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Incriminating Emails Surface in Poaching Lawsuit
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 23, 2013
Steve Jobs threatened Palm with patent lawsuits if they recruited Apple employees.
Tags: email, Google, Apple, steve jobs, lawsuit, patent, Palm, Eric Schmidt
Meet Gram, HP's New Name for the Company Formerly Known as Palm
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 17, 2012
The division is currently operating in "stealth mode."
Tags: open source, HP, Palm, webOS, Gram
HP's Former CEO Leo Apotheker Killed WebOS
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published March 14, 2012
Company CTO Phil McKinney said Apotheker made the decision to pull the plug on the mobile OS after just 16 months.
Tags: HP, Palm, webOS, Leo Apotheker, TouchPad
How HP Can Save Palm
By Mike Elgan | Article Published August 31, 2011
HP could challenge Apple and Google in the all-important mobile sector if it took a series of key steps.
Tags: Google, mobile, Apple, HP, Palm
The HP/Palm Lesson: Integration Mergers Should be Avoided
By Rob Enderle | Article Published August 24, 2011
Merging tech firms is often a recipe for failure, as an overview of many recent mergers demonstrates. Yet there are strategies that succeed.
Tags: HP, Palm, mergers and acquisitions
HP to Focus on the Cloud in Major Restructuring
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published August 19, 2011
HP to kill off Palm and WebOS, may sell off its PC Group, after disappointing third quarter.
Tags: cloud computing, HP, Palm, webOS
HP to Ship All PCs With webOS Option
By David Needle | Article Published March 09, 2011
HP's CEO Leo Apotheker says he expects all of HP's PCs to ship with the company's webOS software next year. Will IT buyers care?
Tags: PC, HP, Palm, webOS, tablets
Do Palm's Struggles Forecast Apple's Post Jobs Decline?
By Rob Enderle | Article Published February 26, 2010
Steve Jobs is unique in the market but his skills likely won’t remain in Apple when he leaves. What's next for Apple?
Tags: iPhone, Apple, Palm, CES, pre
Palm's New Pixi Phone Faces Tough Market
By - Reuters | Article Published September 09, 2009
Palm's new lower cost cell phone faces tough competition from Apple and Motorola.
Tags: Google, consumer, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm
Palm Takes It on the Chin, Still Fighting
By Michelle Megna | Article Published June 27, 2009
Forget the non-impressive current results, the company might benefit from some good developments, like an app store strategy, favorable Pre demographics and the webOS ecosystem.
Tags: Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, RIM, Palm Pre
Is Palm Stepping On 'Pre' Buzz With CEO Change?
By Chris Nerney | Article Published June 11, 2009
Is Palm Stepping On 'Pre' Buzz With CEO Change?
Tags: Blackberry, iPhone, Apple, smartphone, Palm, Research In Motion, CEO

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