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IoT Challenges for IT: Big Data Skills and Real-time Processors
By Larry Marion | Article Published February 17, 2015
The Internet of Things will drive IT to extend real-time processing to more functions and applications. Yet another reason to add Big Data analytics to your resume.
Tags: IT, analytics, big data, IoT challenges
Windows 10: An IT View
By Rob Enderle | Article Published October 01, 2014
Windows 10 embraces all the Microsoft platforms, while erasing the mistakes from Windows 8 and focusing on user experience.
Tags: IT, IT management, windows 10
Mobile App Development: Pressure on IT Will Increase
By Larry Marion | Article Published August 18, 2014
Sharply increasing development cycles relying on internal development are coming, along with additional funding.
Tags: IT, mobile app, mobile app development
6 Trends That Could Change IT Forever
By Rob Enderle | Article Published June 11, 2014
Even in an industry known for massive disruption, these trends are having a huge impact.
Tags: cloud computing, IT, IT management, thin client, disruption
Is 'Open' the 'Organic' of the IT Industry?
By Guest Author | Article Published May 27, 2014
As open source has gained adoption, the label 'open' has been placed on many tech solutions -- not always justifiably.
Tags: open source, Linux, IT, Open Standards
7 HealthCare IT Startups Compete for Funding: Who Wins?
By Rob Enderle | Article Published May 15, 2014
At a Dell event, healthcare IT startups pitched to score major funding. Can you pick the winner?
Tags: IT, Dell, startup, healthcare IT
What's Hot in IT: Mobile, Big Data, Software-Defined Everything
By Paul Shread | Article Published August 27, 2013
Automated Big Data, security issues around mobile, and software-defined computing are rapidly impacting IT -- as well as the entire business community.
Tags: IT, Mobile Device Security, software defined networking, big data strategy, software defined data center
IT Security Market to Grow 8.7% This Year, Says Gartner
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 12, 2013
The market could be worth $86 billion by 2016.
Tags: IT, Security spending, cyberattack, big data, enterprises, BYOD
HP, Google Offer 'IT in a Box' for SMBs
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published June 12, 2013
Is HP's relationship with Microsoft cooling down?
Tags: Google, software, SMB, Google Apps, IT, HP, hardware
Why I'm Burning My Business Cards
By Mike Elgan | Article Published March 13, 2013
The practice of transferring professional data on a tree-based storage medium predates the telegraph. Just say no – and take a look at some alternatives.
Tags: networking, IT
RSA: Games Make Us Smarter
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published March 01, 2013
If you want to get ahead in IT and life, playing games might be the key.
Tags: IT, gaming
Survey: IT Pros Want Cloudier Colo Services
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published February 15, 2013
A new report from Internap reveals that the cloud is influencing what IT managers expect from their colocation services providers.
Tags: cloud computing, IT, colocation
The Biggest Enterprise IT Announcements at CES
By Rob Enderle | Article Published January 10, 2013
Smart IT managers will be paying attention to the heftier tablets, graphics servers, table PCs and in-car DVRs on display at CES.
Tags: Microsoft, server, graphics, IT, tablet, Lenovo, nVidia, CES, Panasonic, Surface, Consumer Electronics Show, enteprise, table PCs
IBM: The Future of IT is Smell, Taste, Touch, Sound and Sight
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published December 17, 2012
IBM's Five in Five predicts a future of cognitive computing. But will it replace the need for human thinkers?
Tags: IBM, IT, IT management
IT Outsourcing Drops to 9-Year Low
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published December 14, 2012
Research firm Ovum says a weak economy caused the decrease in IT services contracts.
Tags: services, IT, research, outsourcing
Is IT Falling Short of Business Expectations?
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published December 10, 2012
New research reveals some surprising attitudes about the role that IT actually plays in modern enterprise.
Tags: IT, IT business alignment
HP Service Anywhere Takes the IT Help Desk to the Cloud
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published October 22, 2012
The new offering makes IT service management software available on an SaaS basis.
Tags: cloud computing, SaaS, IT, HP, Enterprise, ITSM software, help desk
Who's Leading Mobile App Efforts? Not IT
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 27, 2012
A new survey found that business units are leading the drive to create mobile apps.
Tags: IT, survey, Enterprise, mobile app
IT's Olympic Challenge: Live Streaming Employees
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published July 27, 2012
Employees watching the games during working hours could pose headaches for IT managers and administrators.
