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Verizon Unveils New Cloud Strategy
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published October 04, 2013
Two years after snapping up Terremark, the communications giant launches Verizon Cloud, a new IaaS and storage offering.
Tags: cloud computing, Verizon, IaaS
Report: Verizon May Owe Apple Billions on Unsold iPhones
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 12, 2013
An analyst estimates the carrier may have to pay $14 billion to the iPhone maker.
Tags: iPhone, Apple, smartphone, Verizon, sales
Report: NSA Collected Phone Records for Millions of Verizon Customers
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 06, 2013
The widespread data collection was part of anti-terrorism efforts.
Tags: smartphone, Verizon, cell phone, NSA, data collection
EFF Privacy Ratings: Twitter Ranks High, Verizon Low
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 02, 2013
Apple, AT&T, MySpace and Yahoo also scored poorly.
Tags: Twitter, Apple, privacy, Yahoo, Verizon, MySpace, Comcast, EFF
Report: Most Cyberespionage Originates in China
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published April 23, 2013
A new Verizon report shows that all businesses are in danger of cyberattacks.
Tags: China, hacking, Verizon, cyberattack, report, cyber espionage
Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile Commit to Blackberry 10
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published January 10, 2013
RIM resurgent? Major wireless carriers voice their support for the embattled smartphone maker's next-gen handsets.
Tags: mobile, Verizon, BlackBerry OS
Apple Posts Fix for Bug that Caused High Data Charges
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 01, 2012
A problem with the Verizon version of the iPhone 5 caused it to access cellular networks even when connected to Wi-Fi.
Tags: iPhone, Apple, Verizon, data plan, fix
Most Organizations Take Months, Years to Discover a Breach
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published March 01, 2012
Verizon reports that 90 percent of data breaches are the result of an external attack.
Tags: security, Verizon, data breaches
Verizon Deals for More Spectrum as AT&T Lashes Out at FCC
By Thor Olavsrud | Article Published December 02, 2011
Verizon announced a $3.6 billion agreement to acquire wireless spectrum from three cable companies. Meanwhile, AT&T castigated the FCC for what it called a slanted analysis of its own bid for additional spectrum: the $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile.
Tags: mobile, FCC, spectrum, Verizon, AT&T
GOP Lawmakers Move to Strike Down Net Neutrality Regs
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published February 16, 2011
Resolution of disapproval drops following a contentious oversight hearing on FCC's authority to impose open Internet regulations on broadband access providers.
Tags: FCC, broadband, Verizon, Net Neutrality, Congress
iPhone Users Switching to Verizon in Droves
By Larry Barrett | Article Published February 08, 2011
iPhone owners, hoping for better coverage, are enthusiastically migrating from AT&T to Verizon.
Tags: iphone apps, iPad apps, Verizon, AT&T, iPhone 3G S
Verizon Buying Terremark in $1.4 Billion Cloud Play
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published January 28, 2011
The cloud is big business and Verizon wants a bigger piece of the pie.
Tags: cloud computing, SaaS, Virtual Cloud Management, Verizon, mergers and acquisitions
Microsoft Ships Bing App for Verizon Android Phone
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published September 01, 2010
The software giant has added another Android phone to the list of wireless handsets that its Bing search for mobile supports.
Tags: Android, Microsoft, iphone apps, Bing, Verizon
Verizon, Free Press Continue Net Neutrality Sparring
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published August 26, 2010
War of words continues in the long, hot summer of network neutrality, as Verizon and Free Press exchange barbs over the telecom giant's compromise proposal with Google.
Tags: Google, networking, FCC, Verizon, Net Neutrality
Report: Microsoft to Launch Two Cellphones Soon
By - Reuters | Article Published March 05, 2010
The Microsoft cellphones will be designed for heavy users of social network sites, according to the person who asked not to be identified as the devices have not yet been announced.
Tags: Microsoft, Verizon, Cell, cell phone, mobile IT
Google Network to be '100 Times Faster'
By - Reuters | Article Published February 11, 2010
Google is challenging AT&T and Verizon as it makes plans to create what it calls a vastly faster telecommunications network.
Tags: Google, networking, Verizon, AT&T, bandwidth
AT&T Confronts iPhone Usage Headaches
By David Needle | Article Published December 11, 2009
The competition over which vendors control revenue generated by apps and services will be the essential battleground in the global wireless business.
