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Big Data for the Midmarket: Value In Six Areas
By Larry Marion | Article Published May 06, 2014
Customer service, operations, finance and HR are enjoying the analytics benefits gained first by marketing. Don’t forget the 10 potholes on the road to Nirvana.
Tags: SMB, big data, Data Analytics, big data analytics
HP, Google Offer 'IT in a Box' for SMBs
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 12, 2013
Is HP's relationship with Microsoft cooling down?
Tags: Google, software, SMB, Google Apps, IT, HP, hardware
Survey: SMB IT Budgets Climb 19%
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published May 29, 2013
Small businesses aren't hiring a lot of new IT workers, however.
Tags: cloud computing, SMB, IT spending, survey, hardware, tablets, Hiring
Symantec: Cyberespionage Targeting SMBs, Manufacturing
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published April 16, 2013
Targeted attacks increased 42 percent last year.
Tags: SMB, Symantec, cyberattack, cyber espionage, security threats
Microsoft Offers Deal to Get SMBs to Upgrade Windows XP
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published April 09, 2013
Support for the aging operating system ends in exactly one year.
Tags: Microsoft, SMB, Windows 8, Windows XP, upgrade, Office 2013
Survey: 55% of SMBs Experienced Data Breaches Last Year
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published March 07, 2013
The average organization experiences one fraud event every week, usually caused by insiders.
Tags: SMB, survey, data breaches, Ponemon Institute
Microsoft Updates Office 365
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 27, 2013
The software giant is rolling out a host of new options for its cloud-based office productivity suite.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, software, SMB, SaaS, Enterprise, Office 365, Office productivity
Report: SMB Cloud Spending to Reach $95B by 2015
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 06, 2013
Small and medium-sized businesses are the fastest-growing cloud market.
Tags: cloud computing, SMB, report
IBM Debuts Cheaper Power Servers
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 05, 2013
The new hardware will make big data analytics and cloud computing affordable for smaller organizations.
Tags: cloud computing, IBM, SMB, emerging markets, big data, Power server, Watson
Report: Most SMBs Opt for iOS over Android
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published December 14, 2012
Survey finds 68 percent of SMB smartphones and 93 percent of SMB tablets run Apple's mobile operating system.
Tags: Google, Android, SMB, Apple, smartphone, tablet, IOS
No More Free Google Apps for Small Businesses
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published December 07, 2012
SMBs who have already signed up can continue to use the free service, but new customers will only have paid options.
Tags: cloud computing, SMB, Google Apps
SMB Virtualization: All Your Eggs in One Basket?
By Scott Alan Miller | Article Published July 02, 2012
Some SMB tech professionals worry that virtualization puts the entire infrastructure at risk.
Tags: virtualization, SMB
SMB Cloud Usage Nears 50%
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published May 11, 2012
Web and email hosting are the most popular cloud services for small businesses.
Tags: cloud computing, SMB
Citrix Systems Buys Online Work Platform Podio
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published April 11, 2012
Danish Podio makes social collaboration tools for small and medium businesses.
Tags: SMB, Citrix, social collaboration, merger and acquistion activity
75 Open Source Replacements for Popular Small Business Software
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published April 10, 2012
These free apps can help SMBs lower costs while improving productivity.
Tags: open source, SMB, small business software
Cloud, SaaS Adoption Grows Among Small Businesses: Microsoft
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published April 06, 2012
Thirty-nine percent of SMBs plan to be paying for a cloud service in the next three years.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, SMB
As Tablets Soar, SMBs Like Their Biz Apps on the Cloud
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published March 28, 2012
When it comes to business-critical apps, SMB owners don’t mind having their heads in the clouds, according to a new survey from RingCentral.
Tags: cloud computing, SMB, apps, tablets
Businesses Suffer From False Sense of Cyber-Security: Symantec Report
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published October 25, 2011
A new report reveals that 85 percent of SMBs think they are safe from cyberattacks, but 77 percent don't even have written security policies.
