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VMware Brings Disaster Recovery Service to the Cloud
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published April 15, 2014
VMware says its vCloud Hybrid Service DR solution allows virtualized data centers to enable DR services in their existing deployments.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, VMware, disaster recovery
VMware Extends Cloud Desktop Horizon
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published April 10, 2014
Horizon 6 launch takes direct aim at Citrix by enabling enterprises with new virtual desktop capabilities.
Tags: Virtual Desktop Interface, VMware, cloud computing, VDI
VMware Snaps up AirWatch for $1.5B
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published January 22, 2014
As smartphone and tablet use surges in the enterprise, VMware acquires mobile device management specialist AirWatch for a leg up in the exploding market.
Tags: Enterprise, VMware, mobile, MDM, mobile device management
VMware Grows Earnings by Moving Beyond vSphere
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published October 22, 2013
While there is still room for growth in server virtualization, VMware sees its future in the cloud.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, VMware, vSphere
VMware Expands Cloud Portfolio, Makes Desktop as a Service Acquisition
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published October 15, 2013
VMware issues cloud and virtualization updates at VMworld Europe and makes a Desktop as a Service acquisition.
Tags: cloud computing, VMware, desktop as a service
VCE's Strategic Advantage: Best of Breed Process
By Rob Enderle | Article Published September 04, 2013
One IT pundit sees advantages in VCE’s solutions, bundled from VMware, EMC, and Cisco.
Tags: VCE, Enterprise IT systems, EMC, VMware, Cisco
VMware’s NSX, Partnerships Challenge Cisco in Data Center
By Jeffrey Burt | Article Published August 27, 2013
The new network virtualization platform also points to what many see as the continued fraying of the partnership between VMware and Cisco.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, network virtualization, IT infrastructure, VMware, HP, Cisco, SDN, Dell, enterprise networking
Hybrid Cloud Approach Preferred in the Enterprise: Rackspace
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published August 16, 2013
A Rackspace-sponsored study finds high-demand for hybrid cloud, due partly to security concerns. But what actually is the risk?
Tags: VMware, Cloud, enterprises, private cloud, public cloud, Rackspace, hybrid cloud
MicroStrategy Reaps Virtualization's Benefits with Software-Defined Data Center
By Paul Shread | Article Published July 25, 2013
MicroStrategy was an early adopter of VMware's vCloud virtual data center technology, and the business intelligence company has reaped huge rewards as a result.
Tags: software defined data center, virtualization, VMware
Software-Defined Data Centers Could Change the IT Landscape
By Paul Shread | Article Published July 25, 2013
IT vendors like VMware, Red Hat and Citrix are close to realizing a decades-old vision of virtualized data centers, which could usher in an era of commoditized hardware and self-service IT. What will that mean for vendors, end users and IT pros?
Tags: virtualization, software defined data center, Red Hat, VMware, Citrix
VMware Grows Revenues with OpenStack
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published July 24, 2013
VMware raises its outlook for the full year as its Software Defined Data Center strategy pays off.
Tags: software defined infrastructure, OpenStack, virtualization, VMware
VMware Sells Zimbra to Telligent
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 15, 2013
Zimbra sells enterprise communication and collaboration software.
Tags: VMware, software, merger and acquistion activity, social enterprise, collaboration software, Zimbra
Gartner: Leading IT Operations Software Vendors Are Losing Market Share
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 22, 2013
IBM and CA still lead the market, but Microsoft, VMware and a crowd of smaller vendors are growing fast.
Tags: CA, enterprise software, Gartner, BMC, Microsoft, HP, IT operations management, IBM, VMware
VMware Bridges the Gap Between IT and the Cloud with vCloud Hybrid Service
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published May 21, 2013
VMware jumps into the public cloud market with new dedicated and virtual private cloud capabilities.
Tags: hybrid cloud, cloud computing, VMware
EMC Profits Fall, VMware Lowers Outlook
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published April 24, 2013
Both companies saw their stock price decline.
Tags: Storage, quarterly financials, earnings, virtualization, EMC, VMware
Ubuntu Virtual Machine: Guest and Host
By Matt Hartley | Article Published April 01, 2013
Thinking about running an Ubuntu virtual machine? Here are some things to consider.
Tags: VMware, Wine, virtual box, Ubuntu, Linux, operating system, virtualization, open source
EMC, VMware Launch Pivotal Spinoff
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published March 14, 2013
The new company, called Pivotal Initiative, will focus on cloud computing and big data.
Tags: PaaS, big data, Cloud Foundry, EMC, VMware, cloud computing, Pivotal Initiative
VMware Building New Hybrid Cloud and Network Virtualization Technology
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published March 13, 2013
VMware pushing ahead with new virtualization effort for 2013 -- riding the coming wave in hybrid cloud computing. 