Tags: mobile, IT, networks, bandwidth, streaming, Olympics
Global IT Spending Set to Grow 3 Percent in 2012
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published July 09, 2012
An expected $3.6 trillion will be spent on IT this year, with a higher amount forecast for 2013.
Tags: cloud computing, enterprise software, SaaS, IT, public cloud
Microsoft's Upgrade Avalanche a Challenge for IT Pros
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published May 25, 2012
The software maker is in the middle of upgrading many of its most popular applications for enterprise users.
Tags: Microsoft, software, IT, enterprise applications, upgrade
IT Administrators Experience High Stress Levels
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published April 20, 2012
A survey finds that 67 percent of IT admins have considered changing jobs because of stress.
Tags: IT, survey, Stress
BMC's Cloud Boot Camp: Protecting IT and Assuring Cloud Projects
By Rob Enderle | Article Published February 23, 2012
Getting IT and users to speak to one another is essential to the success of a project.
Tags: cloud computing, IT, BMC
Database Administrators: Boost Your Productivity
By Lockwood Lyon | Article Published November 28, 2011
With tighter budgets and heavier workloads, the life of a database administrator is full of challenges. Here are some suggestions to do more in less time.
Tags: database, IT, DBA, Storage
Outsourcing Flattens as IT Economy Levels Out
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published October 03, 2011
After two years of modest growth, outsourcing IT functions remained flat in 2011, a new study finds.
Tags: IT, IT Jobs/Salary, outsourcing
9 IT Technologies that Drive Product Development
By Larry Marion | Article Published March 16, 2011
A survey of managers finds that companies working to improve their product development need these IT tools.
Tags: software, IT, IT managers, Enterprise IT, IT infrastructure
Mobile App Growth Challenges IT Managers in 2011: Survey
By David Needle | Article Published January 14, 2011
Security concerns and the proliferation of mobile operating systems pose a looming challenge.
Tags: IT, IT managers, Sybase, mobile apps, mobile security
Survey: Cloud Computing Still in Infancy
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published December 09, 2010
A vendor sponsored study indicates that the move toward cloud computing may be not as advanced as it sometimes appears.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization cloud, IT, Cisco Systems, Cloud Migration
HP Launches "Instant-On Enterprise": Devil's in the Details
By Rob Enderle | Article Published November 02, 2010
In a sign of the times, HP’s strategy addresses IT’s need to both maintain legacy hardware-software and leverage opportunities from Cloud Computing.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, IT, Enterprise IT, HP
Budgets Inch Up as IT Copes with Emerging Trends
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published October 20, 2010
Cloud computing, social networking, and context aware technologies are all areas that research giant Gartner predicts will impact IT decisions.
Tags: IT, IT Jobs/Salary, budgets, IT budgets, spending
Obama Looks to STEM Education to Drive IT, Economy
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published October 18, 2010
President announces projects to boost education in fields that support the tech sector, citing global competitive threats in remarks following the White House science fair.
Tags: IT, outsource, IT career, IT budget, H1-B
At DEMO, Startups Ready to Take on the Big IT Players
By David Needle | Article Published September 15, 2010
Can startup companies provide better security and email services than established, multibillion-dollar players? New services debuting at the DEMO conference make some pretty bold claims.
Tags: security, Demo, IT, Email management, start-up
IT Holding Back on Virtualizing Business-Critical Apps
By David Needle | Article Published September 03, 2010
Performance issues edged security concerns, in a survey of VMworld attendees, as the primary reason for not virtualizing more key enterprise applications.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization cloud, IT, Virtualization Management, Email management
Intel Invests Heavily in Virtualization
By David Needle | Article Published September 03, 2010
Attempting to constrain its titanic infrastructure costs, the tech titan has put its chips on virtualization.
Tags: virtualization, IT, Virtual Cloud Management, Intel, data center virtualization
VMware's Maritz: IT as a Service
By David Needle | Article Published September 01, 2010
Virtualization giant VMware is focusing on data center automation and what it calls IT as a Service.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization cloud, IT, VMware, Virtualization Management
White House Embarks on $30B Federal IT Overhaul
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published August 23, 2010
As it continues its efforts to modernize government IT, the White House has identified 26 high-priority projects with a total life-cycle cost of more than $30 billion that are in dire need of an overhaul.
Tags: IT, government IT, government market, IT budget, IT business alignment
Three Stages of eDiscovery
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 17, 2010
eDiscovery should matter to IT, and it seems that indeed it does, despite earlier indications.