Tags: Google, wireless, network, Verizon, AT&T
Verizon Plans Enterprise Cloud Consulting Services
By Larry Barrett | Article Published December 02, 2009
Telco joins a crowded market as it hangs consulting shingle for cloud computing services.
Tags: cloud computing, Google, IBM, apps, Verizon
Qualcomm Unveils Multi-Mode Wireless Chips
By - Reuters | Article Published November 12, 2009
Qualcomm has begun providing multi-mode high-speed wireless chips to customers on a trial basis as it looks to cash in on the move to next generation wireless services.
Tags: wireless, network, Verizon, Qualcomm
RIM vs. Apple: Can RIM Stay Strong?
By Michelle Megna | Article Published October 26, 2009
While some see RIM's lion's share of the cell phone market slipping, others note that the company remains strong.
Tags: Apple, network, Verizon, RIM, Storm2
Verizon, AT&T, Sprint Execs Talk Network Future
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published October 22, 2009
Carrier networks are working to deal with user demands, yet major changes are still needed.
Tags: wireless, Verizon, carriers, global recession, Supercomm
AT&T Allows Net Voice Calls on iPhone
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published October 07, 2009
The decision allows iPhone users to save money on phone calls with services such as Skype.
Tags: Google, wireless, iphone apps, Verizon, iPhone 3G S
Smartphones: MSFT vs. Google vs. Palm
By - Reuters | Article Published October 07, 2009
Each of these three major players are eyeing Apple's success with the iPhone.
Tags: Google, search, Microsoft, wireless, Verizon
Verizon, Google, Ally on Android Phones
By - Reuters | Article Published October 06, 2009
Surprising no one, Verizon will develop and sell phones that use Google's Android OS.
Tags: Google, services, wireless, Verizon
Internet Providers Lobby for Slower Broadband
By - Reuters | Article Published September 02, 2009
The speeds that industry groups sought to define as "broadband" are significantly below those of other advanced nations.
Tags: wireless, FCC, broadband, Verizon, Congress
Apple Event Soon, Tablet Missing
By - Reuters | Article Published August 27, 2009
The much-discussed Apple tablet -- rumored to be a netbook killer -- may not be quite ready for its stage debut.
Tags: services, wireless, iPhone, Apple, Verizon
Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Laptop: Hot Notebook
By Eric Grevstad | Article Published August 17, 2009
Sometimes, Lenovo pulls out the stops and builds a machine worth swooning over. For instance, the ThinkPad T400s.
Tags: Windows, Vista, Intel, Verizon, AT&T
Smartphone App Downloads Zooming Upward
By Michelle Megna | Article Published August 14, 2009
Smartphone downloads are expected to triple in the next five years.
Tags: Google, Microsoft, wireless, Verizon, carriers
T-Mobile Dash 3G Smartphone: Good Keyboard, Small Screen
By Naomi Graychase | Article Published July 28, 2009
The T-Mobile Dash 3G smartphone gets two thumbs up from our Wi-Fi guru.
Tags: Google, Microsoft, Verizon, Qualcomm, recycling
Lenovo ThinkPad T400s: Slimmer, Lighter
By Jamie Bsales | Article Published July 14, 2009
Though it boasts a larger screen and keyboard than the ultra-portable, the ThinkPad T400s notebook is not much heavier.
Tags: Intel, laptops, notebooks, Verizon, notebook reviews
Amazon Unveils Cell Phone Store
By Michelle Megna | Article Published July 11, 2009
The blockbuster Internet retailer is focusing on the vast handheld market.
Tags: Google, wireless, iPhone, Verizon, carriers
Netbooks: Okay, Ten Inches is Final
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published June 10, 2009
The size of netbooks has inched larger over time yet seems to be settling in at 10 inches.
Tags: Windows, Intel, Dell, AMD, Verizon
The Cell Phone as Wi-Fi Hotspot
By Michelle Megna | Article Published May 26, 2009
A forward-looking vendor is seeking to turn the lowly cell phone into a wireless hotspot.
Tags: wireless, smartphones, Verizon, AT&T, carriers
Verizon to Offer HP Netbooks
By - Reuters | Article Published May 15, 2009
The HP netbook is priced at $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and with a new two-year activation on a mobile broadband plan.