Tags: security, SMB, survey
Facebook 'Likes' Small Business
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published September 26, 2011
The social networking giant plans to give away $10 million worth of advertising to small businesses.
Tags: Facebook, SMB
Survey: Small Businesses Adopting Cloud
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published March 29, 2011
Almost 40 percent of SMBs will adopt cloud services within three years.
Tags: cloud computing, email, cloud services, SMB, Enterprise IT
Microsoft SMB Server 7 to Ship Soon
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published September 14, 2010
The Microsoft SMB server software is slated for release sometime this month.
Tags: Windows, Microsoft, SMB, server software, Server Edition
Migrating a Small Business To Linux
By Matt Hartley | Article Published September 07, 2010
Whether migrating to Linux is advisable depends on a given business’s priorities.
Tags: open source, Linux, SMB, Linux desktop, Linux downloads
58 Open Source Replacements for Small Business Software
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published August 26, 2010
Open source software geared for the many needs of small businesses, including accounting, CRM, desktop publishing, security and more.
Tags: open source, Linux, SMB, Linux downloads, open source tools
SlideShare's Presentation-Sharing Service Goes Pro
By David Needle | Article Published August 17, 2010
The popular online service for sharing PowerPoint presentations and other documents is rolling out a new subscription version for SMBs and enterprise customers.
Tags: SMB, Adobe, Word, PowerPoint, SlideShare
Microsoft Widens Test of Cloud Management for SMBs
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published July 13, 2010
The software giant is betting that small companies need the same kinds of management tools that enterprises use and that it can win them over with a lower cost, cloud-based alternative.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, SMB, PC, cloud deployment
Dell Updates KACE Appliance Software Management
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published May 25, 2010
In the first update since it acquired the management console for the mid-level market, Dell focuses on power management and efficiency.
Tags: SMB, Dell, systems management, power management, Kace
Improving SMB Server Virtualization
By Nathan Coutinho | Article Published May 07, 2010
Server virtualization offers tremendous cost savings, but the optimal advantage from virtualization requires informed investment and knowledge of compatibility issues.
Tags: server, virtualization, SMB, virtual, server virtualization
Microsoft Beta Tests 'Vail' Home Server
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published April 27, 2010
More than two years after Windows Home Server launched, Microsoft is readying the first major update and switching to 64-bit only, but is the product too much or too little?
Tags: Microsoft, SMB, SMB server, Home Server, Vail
Storage Virtualization for the SMB
By Rick Vanover | Article Published April 21, 2010
Storage virtualization involves issues like number and types of drives, yet selecting storage virtualization by price and usable storage amounts will quickly get you in trouble.
Tags: virtualization, storage virtualization, SMB, virtual storage, Storage
Dell Grabs Systems Management Vendor KACE
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published February 12, 2010
Dell now has a means to provide mid-sized businesses with better compliance adherence and systems management through this purchase.
Tags: SMB, appliances, Dell, systems management, Kace
HP Makes Aggressive Move for IT Budgets
By David Needle | Article Published February 02, 2010
Continuing a trend among the big IT companies, including IBM and others, HP is now offering zero-percent financing to small to medium-sized businesses for IT expenditures like PCs, servers, and networking equipment.
Tags: networking, SMB, HP, printers, Network gear
The SMB IT Vendor Relationship Dilemma
By Scott Alan Miller | Article Published August 17, 2009
IT vendors have far less rapport with SMBs than with enterprise clients – putting small business at a distinct disadvantage. It’s up to the vendors to change this and reap the gain.
Tags: Microsoft, IBM, SMB, Dell, HP
How SMBs Can Save Money Using SaaS
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Article Published February 16, 2009
By enabling an “as needed” approach to software, software as a service offers significant savings for small and medium-sized businesses.
Tags: software, vertical, SMB, SaaS
Planning Power Protection: What SMBS Need to Know
By Lauren Simonds | Article Published October 30, 2008
Don't let a power-outage pull the plug on your business. Emerson Power Network offers seven planning points to light the way.
