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How to Choose a Wireless Router
By Aaron Weiss | Article Published October 08, 2009
When shopping for a wireless router, the first option to check is whether it's b, g, or n -- they differ in important ways:
Tags: Specification, wireless, iPhone, Cisco, Newegg
Adobe and Open Source: a Process
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published March 14, 2009
The popular software company is actively dealing with the industry trend toward open source.
Tags: open source, browsers, Specification, Mozilla, Adobe
Linux-Based HyperSpace: 30 Second Boot
By Carla Schroder | Article Published March 04, 2009
The Linux-based HyperSpace takes about 30 seconds to come up from a cold boot, so it's almost an instant-on system.
Tags: Linux, Windows, Specification, wireless, virtualization
Web Services Interoperability May Get Chaotic
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published December 09, 2008
New entrant to the field may spark a battle among major players.
Tags: W3C, services, Microsoft, IBM, Specification
Linux Clone of Microsoft's Silverlight in Beta
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published December 03, 2008
Will the new release make Linux a first class Silverlight citizen?
Tags: open source, Linux, Windows, Microsoft, Specification
Get Ready for Microsoft's 'Oslo' Modeling Tool
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published October 13, 2008
Microsoft is set to preview a tool designed to help with more visual forms of application development.
Tags: Windows, services, Microsoft, IBM, Specification
Introducing IEEE 802.11r
By Jeff Goldman | Article Published October 09, 2008
In July, without much fanfare, the IEEE published the final specification for IEEE 802.11r-2008, also known as Fast Basic Service Set Transition, an amendment to the 802.11 standard that supports fast handoff between access points--specifically in order to enable VoIP roaming on a Wi-Fi network with 802.1X authentication.
Tags: middleware, Specification, wireless, voice, VoIP
Platform Trends: Budget GPUs Galore
By Vince Freeman | Article Published September 12, 2008
Sure, AMD and Nvidia have fast, fire-breathing graphics cards, but the rivals are now tempting bargain hunters. How do these strategies stack up against each other -- or against price cuts on last year's cards?
Tags: programming, Specification, AMD, nVidia, SEC
An Enterprise Content Breakthrough?
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published September 12, 2008
The hope is that a new specification will help companies finally handle and manage all the information stored in different repositories throughout the enterprise.
Tags: services, Microsoft, IBM, Specification, policy
LSI Goes Full Steam Ahead with 6 Gig SAS
By Drew Robb | Article Published September 02, 2008
Anticipating blistering 6 Gb/s SAS adoption, LSI gets to work on gear for faster, high performance enterprise storage systems.
Tags: Specification, Dell, FCC, CA, spectrum
Will LSB 4 Standardize Linux?
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published August 02, 2008
Linux Foundation promises a quantum leap forward is coming for Linux standards.
Tags: Linux, developer, Specification, Red Hat, Novell
Microsoft Contributes to Scanner Effort
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published June 01, 2008
The company is providing Web services protocols free to an IEEE hardware standards group.
Tags: Windows, services, Microsoft, Specification, Vista
Is OOXML a Done Deal?
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published March 31, 2008
Some Microsoft opponents admit OOXML will probably become an ISO standard.
Tags: XML, Microsoft, server, support, Specification, IT, SAP, HP, servers, Office, international, InternetNews.com, standards
OOXML Stalemate May Lead to Cliff-Hanger Ending
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published March 23, 2008
Microsoft officials confirmed that India will not change its vote against approval of OOXML as an ISO standard.
Tags: developer, search, Microsoft, Specification, Storage

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