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Google resets social agenda with Google+
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published June 29, 2011
The search giant makes another attempt at competing with Facebook.
Tags: Social Networking Tools
Companies Are Erecting In-House Social Networks
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published June 27, 2011
Etiquette and expectations are very different on corporate social networks than on Facebook.
Tags: Social Networking Tools
How Facebook Secretly Ends Your Relationships
By Mike Elgan | Article Published February 16, 2011
Facebook assumes we want their software to terminate some of our online connections with friends -- without bothering to tell us.
Tags: Facebook, social network, security, Social Networking Tools, privacy
Hackers Use Facebook Access as Bait
By Larry Barrett | Article Published February 04, 2011
With more than a half billion users, Facebook is a tempting target for Web miscreants.
Tags: Facebook, security, Social Networking Tools, privacy, hacker attacks
Windows Live Links Up With LinkedIn
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published September 27, 2010
The software giant's online services for consumers and small businesses are becoming more socially aware with its new friend, LinkedIn.
Tags: Facebook, Windows, social networking, Social Networking Tools, LinkedIn
Twitter Aims to Expand Content With Redesign
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published September 15, 2010
Microblogging service unveils a sweeping set of changes to its layout in an effort to clear away the clutter and highlight the value of the service.
Tags: Twitter, Social Networking Tools, microblogging, social business software, Social Business Intelligence
Why I Still Believe In Google Me
By Mike Elgan | Article Published September 15, 2010
Google understands Facebook's Achilles heel, and will likely soon move to exploit this weakness with a solution of its own.
Tags: Facebook, social network, Google, Social Networking Tools, social media
How 'Facebook Places' Will Make Location Services Boring
By Mike Elgan | Article Published August 18, 2010
Facebook's aggressive entry into the emerging location business will mainstream the technology, transforming it into something commonplace and expected.
Tags: Facebook, Social Networking Tools, GPS, location based, location services
Tech Experts See Net's Social Benefits Outweighing Negatives
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published July 08, 2010
The Pew Internet Project canvases a broad range of technology experts and critics, who weigh the pros and cons of the always-on world.
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Internet, Social Networking Tools, Social Media Analytics
Enterprise Social Networking: 4 Ways You're Probably Doing It Wrong
By Mike Elgan | Article Published June 11, 2010
When it comes to building an enterprise social networking solution, keeping it simple is a must. Here's where many organizations are falling down.
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, social networking, Social Networking Tools, microsoft sharepoint
IBM, Ariba Get Social in the Cloud
By Larry Barrett | Article Published May 26, 2010
Ariba will integrate its Commerce Cloud offering with Big Blue's LotusLive to make it possible for buyers and sellers to talk to either other directly using social networking tools.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, IBM, Cloud network, Social Networking Tools
The Business Case for Social Networking
By Mike Elgan | Article Published April 15, 2010
It's time to replace Soviet-style corporate mandated communication with American-style free-flowing innovation in the form of social networking tools from Google, Microsoft and others.
Tags: security, social networking, Social Networking Tools, Security practices, passwords
Twitter Takes Geo-Location Feature Live
By David Needle | Article Published March 12, 2010
Now you can let the twitterverse know where you're tweeting from. But why?
Tags: Twitter, Social Networking Tools, social media, Geo-location, Geo-tagging
Five Gmail Labs Features Get the Axe
By David Needle | Article Published February 25, 2010
Google also 'graduates' six new features to standard Gmail that had been part of ongoing test program.
Tags: Google, Social Networking Tools, social media, Gmail, google buzz
Cisco: Social Networks Need IT Oversight
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published January 13, 2010
New Cisco-sponsored study concludes that more IT control is needed for social media use in the enterprise.
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, IT, Social Networking Tools, Cisco

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