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The Dumbest Ways To Interview A Developer
By Eric Spiegel | Article Published March 21, 2011
Companies seeking good developers often ask some remarkably dumb interview questions. What’s the worst question you’ve ever been asked?
Tags: programmers, developers, IT Jobs/Salary, developer salary, IT job interview
Navigating Today's IT Job Market: Five Tips
By Dave Willmer | Article Published June 23, 2010
The most likely IT hires will be those who continuously sharpen their skills, build their networks and keep themselves visible to employers. Plus: the skills most in demand.
Tags: IT Jobs/Salary, IT job, IT salary, tech job skills, IT job interview
Your IT Job Interview: Seven Questions to Ask
By Dave Willmer | Article Published April 08, 2010
Acing your IT job interview requires answering questions properly. But you’ll also want to ask some – and know what to not ask.
Tags: IT Jobs/Salary, IT jobs, IT manager, IT salary, IT job interview

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