Tags: open source, server, SMB, voice, PBX
Virtualization Beyond Microsoft and VMware
By Amy Newman | Article Published October 30, 2008
Microsoft's and VMware's offerings are not the right fit for every company. Enter Virtual Iron, which has become an attractive option to small businesses.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, SMB, Dell, VMware
Dell as a China Powerhouse
By Rob Enderle | Article Published October 22, 2008
In a month of bad news it was nice to see a vendor focused not on containing the bad news but on creating opportunities and building revenues.
Tags: services, IBM, SMB, Dell, HP
SAP to Innovate Heavily in SMB On-Demand Suite
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published August 28, 2008
Business intelligence to pervade enterprise software giant's forthcoming products.
Tags: software, management, SMB, CRM, SAP
Networking with Ubuntu 8.04 and Windows, Part III
By Eric Geier | Article Published July 21, 2008
In the final installment of our tutorial series, we'll figure out exactly how to share the files on your Ubuntu machine, both quick and easy, and with access controls.
Tags: Windows, content, SMB, PC, IT
Networking with Ubuntu 8.04 and Windows Part 2
By Eric Geier | Article Published July 18, 2008
Part 2 of this series will give you a tour of the networking interfaces in Ubuntu; which are surprisingly somewhat similar to Windows XP. You'll soon be connecting, checking connection details, and browsing network computers in the Linux world.
Tags: Linux, Windows, wireless, SMB, Mac
SaaS Best Path for SMB Unified Communications
By Judy Mottl | Article Published July 11, 2008
Service strategy lets small companies enjoy technology benefits without the headaches.
Tags: social networking, SMB, SaaS, unified communications, instant messaging
3Com Expands Wireless Networking Portfolio
By Lauren Simonds | Article Published June 27, 2008
The company aims to help small businesses boost their wireless networking with new access points, routers and adapters.
Tags: security, software, wireless, SMB, international
LiveOffice to Ease SMB E-mail Archiving
By Judy Mottl | Article Published June 17, 2008
New SaaS tool handles archiving from front to back end.
Tags: services, SMB, SaaS, e-Mail, Storage
Intacct Says Mash Up More, Worry Less
By Dan Muse | Article Published April 15, 2008
Web-based accounting service provider touts real-time Web 2.0 dashboards and looks to make software-as-a-serve carefree.
Tags: consumer, programming, SMB, SaaS, Salesforce.com
EMC, Iomega to Tie The Knot
By Judy Mottl | Article Published April 09, 2008
SMB player leaves ExcelStor at the altar after an aggressive courtship by the enterprise storage titan.
Tags: consumer, networking, SMB, Dell, Storage
Big Refresh For Cisco's 'Self-Defending' Network
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published April 08, 2008
Cisco updates core security portfolio and says it's ready to take on all comers.
Tags: security, services, server, SMB, Cisco
IBM, Nortel Are New UC Buddies
By Judy Mottl | Article Published April 04, 2008
Vendors hope to grab -- what else? -- market share.
Tags: services, Microsoft, software, IBM, SMB, IT, HP, Office, unified communications, Lotus Notes, InternetNews.com, Domino
HP Aims at the Middle With New Servers
By Dan Muse | Article Published April 02, 2008
Business is booming for companies with between 100 and 999 employees, according to HP, and today's server and Linux announcements are designed just for those mid-sized businesses.
Tags: Linux, Oracle, Windows, security, data, search, services, Microsoft, server, software, management, support, SMB, IT, Intel, browser, Red Hat, research, smartphone, Mac, HP, servers, Office, Novell, technology, desktop, handhelds, Storage
More Enterprises Buy Into Storage Virtualization
By Judy Mottl | Article Published March 29, 2008
Consolidation, disaster recovery factors in technology adoption growth, according to a new study.
Tags: data, search, server, IBM, virtualization, SMB, IT, research, HP, servers, InternetNews.com, Storage

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