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HP Defends CEO Hire, Blasts Hurd -- Again
By David Needle | Article Published October 12, 2010
Ray Lane, HP's newly-appointed chairman, defends Léo Apotheker against charges he was involved in the TomorrowNow scandal.
Tags: Oracle, SAP, Larry Ellison, Hurd, Storage
HP Board Revisits Dramatic Change
By Rob Enderle | Article Published October 05, 2010
A perspective on the relationship between CEOs and their boards, focusing on Carly Fiorina and Mark Hurd.
Tags: Oracle, IBM, Apple, HP, Hurd
HP, Oracle Settle Lawsuit Over Ex-CEO Hurd
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published September 21, 2010
Computing giant settles its feud with Oracle over outgoing CEO Mark Hurd, agreeing to drop its lawsuit and restore corporate ties.
Tags: Oracle, data storage management, lawsuits, HP, Hurd
Why Mark Hurd is a Bad Match for Oracle
By Rob Enderle | Article Published September 09, 2010
As a turnaround CEO, Hurd could be unmatched, but he would not be the best choice if you wanted to build a company rather than sell one.
Tags: Oracle, IT management, IT managers, HP, Hurd
HP Fires Back, Sues Oracle for Hiring Hurd
By David Needle | Article Published September 08, 2010
The computer giant files a civil complaint against its former CEO to protect its trade secrets.
Tags: Oracle, lawsuits, HP, Larry Ellison, Hurd
Oracle's Latest Acquisition Is Ex-HP CEO Mark Hurd
By David Needle | Article Published September 07, 2010
After leaving HP amid controversy, Mark Hurd quickly resurfaces at Oracle.
Tags: Oracle, HP, Larry Ellison, CEO, Hurd
HP Posts Solid 3Q Results As Post-Hurd Era Begins
By David Needle | Article Published August 19, 2010
Servers and PCs came in especially strong as the computer giant faces its next challenge -- finding a new CEO.
Tags: earnings, Servers & Services, HP, PC sales, Hurd
Mark Hurd's Termination a Warning to Other Executives
By Rob Enderle | Article Published August 10, 2010
In the Internet age, privacy is a scarce commodity and even the appearance of impropriety can be a major problem.
Tags: YouTube, Web, HP, CEO, Hurd
Good For HP
By Chris Nerney | Article Published November 18, 2008
Good For HP
Tags: Microsoft, earnings, HP, Wall Street, Hurd, Fiorina

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