Tags: cloud computing, VMware, hybrid cloud
Amazon Slashes EC2 Prices
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published March 06, 2013
AWS dropped prices for Linux-based cloud computing instances up to 27 percent.
Tags: Linux, Amazon, cloud computing, VMware, EC2, virtualization
VMware to Buy Virtual Storage Vendor Virsto
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 12, 2013
The acquisition will fit in with VMware's "software-defined data center" strategy.
Tags: Storage, merger and acquistion activity, virtualization, VMware, cloud computing, software-defined data center
VMware Announces Earnings, Job Cuts
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 29, 2013
The company posted good quarterly numbers, but its 2013 outlook disappointed investors.
Tags: quarterly financials, VMware, earnings, revenue, virtualization, jobs
VMware Spins Out Pivotal Initiative
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published December 04, 2012
New virtual organization led by former VMware CEO Paul Maritz launched.
Tags: virtualization, VMware
Survey Finds Enterprise IaaS Use Is Becoming Mainstream
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 01, 2012
A VMware report stated that 67 percent of enterprises are running "mission critical" workloads in the cloud.
Tags: IaaS, survey, cloud computing, VMware, public cloud, Enterprise
Multiple Vendors Roll Out New Hadoop Offerings
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 24, 2012
Microsoft, IBM and Cloudera are all beefing up their big data services.
Tags: Cloudera, IBM, big data, Serengeti, virtualization, Hadoop, open source, cloud computing, Microsoft, VMware
Obstacles on VMware's Cloud Roadmap
By Jeff Vance | Article Published October 01, 2012
Will VMware’s cloud acquisitions actually complicate its cloud roadmap?
Tags: VMware, virtualization, cloud computing
VMware Revenue Grows 22%, But Profits Decline
By Staff | Article Published July 25, 2012
The company's quarterly report beat analyst expectations.
Tags: earnings, revenue, virtualization, VMware
VMware to Buy Nicira Network Software for $1.26 Billion
By Staff | Article Published July 24, 2012
Nicira makes networking monitoring and management software.
Tags: merger and acquistion activity, server, virtualization, networking, software, VMware
VMware Names New CEO
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published July 18, 2012
Pat Gelsinger to take over the role of VMware CEO. Paul Maritz will join EMC as Chief Strategist.
Tags: cloud computing, VMware
EMC Confirms CEO Change at VMware
By Staff | Article Published July 18, 2012
EMC COO  Pat Gelsinger will take over as VMware CEO.
Tags: CEO, VMware, cloud computing, EMC
VMware Buys DynamicOps for Multi-Platform Cloud Management
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published July 03, 2012
Buying platform-agnostic DynamicOps signals to the industry that VMware has more to offer cloud management than its own hypervisor technology.
Tags: VMware, cloud computing, hypervisor
VMware Launches Serengeti Hadoop Virtualization Project
By Staff | Article Published June 14, 2012
The open source project aims to help enterprises deploy Hadoop in cloud or virtualized environments.
Tags: cloud computing, Serengeti, Hadoop, virtualization, open source, VMware
Hortonworks Releases Its Hadoop Version
By Staff | Article Published June 12, 2012
The company also announced a partnership with VMware.
Tags: Yahoo, Hortonworks, big data, Hadoop, VMware
VMware Advances Cloud Automation with vFabric 5.1
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published May 15, 2012
New development framework for apps gets an in-memory database boost.
Tags: cloud computing, vFabric, VMware
VMware's New Bid to Simplify Desktop Virtualization
By Staff | Article Published May 02, 2012
The virtualization vendor has launched VMware View 5.1.
Tags: VMware, virtualization, desktop
VMware Source Code Stolen, Impact Unclear
By Staff | Article Published April 26, 2012
Hackers have posted the VMware ESX source code online.
Tags: security, VMware, hackers, virtualization, source code
VMware Wants CloudFoundry to be the Linux of the Cloud
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published April 11, 2012
Flush with new funds, the startup will build upon its Halo platform and attempt to capture more cloud security market share.
Tags: cloud computing, VMware
VMware Wants CloudFoundry to be the Linux of the Cloud
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published April 11, 2012
Open Source Platform-as-a-Service effort celebrates its first anniversary as VMware opens it up wider for community contributions.
Tags: cloud computing, VMware, Linux
Microsoft Makes Cloud Management Move On VMware
By Staff | Article Published January 18, 2012
Microsoft has released release candidates or betas for all of the components of its System Center 2012 cloud management suite.
Tags: VMware, cloud computing, Microsoft
VMware Bringing its Virtual Desktops to Mac, Linux
By Staff | Article Published December 16, 2011
According to the company, VMware View can help simplify administration, improve security and lower costs.
