integration.
Tags: Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, unified communications, VoIP
Interop Las Vegas: It's a Jungle Out Here
By James Maguire | Article Published April 29, 2008
Here at the Interop trade show in Las Vegas, the gamblers have come to gamble and the IT vendors have come to sell. Who faces longer odds?
Tags: services, virtualization, Interop, VMware, VoIP
FreeSWITCH, a Second-Generation Open-Source Communications Platform
By Carla Schroder | Article Published April 29, 2008
Here's a relative newcomer: scalable, multi-function server software that can go far beyond merely managing VoIP phone calls.
Tags: open source, Linux, Windows, infrastructure, VoIP
New Collaboration App Opens Service to Public
By Ted Stevenson | Article Published April 15, 2008
Open-source whiteboarding application Dimdim requires no software download—it just works.
Tags: video, services, marketing, VoIP, instant messaging
Asterisk: More Than 'Just' a PBX Powerhouse?
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published April 14, 2008
The project's founder points to the vast amount of innovation happening around the open source VoIP PBX -- with a nod to the challenges ahead.
Tags: open source, Cisco, VoIP, telecommunications, PBX
iPass Offers Worldwide Hotspot Access to SMBs and Consumers
By Gerry Blackwell | Article Published April 03, 2008
Until this week, iPass only provided access to its high-speed Wi-Fi service to enterprise customers. Now, there is a pay-as-you-go model that is perfect for small business and consumer users.
Tags: browsers, video, data, services, consumer, software, support, IT, browser, marketing, HP, international, VoIP, technical support
WYDE Voice Ships Wideband Conference Bridge
By Ted Stevenson | Article Published April 02, 2008
Audio appliance integrates VoIP, PSTN, and brings HD quality to voice and other interactive Web applications.
Tags: Facebook, services, server, support, IT, marketing, servers, MySpace, technology, voice, VoIP, desktop
Review: Propel Personal Bandwidth Manager
By Joseph Moran | Article Published March 28, 2008
Are you making the most of your Internet connection? Propel Personal Bandwidth Manager can show how you're using it and whether bandwidth is in short supply, but it does have its issues.
Tags: .NET, video, Windows, Google, data, search, Microsoft, software, management, wireless, IT, Vista, Intel, Dell, Cisco, media, voice, VoIP, e-Mail, desktop
AT&T Introduces Business in a Box
By Jeff Goldman | Article Published March 27, 2008
AT&T's new IP communications solution is targeted at small and medium businesses with 15 to 50 users.
Tags: data, services, support, IT, Mac, voice, VoIP, telecommunications, PBX
UC Will Prove Challenging To Buyers and Sellers
By Judy Mottl | Article Published March 24, 2008
While boasting promise, unified communications won't be a smooth road for vendors or enterprise.
Tags: search, Microsoft, software, IBM, IT, Cisco, HP, unified communications, voice, VoIP, e-Mail, desktop, InternetNews.com, PBX
Collaboration Moves Into 3D
By Judy Mottl | Article Published March 24, 2008
Better training, richer interaction -- and saved lives? That's the promise of IBM and Forterra's new unified communications "virtual environment" app.
Tags: security, software, IBM, IT, marketing, HP, Lotus Notes, VoIP, e-Mail, InternetNews.com
Objectworld Revamps Product Line to Broaden Market
By Ted Stevenson | Article Published March 20, 2008
Vendor creates product subsets to bring unified communications to customers that already have a PBX.
Tags: Microsoft, Cisco, unified communications, VoIP, PBX
IBM's Secret SaaS
By Larry Barrett | Article Published November 10, 2007
IBM's been very busy the past few weeks telling everyone about a lot of new products and services. It's what they aren't talking about (yet) that's really interesting.
Tags: Microsoft, IBM, SaaS, Larry Ellison, VoIP
Trilog Extends SaaS Tentacles To Project Management
By Larry Barrett | Article Published September 23, 2007
Now that everyone has seemingly found religion with the Software-as-a-Service model, upstarts like Trilog Group are moving beyond CRM to get some of that SMB cash.
Tags: Microsoft, IBM, SaaS, Salesforce.com, VoIP
Does IT Certification Matter Anymore?
By James Maguire | Article Published May 09, 2007
The value of IT certification changes as technology changes, so it benefits tech workers to stay current with employers’ attitudes toward certs.
Tags: SOA, wireless, IT certifications, IT career, VoIP
Is MPLS Right for Your Network?
By Jerry Hodgen | Article Published June 15, 2006
Now that VoIP and reliable disaster recovery platforms are topping many of an IT department's priorities, it may be time to reevaluate Frame Relay.
Tags: IT, broadband, carriers, voice, VoIP
Play the Certification Game to Win
By Paul Rubens | Article Published January 06, 2006
Is there any point in spending the money and taking the time to get a higher certification? And if so, which is the best investment?
Tags: Microsoft, IT certifications, Cisco, VoIP, Sarbanes-Oxley

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