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IT Unemployment Only 3.3%
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 14, 2013
Consultants and cloud, mobile and BI skills are experiencing strong demand.
Tags: cloud computing, mobile, IT jobs, business intelligence, IT skills, consulting services, Dice.com, unemployment
Study: IT Skills Gap Caused by New Technology, Lack of Resources
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published March 13, 2012
Nearly 80 percent of enterprises say their IT staffers do not have the skills to handle the latest technology.
Tags: survey, Enterprise, IT skills
Teaching Adults (Yes, It's Different)
By Rob England | Article Published August 10, 2009
Just as we employ best-practice bodies of knowledge such as ITIL, to a lesser extent there are theoretical frameworks around adult learning.
Tags: education, IT education, IT skills, IT professionals
IT Teachers Suck
By Rob England | Article Published July 13, 2009
Enterprises seek best practices for operations, security, service, facilities and other IT disciplines. So why is training so often relegated to amateur hour?
Tags: education, IT education, IT career, IT Leadership, IT skills
Timeless Advice For IT Job Seekers In, Um, Bad Times
By Chris Nerney | Article Published June 08, 2009
Timeless Advice For IT Job Seekers In, Um, Bad Times
Tags: IT jobs, recession, IT skills, It careers, resume, interviews
The 2009 IT Salary Guide
By James Maguire | Article Published November 03, 2008
The IT Salary Guide lists salaries for many tech positions, including pay levels for various U.S. regions. Plus: salary incentives for specialty IT skill sets.
Tags: IT salary, salary, IT career, IT certification, IT skills
Seven Hot Tech Skills That Employers Need
By Katherine Spencer Lee | Article Published September 10, 2007
Pay no attention to the buzzwords that get the headlines: it’s these seven tech job skills that IT employers are eagerly seeking.
Tags: IT Jobs/Salary, tech job skills, salary, IT skills, IT employer

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