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Why Microsoft Should Fire Bill Gates, Too
By Mike Elgan | Article Published October 02, 2013
A tech pundit opines that the Microsoft founder has made a series of mistakes that make him a poor choice as the Microsoft chairman.
Tags: Microsoft, IT management, Ballmer, Gates, tablets
Facebook and Twitter: When to Friend and Defriend
By David Strom | Article Published May 21, 2009
The emphasis needs to be on quality, not quantity.
Tags: video, Facebook, spam, IT, Gates
Is Microsoft Better Without Bill Gates?
By Mike Elgan | Article Published April 22, 2009
Since the late 1990s it seemed that Microsoft consistently failed to capitalize on the biggest opportunities. Since Gates left last summer, the company seems to be doing everything right.
Tags: Linux, Windows, Microsoft, netbooks, Gates
How To Improve Microsoft's Seinfeld Campaign
By Chris Nerney | Article Published September 09, 2008
How To Improve Microsoft's Seinfeld Campaign
Tags: Microsoft, Wi-Fi, Gates, commercial, seinfeld

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