Tags: wireless, netbooks, HP, Verizon, Qualcomm
Dear Verizon, You're Killing Me
By Chris Nerney | Article Published April 27, 2009
Dear Verizon, You're Killing Me
Tags: Verizon, cell phone, texting, insurance
America Broadband Runs Far Behind
By Alex Goldman | Article Published April 17, 2009
A new report indicates that the U.S. ranks 24th globally in per capita broadband penetration.
Tags: broadband, economy, Verizon, e-Mail, cable
Verizon Will Open Online App Store
By - Reuters | Article Published April 16, 2009
The Verizon Hub will add an applications market, selling a wide variety of apps for consumer use.
Tags: Google, services, wireless, iPhone, Verizon
Why is the iPhone Still Tethered to AT&T?
By Michelle Megna | Article Published April 16, 2009
The limiting factor is the type of carrier network that Apple wants. And there may be few alternatives, despite consumer desire.
Tags: wireless, iPhone, Verizon, AT&T, RIM
Newest Netbook Competitor: Verizon
By Michelle Megna | Article Published March 28, 2009
The telecom provider has a chance if it can offer lower connection fees than its competitors.
Tags: wireless, netbooks, Verizon, carriers, voice
Isn't Google's Latitude Just a Bit Creepy?
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published February 08, 2009
Google's new exceptionally location-aware app debuts with privacy at, ahem, the forefront.
Tags: Google, wireless, privacy, Verizon, carriers
Smartphone Reviews: Samsung Saga, LG Incite & HTC Fuze
By Troy Dreier | Article Published February 04, 2009
These three smartphones all run on Windows Mobile, but provide completely different user experiences. We'll help you find the one that's right for you.
Tags: Windows, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Opera, Verizon
Rocky Report Card for BlackBerry Storm?
By Brian T. Horowitz | Article Published January 28, 2009
Many complaints have surfaced regarding the new touch-screen device.
Tags: software, Blackberry, earnings, Verizon, RIM
Keep Your Number & Service -- Change Your Phone as Often as You Like
By Amy Mayer | Article Published January 09, 2009
Rentoble allows you to stick with your contract (and keep your phone number) while changing your cell phone or smartphone as often as you like.
Tags: Blackberry, Nokia, Verizon, AT&T, Motorola
Ballmer to CES: Windows 7 Beta Off and Running
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published January 08, 2009
Windows 7 enters beta test while Microsoft announces a deal to put its Live Search technology on Verizon Wireless phones.
Tags: search, services, Microsoft, wireless, Verizon
Hey Cybersquatters, Register This!
By Chris Nerney | Article Published December 29, 2008
Hey Cybersquatters, Register This!
Tags: lawsuit, Verizon, registrar, domain names, cybersquatting
SaaS, Green Tech in Top 2009 IT Growth Areas
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published December 14, 2008
It's all about doing more with less in order to survive, according to a new report by Verizon.
Tags: Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Verizon, e-Mail
12 Best Wi-Fi Gifts for Business Users
By Joseph Moran | Article Published December 10, 2008
Whether you’re a small business owner, a work-at-homer, a road warrior--or looking to give a gift to one--state-of-the-art Wi-Fi equipment and accessories are feasible for almost any budget.
Tags: Microsoft, wireless, HP, spectrum, Verizon
BlackBerry Storm Doesn't Blow Away Reviewers
By Judy Mottl | Article Published December 07, 2008
Major critics come down hard on the Research in Motion's latest challenger to the iPhone's throne.
Tags: wireless, Blackberry, iPhone, Verizon, RIM
IDC: Economy Will Force IT to Transform
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published December 06, 2008
In 2009, expect to see big deals and sprawling new enterprise offerings emerging in cloud computing, Web 2.0 and virtualization.
Tags: Google, virtualization, Dell, Verizon, VMware
Moore's Law for Broadband or Homes With Tails?
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published November 27, 2008
Google policy analyst and Columbia professor pitch individual-ownership model to bring fiber directly to the home.
Tags: Google, wireless, Intel, Verizon, policy
Blackberry Storm: iPhone Killer?
By Judy Mottl | Article Published November 22, 2008
Newest BlackBerry smartphone poses biggest challenge yet to iPhone, experts say.
Tags: Microsoft, wireless, iPhone, Verizon, carriers
RIM Readies its BlackBerry iPhone Killer
By Judy Mottl | Article Published November 14, 2008
While late to market with a touchscreen design, handset maker's got its customer bases covered going into holiday season.