Tags: IT, eDiscovery, IT business alignment, IT asset management
IT Vendors Disagree on Paying for Security Holes
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published August 03, 2010
Should vendors pay security researchers for vulnerabilities? Microsoft doesn't think so, but Mozilla, HP and Cisco do.
Tags: security, IT, IT manager, security patch, Security fix
Top 8 Funny IT Helpdesk Requests
By SysAid Technologies | Article Published August 03, 2010
It appears that not everyone with a PC understands how to turn their machine on and off.
Tags: IT, IT Jobs/Salary, IT salary, IT certification, help desk
IBM Tops 2Q Profit Targets, Points to Signs of IT Recovery
By Larry Barrett | Article Published July 19, 2010
Big Blue managed to rake in another $3.4 billion in profits last quarter, thanks to strong demand for software, services and new hardware products.
Tags: software, IBM, IT, earnings, hardware
Does IT Need Independent Backup for Google Apps?
By David Needle | Article Published July 15, 2010
New Backify service gives IT, particularly in small to midsize businesses, an option for making sure cloud-based data in Google Apps and social media services are not lost.
Tags: data storage, Google Apps, IT, IT manager, backup
Does YouTube's Gain Equal More IT Pain?
By David Needle | Article Published July 09, 2010
The popular video service introduces new features intended to keep users on the site longer. Consumers may like it, but will office productivity take a hit?
Tags: YouTube, networking, IT, IT management, Network Management & Monitoring
The Windows 7 Wave Is On Its Way
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published May 25, 2010
Research firm Forrester studied 90,000 corporate PCs and found Windows 7 has already outstripped its predecessor, Windows Vista, taking only six months to penetrate as deeply as Vista did in a year.
Tags: Windows, Microsoft, IT, IT manager, Windows 7
Business Intelligence Software: 10 Common Mistakes
By Larry Marion | Article Published May 14, 2010
Business intelligence software can add to your company’s bottom line – if you avoid these BI common mistakes.
Tags: management, IT, marketing, business intelligence
Is IT Suffering from Too Much Specialization?
By Charlie Schluting | Article Published April 09, 2010
Look, for instance, at the Sysadmin of years past, whose job is now divided among a fragmented array of application, storage, networking, and server specialists.
Tags: networking, IT, IT management, application management, Sysadmins
Microsoft Debuts Online Suite for Federal IT
By Stuart J. Johnston | Article Published February 24, 2010
The company promises security and identity updates to its Business Productivity Online Suite to make it more desirable for government agencies to deploy Microsoft applications in the cloud.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, Azure, IT, BPOS
Obama Looks to Close IT Gap With Private Sector
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published January 15, 2010
Government officials and corporate chieftains discussed plans to fundamentally overhaul the federal IT apparatus to improve efficiency and better serve the public.
Tags: Project management, software, IT, e-government, e-gov
Cisco: Social Networks Need IT Oversight
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published January 13, 2010
New Cisco-sponsored study concludes that more IT control is needed for social media use in the enterprise.
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, IT, Social Networking Tools, Cisco
CES and the Death of the PC
By Rob Enderle | Article Published January 12, 2010
The recent Consumer Electronics Show heralded the end of an era, as a profusion of handhelds – Smartphones to Slates – pushed bulky PCs from dominance.
Tags: PC, IT, mainframe, handheld, CES 2010
Has Cloud Computing Jumped the Shark?
By James Maguire | Article Published January 04, 2010
Has Cloud Computing Jumped the Shark?
Tags: Oracle, cloud computing, IT, Gartner, barron's, riverbed technologies, tom bittman
IT Hiring Managers: Four Key Trends
By Dave Willmer | Article Published December 07, 2009
As the IT job market starts to see small rays of sunshine, IT hiring managers need to be aware of these important trends.
Tags: job, IT, IT Jobs/Salary
How to Survive in IT (the soft evil skills)
By Steve Andriole | Article Published December 07, 2009
It’s important to have good technical skills, but a variety of soft skills are also essential for success in IT.
Tags: IT, IT management, business, consultants, executives
The Greatest Geek Gadget Guide Ever
By Mike Elgan | Article Published December 02, 2009
To please the true gadget lover, the geeky gift must be unnecessary, uncommon and personally challenging. Extra points if it’s Japanese.
Tags: security, search, IT, technology, Gadgets
7 Ways to Make Tech Support Calls Less Painful
By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes | Article Published December 02, 2009
There are ways to work more effectively with any tech support agent – or escalate your call to a higher-level agent.
