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What Happened to the Vision in Open Source?
By Bruce Byfield | Article Published March 18, 2014
Pragmatism seems to have replaced idealism in open source. Has corporate success ruined this once utopian branch of software development?
Tags: open source, Linux, FOSS, FSF, Mark Shuttleworth, Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation
9 Things That Are Never Admitted About Open Source
By Bruce Byfield | Article Published January 22, 2013
What are the taboo subjects in open source today? You might guess some of them, but others might surprise you.
Tags: open source, Linux, Microsoft, Ubuntu, Gnome, KDE, FOSS, desktop, Mark Shuttleworth, Unity, Richard Stallman
7 Reasons Why Free Software Is Losing Influence
By Bruce Byfield | Article Published November 22, 2011
Why are free software ideals less popular than they were five years ago? The answer's complicated and perhaps a bit controversial.
Tags: open source, Linux, free software, FOSS, GNU, Richard Stallman

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