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Big Players Take Sides in Microsoft Patent Suit
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published March 22, 2011
Microsoft's lawyers will have a unique experience in mid-April -- when they argue about the future of patent law to the U.S. Supreme Court in the i4i case.
Tags: XML, Microsoft, i4i, patent lawsuit, Patent Reform
Senate Passes Landmark Patent Reform Bill
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published March 09, 2011
Upper chamber clears comprehensive reform effort by a wide margin, aiming to curb litigation and streamline the U.S. PTO. Measure now heads to the House, where a draft bill is in the works.
Tags: open source, software, intellectual property, Senate, Patent Reform
White House Report Touts Obama Innovation Agenda
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published February 04, 2011
Administration fleshes out broad goals outlined in State of the Union address and follow-up events with a new report advancing policy initiatives, including patent reform and broadband infrastructure.
Tags: networking, Patent Reform, innovation, White House, Obama administration
Leahy Sees Momentum for Patent Reform in Obama Address
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published January 26, 2011
Senate Judiciary Chairman optimistic that he can press forward controversial effort to overhaul the nation's patent system, pegging the effort to Obama's message of innovation and competitiveness.
Tags: software, IP, Senate, Patent Reform, Obama administration
LinuxCon: Open Source Patent Crisis Is Not Going Away
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published August 12, 2010
Lawyer Eben Moglen cheers the free and open source software movement's achievements, but warns about what's needed to defend it in a world where sharing and profit must coexist.
Tags: Linux, Linux desktop, Linux downloads, patents, Patent Reform
IBM Exec Selected to Head Patent Office
By Christopher Saunders | Article Published June 21, 2009
The news is considered a positive for the IT industry.
Tags: Copyright, policy, Senate, Congress, Patent Reform

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