Tags: Desktop Virtualization Technologies, VMware
Managing Data Storage Growth: Buyer's Guide
By Kavitha Nair | Article Published November 09, 2011
Storage virtualization offers major advantages yet also raises key concerns about cost, performance and data availability.
Tags: VMware, data storage, buyer guide, Dell, Virtualization Management, DataCore
VMware CEO Alludes to Looming Virtualization Licensing Changes
By Staff | Article Published October 24, 2011
Its CEO says the virtualization provider may be moving towards consumption-based pricing.
Tags: VMware
VMware Expands Cloud Management
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published October 18, 2011
New vCenter Operations suite release and vFabric Application management announced as VMware moves to the next stage of cloud adoption.
Tags: VMware, Virtualization Management, vSphere, cloud management
VMware's Socialcast: Enterprise Social Networking
By James Maguire | Article Published October 11, 2011
VMware executive Tim Young talks about how a Facebook-style enterprise platform facilitates collaboration in the workplace.
Tags: Facebook, social networking, VMware
Microsoft's Virtualization Offering Marches Forward
By Paul Rubens | Article Published September 22, 2011
The competition in the red-hot virtualization market is only getting fiercer, as Microsoft moves to elbow in and grab more share from VMware.
Tags: vSphere, virtualization, Microsoft, windows server 8, VMware
The Microsoft-VMware Virtualization Battle
By Paul Rubens | Article Published September 06, 2011
In the virtualization market, VMware certainly had the first-mover advantage over Microsoft, yet the Redmond giant appears focused on closing the gap. One tech pundit calls it a long shot.
Tags: virtualization, Microsoft, VMware
VMware, Mitel Unveil UC for Virtualized Desktop
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published August 30, 2011
The solution will enable mobile devices, soft phones and collaboration applications to run on a virtual desktop.
Tags: VMware, virtualization, Mitel, virtual desktop
VMware vCloud Enables New Global Cloud
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published August 29, 2011
VMware vCloud program lets enterprises acquire, provision, manage and move between multiple service providers.
Tags: Enterprise IT, VMware, cloud computing
Oracle VM 3.0 Challenges VMware
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published August 25, 2011
VMware has been the 500-pound gorilla of virtualization sector, but other vendors are actively working to change this. Oracle's new VM 3.0 release is a prime example.
Tags: Oracle, VMware, virtualization
The True Cost of a vSphere Deployment
By Paul Rubens | Article Published July 28, 2011
Calculating the true cost of a virtualization deployment requires understanding a number of variables.
Tags: virtualization, VMware
What Buyers Look for in Virtualization Solutions
By Jeff Vance | Article Published July 21, 2011
Real world examples of the key factors that companies consider as they select virtualization solutions.
Tags: VMware, Citrix, virtualization, Microsoft, cloud computing
Citrix Acquires
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published July 12, 2011
Citrix 'doubles down' on cloud computing technology as it pulls in yet another cloud PaaS vendor.
Tags: cloud computing, Citrix,, VMware
Citrix and Microsoft Gain on VMware
By Paul Rubens | Article Published July 07, 2011
VMware has clearly held the top spot in the burgeoning virtualization market, running ahead of competitors Citrix and Microsoft. Yet the race appears to be shifting.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, Citrix, VMware
Is Virtualization Ready for Mission Critical Applications?
By Paul Rubens | Article Published June 30, 2011
Many IT departments embrace virtualization as a cost-saving technique, yet they hesitate to deploy it for their truly core applications.
Tags: VMware, virtualization
Enterprise Virtualization: Red Hat vs. VMware and Microsoft
By Paul Rubens | Article Published May 19, 2011
How does Red Hat's virtualization offering stack up to the entrenched virtualization vendors?
Tags: Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, virtualization, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
VMware vCenter Operations Extends IT Management Tools
By David Needle | Article Published March 08, 2011
VMware's new vCenter Operations collects data from servers, storage and network hardware to provide a real-time management dashboard.
Tags: VMware, data center, virtualization, data storage, vcloud
VMware vs. Microsoft Virtualization: Is Hyper-V "Good Enough"?
By Chris Evans | Article Published February 22, 2011
A look at the virtualization software from VMware and Microsoft. Is vSphere or Hyper-V a better fit for your company?
Tags: virtualization, Hyper-V, Microsoft, vSphere, VMware
VMware Focuses on Hybrid Cloud
By Amy Newman | Article Published February 11, 2011
The virtualization vendor's announcement of three new partners brought greater focus to its hybrid cloud initiatives.
Tags: virtualization, cloud computing, VMware vSphere, hybrid cloud, VMware
VMware Debuts New Certifications and Toolkits
By Staff | Article Published February 10, 2011
The virtualization vendor offers new solutions in an effort to continue to build market share.
