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Business Intelligence Comes to Office 365
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 09, 2013
In addition, the Office and Sharepoint Stores are expanding to more markets.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, business intelligence, SharePoint, app store, Office 365
Informative Graphics Adds New SharePoint 2010 Ties
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published October 21, 2010
A firm that specializes in products for annotating and redacting documents will feature additional SharePoint 2010 capabilities when updated versions ship next month.
Tags: Microsoft, SharePoint Server, collaboration, SharePoint, collaboration software
Using Microsoft SharedView For Remote Collaboration
By Eric Geier | Article Published September 17, 2010
SharedView helps with PowerPoint presentations, software demos, training sessions and document review.
Tags: Microsoft, collaboration, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, collaboration software
Office 2010 Ships to Business Customers at Last
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published May 12, 2010
It's been more than three years since Microsoft debuted Office 2007, and now its successor, Office 2010, is out -- at least for businesses with volume licenses.
Tags: Microsoft, Office 2010, Office, SharePoint, SharePoint 2010
SharePoint Could Drive Enterprises' Office 2010 Plans
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published May 11, 2010
As Microsoft gets ready to release Office 2010, a new report states that IT decision makers should take a good look at SharePoint 2010's new features and how that syncs up with Office.
Tags: Microsoft, Office 2010, microsoft sharepoint, SharePoint, SharePoint 2010
Lessons Learned - Where do I Start?
By Ryan Endres | Article Published April 23, 2010
When do you complete lessons-learned during your project? At the end right? Well, yes that is part of it, but there may be some other logical time points to consider, too, writes PMPlanet guest columnist Ryan Endres of the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Medicine.
Tags: Project management, SharePoint, lesson learned, Endres, CIA
Facebook Climbs the Corporate Ladder
By David Needle | Article Published August 07, 2009
The social networking powerhouse is moving up, but Microsoft (Sharepoint) and IBM (Lotus Sametime)also want to be your enterprise fried.
Tags: Facebook, IBM, social networking, SharePoint, Web 2.0
Sobering SharePoint Security Survey
By Chris Nerney | Article Published April 22, 2009
Sobering SharePoint Security Survey
Tags: security, Microsoft, survey, SharePoint, data breach, Surety
SharePoint Mania
By Heidi Cyre | Article Published March 27, 2008
SharePoint Mania
Tags: Web development, Microsoft, SharePoint, Intranet Journal, intranet

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