Tags: software, support, IT, Service Pack, Tech Support
Practical Techniques for Training Adults
By Rob England | Article Published November 25, 2009
In this final article on IT training, Rob England gets down to some nitty-gritty tips and techniques to use in the classroom.
Tags: IT, education, IT career, tips, training
Saving Money with Solid State Drives
By Drew Robb | Article Published November 24, 2009
SSDs may cost a fortune, but used properly, they can actually save money in enterprise storage arrays.
Tags: data, IT, Enterprise, Storage
Nokia: Businesses Interested in Netbook
By - Reuters | Article Published November 19, 2009
Nokia launched its netbook with the consumer market in mind, yet now sees major corporate interest.
Tags: consumer, IT, netbooks, Nokia, media
Microsoft Axes 800 Staffers, Finishes Layoffs
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published November 05, 2009
The job reductions were part of Microsoft's plan to cut 5 percent of its workforce by June 2010.
Tags: Microsoft, software, IT, media
Web Domain Addresses to Use World Languages
By - Reuters | Article Published October 30, 2009
Internet URLs will no longer be strictly in the Latin alphabet used by English speakers, a move that should increase global Web use.
Tags: IT, government, media, ICANN
Delivering Training to Adults
By Rob England | Article Published October 29, 2009
In the third part of this series on IT training, Rob England looks at the practical aspects of training adults.
Tags: IT, education, control, training, motivation
Sensible Password Policy: Longer is Better
By Paul Rubens | Article Published October 22, 2009
Sure, a 15-character password is one tough cookie, but it creates its own problems.
Tags: security, IT, malware, passwords, policy
Are Software Developers Naturally Weird?
By Eric Spiegel | Article Published October 18, 2009
Looking back at the strange software developer he’s worked with, one veteran coder asks the obvious question.
Tags: software, developers, IT, developer salary
Uptick in Hiring on the Horizon
By CIO Update Staff | Article Published October 15, 2009
Employers plan to hire nearly 170,000 workers, but you may be surprised to hear where the action is.
Tags: IT, retail, jobs, careers, Hiring
The Apple Tablet Won't Fly
By Don Reisinger | Article Published October 08, 2009
The world doesn't want an oversized iPhone, no matter who makes it.
Tags: iPhone, IT, Apple, Mac, OS X
Torvalds: Linux is "Huge and Bloated"
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published September 22, 2009
The famed creator of the Linux OS decries its current shape, saying "it's a bit sad."
Tags: Linux, management, IT, technology
Google CEO Doubts Murdoch's 'Pay for Content'
By - Reuters | Article Published September 18, 2009
Publishers won't succeed at charging for online content because too much free material is already available.
Tags: video, Google, IT, media
Big Changes at Intel
By - Reuters | Article Published September 14, 2009
The dominant chip maker is restructuring its business in the wake of a major departure.
Tags: IT, Intel, marketing, media
Online 'Coworking': Up From Starbucks
By David Strom | Article Published September 10, 2009
For mobile Web-based workers, there's a better solution than your local Starbucks.
Tags: services, IT, research, privacy, Office
Google is Developing Cheaper Solar Power
By - Reuters | Article Published September 10, 2009
The search giant's efforts in cost effective solar power are part of its green IT initiative.
Tags: Google, search, IT, media
Netbooks Zooming Ahead of Laptops
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published September 01, 2009
Who buys a full-size notebook anymore? Netbook sales are healthy despite -- or perhaps because of -- the recession.
Tags: data, Microsoft, IT, netbooks, laptops
Why IT Operations is Like an Action TV Series
By Nir Livni | Article Published August 26, 2009
Just as on TV, crisis arrives in the datacenter and in the heat of action you need the right tools.
Tags: database, data, server, IT, datacenter
Slow File Access Slows Remote Staff
By - Reuters | Article Published July 29, 2009
While many workers would prefer to work off-site, accessing files is a major slowdown.
Tags: server, software, IT, media
Black Hat Reveals Tech Grid Holes
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published July 28, 2009
It's not that hard to fool a 'smart meter' after all.
Tags: security, software, IT, chips
How to Speed up Your Linux PC
By Akkana Peck | Article Published July 28, 2009
Eliminate the resource hogs and your machine will zip along that much faster.
Tags: Linux, Google, CPU, software, IT
IT Worldwide on the Rebound
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published July 28, 2009
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is trumpeting the good news.
Tags: IT, research, dot-com, semiconductor

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