Tags: IT certifications, VMware, toolkit, IT Jobs/Salary
VMware Pushes Hybrid Cloud With vCloud Connector
By David Needle | Article Published February 08, 2011
The race is on to provide IT with the benefits of both public and private cloud services.
Tags: Virtualization Management, cloud computing, VMware, Enterprise IT
Virtualization and Cloud Computing in 2011: Looking Bright
By Amy Newman | Article Published January 06, 2011
After big moves upward in 2010, virtualization and cloud computing should see still greater success in the coming year.
Tags: virtualization, enterprise software, cloud computing, virtual machine management, VMware
Will the iPhone be Virtualized?
By Amy Newman | Article Published December 16, 2010
Could virtualization vendor VMware, having inked a virtualization deal for Android smartphones, be setting its sights on the iPhone?
Tags: VMware, iPhone in the enterprise, virtualization, iphone apps, iPhone
Virtualization Update: Virtual Desktops, New Software
By David Strom | Article Published November 15, 2010
Fall 2010: Along with virtualization developments from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, plenty of other virtualization vendors offer new tools.
Tags: VMware, virtualization, Microsoft Windows 7, Citrix XenServer, virtual desktop
Oracle OpenWorld: Top Ten Trends
By Drew Robb | Article Published September 24, 2010
Oracle OpenWorld showcased developments in Exadata, the ZFS file system,T3 Mega servers and more.
Tags: OpenWorld, Salesforce, database, VMware, Oracle
Turbulence in the Server Software World
By Paul Rubens | Article Published September 22, 2010
The potential changes at Novell are just some of the ups and downs in the server software sector.
Tags: Servers & Services, VMware, Red Hat, Novell Server, server software
Will VMware Snap Up Novell?
By Amy Newman | Article Published September 17, 2010
The chattering classes are speculating overtime about what appears to be a possible deal.
Tags: virtualization, SUSE Linux, VMware, Novell, Virtual Cloud Management
Novell Aims to Manage Private Clouds
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published September 13, 2010
Novell Cloud Manager offers enterprises a way to manage and transform their own networks into private clouds. And once demand is there, it'll deliver tie-ins to public clouds like Amazon's, too.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization cloud, VMware, private cloud, Novell
WMworld 2010: 10 Key Points
By Drew Robb | Article Published September 08, 2010
Virtualization, storage, cloud computing -- VMworld 2010 illustrated key trends in these emerging technologies.
Tags: virtualization, Storage, VMworld, VMware, Virtual Cloud Management
VMware's Maritz: IT as a Service
By David Needle | Article Published September 01, 2010
Virtualization giant VMware is focusing on data center automation and what it calls IT as a Service.
Tags: Virtualization Management, virtualization, virtualization cloud, IT, VMware
VMware Rounds Out Cloud Offerings With Security, Analytics Acquisitions
By Thor Olavsrud | Article Published August 31, 2010
The virtualization giant announced today that it will acquire real-time IT analytics firm Integrien and online access management and security firm TriCipher.
Tags: Cloud, vSphere, VMware, virtualization, vCenter
Novell Disappoints as Ownership Concerns Continue
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published August 28, 2010
Amid deep uncertainty about its ownership position, Novell misses its revenue targets for the third quarter and declines to provide financial guidance for the fourth.
Tags: earnings, VMware, Novell, Linux, open source
Microsoft Virtualization Beats VMware at CH2M Hill
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published August 26, 2010
Engineering firm CH2M Hill says switching from VMware to Microsoft's Hyper-V will help it save more than $3 million over the next three to five years.
Tags: Hyper-V, virtualization, Microsoft, VMware, ESX
Virtualization Vendors: VMware vs. Microsoft vs. Citrix
By David Strom | Article Published June 22, 2010
The leading virtualization vendors have been actively maneuvering for market share. Who is ahead? Take a look at the virtualization product comparison chart.
Tags: virtualization, Microsoft, virtualization cloud, VMware, Citrix
Google Details Enterprise Developer Push
By David Needle | Article Published May 19, 2010
App Engine for Business and a "deep technical partnership" with VMware are designed to help Google win over more enterprise customers. Will they work?
Tags: Google, Google I/O, VMware, developer conference, developer
Michael Capellas and EMC/Cisco/VMware's Ambitious Partnership
By Rob Enderle | Article Published May 07, 2010
The joint initiative, targeting virtualization and cloud computing in the data center, gains credibility based on the leadership of Michael Capellas.
Tags: EMC, virtualization, Cisco, cloud computing, VMware
By Serdar Yegulalp | Article Published May 04, 2010
A hypervisor is virtualization technology that allows several operating systems to run side-by-side on a given piece of hardware. Plus: a list of top hypervisors.
Tags: virtualization, hypervisor, Hyper-V, VMware, KVM