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Securing Your Virtualized Infrastructure
By Paul Rubens | Article Published August 05, 2010
Virtualization is rapidly gaining adoption, yet corresponding security measure are not as widely used.
Tags: security, Virtual Server Management, data center, Virtualized Server, data center virtualization
Server Virtualization Falsehoods: Ignore These 10
By Kenneth Hess | Article Published August 02, 2010
As server virtualization grows ever more popular, the non-truths propagate quickly.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, virtualization cloud, Virtual Server Management, server virtualization
Virtualization vs. Transparent Datacenter
By Drew Robb | Article Published July 02, 2010
Virtualization has its advantages, yet it can obscure the 'plumbing' that actually runs your enterprise datacenter.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, datacenter, virtual server, Virtual Server Management

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