Tags: Google, wireless, HP, Verizon, carriers
FOSSBazaar Tackles Open Source's Legal Obstacles
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published October 18, 2008
One group takes on the fear, uncertainty and doubt around open source software licenses that it sees hampering adoption.
Tags: open source, Linux, wireless, HP, Verizon
RIM's Touch Screen 'Storm' Unveiled
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published October 08, 2008
The touch-screen BlackBerry is coming this fall with iPhone competition in mind.
Tags: wireless, Blackberry, iPhone, Verizon, RIM
Report: US Mobile Users Text More than Talk
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published September 23, 2008
The number of texts handled per person appears to decline with age, according to Nielson figures.
Tags: wireless, Verizon, Copyright, carriers, voice
Street Fallout a Silver Lining for Wireless Market
By Judy Mottl | Article Published September 19, 2008
While shaky economics isn't good, carriers and handset makers cling to new business opportunities.
Tags: services, wireless, Blackberry, Verizon, AT&T
Bluetooth to Capitalize on Wi-Fi, UWB
By Naomi Graychase | Article Published September 11, 2008
A new architecture currently in development will allow Bluetooth to harness Wi-Fi and eventually UWB to achieve greater data transfer rates.
Tags: wireless, chips, spectrum, Verizon, Congress
U.S. Becoming Route 66 Of Internet
By Chris Nerney | Article Published September 02, 2008
U.S. Becoming Route 66 Of Internet
Tags: Internet, Verizon, intelligence, spying, United States
Wireless Devices May Be Future P2P Battleground
By Judy Mottl | Article Published August 04, 2008
While AT&T doesn't use tools to block wireless users from file sharing, it's clearly not condoning it.
Tags: wireless, FCC, Verizon, carriers, policy
Mobile Vendors Debate the 'Open' Future
By David Needle | Article Published July 27, 2008
Google, Nokia, Verizon -- plus a key iPhone supporter -- weigh in on the open mobile world.
Tags: Google, wireless, spectrum, Verizon, carriers
From The Department of Unfortunate Timing
By Chris Nerney | Article Published July 11, 2008
From The Department of Unfortunate Timing
Tags: iPhone, Apple, Verizon, Bluetooth, LG Chocolate
Pipe Down, Spy Boy
By Chris Nerney | Article Published June 27, 2008
Pipe Down, Spy Boy
Tags: Verizon, telecoms, FISA, spying, immunity
Building with Mesh
By Naomi Graychase | Article Published June 16, 2008
A large construction company based in the southeast upgrades its wireless LAN to increase productivity, improve security, and save money.
Tags: Linux, wireless, marketing, Verizon, e-Mail
The Top 100 Tech Vendors of 2008
By James Maguire | Article Published June 09, 2008
A list of the most influential tech vendors reveals emerging trends in IT.
Tags: Google, Microsoft, wireless, SaaS, Verizon
FCC chair grilled on U.S.'s abysmal broadband speeds
By Christopher Saunders | Article Published June 01, 2008
Walt Mossberg asks some tough questions.
Tags: Google, wireless, FCC, spectrum, Verizon
Lenovo ThinkPad X300 Review (Best. Notebook. Ever.)
By Eric Grevstad | Article Published May 17, 2008
Okay, It costs more than $3,000. Fair warning: You won't care. Lenovo's lightweight goes toe to toe with Apple's MacBook Air -- well, it would if the Air had a DVD burner, a LAN connection, and a sharper screen. Thinkabout a solid-state hard disk, full-sized keyboard, ample battery life, and impeccable green credentials in a 13.3-inch, just-over-3-pound slimline. Now try to be satisfied with your current laptop.
Tags: wireless, Intel, Verizon, Wimax, Storage
How Gaming Pros Help Big Companies
By David Needle | Article Published April 27, 2008
Are companies missing a fantastic asset in their customer base?
Tags: services, wireless, Dell, Verizon, AT&T
Google Vows Broader Open Wireless Access Fight
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published April 07, 2008
Now free to speak its mind, the search leader pledges to continue working for wireless network openness, while debate remains heated about FCC oversight.
Tags: Google, server, support, wireless, IT, FCC, HP, servers, spectrum, Verizon, media, InternetNews.com
Tip: Smartphone - Never Get Caught Without A Light
By Amy Mayer | Article Published March 24, 2008
Is your PDA or smartphone's screen bright enough to serve as a flashlight in a pinch?
Tags: Blackberry, Office, Verizon, Gadgets, handhelds

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